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Live Reader Profile: Mandy

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What People Are Saying About Us

"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 7522

Do you need insight or guidance or maybe just a bit of clarity in life? I am a gifted tarot reader and my gift have been passed down from my grandmother. I am here to assist you with life matters and I also work with my spirit guides who can tune into you problem areas. Call me today. PIN: 7522
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A Reader that provides clarity

I have spoken to Mandy over the past few months and I have found her to be incisive about situations and people affecting my life. She understands me and is my 'go to' reader when I start to overthink things and need clarity and a direct 'no holds barred' reading. By the way, Mandy is quick witted and yet sensitive in her readings with me which is uplifting.
Carol from Australia on 08/02/2018

Lovely lady

Thank you Mandy for your Spiritual and logical guidence in my very complex situation. You are so kind and insightful. Thank you I see much clearer now, it is good to feel hope in a hopless situation. I shall be calling you again. I recommend you whole heartedly. May the Universe increase you abundantly. Peace and love. Anonymous!!!! A clue for you...Mandy... Iam the Mixed race ladyxxxx
Mixed race lady from London on 06/02/2018

Mandy is Amzing !!!

Mandy abilty to tine into details and specific situations like no other reader. She is amazing and lovely to talk to. I will be calling again soon !!
Gina from West Midlands on 04/02/2018

Love Mandy !! She’s amazing

I could speak to Mandy all night she is friendly informative and provides detailed readings and excellent insight into any situation. Will call again sorry I got cut off !
Anonymous from West Midlands on 03/02/2018

My go to psychic

Readings with her have consistently been very good, they always cheer me up.
from on 20/01/2018


Worth the wait to catch you available. So in-depth and concise. Best reading ever! Thank you so much Mandy you have helped me so much x
M from UK on 16/01/2018


Oh Mandy, what can I say.. thank you so much for the guidance. You picked up on my situation straight away and most of all.. Thank you for the laughter!! I think you're great!! Sorry I got cut off, I'll call again and let you know how my adventure is panning out x
Sandra from UK on 05/01/2018

Excellent Reading

Most of the reading I understand, one part I am not sure about. However Mandy deserves 4 stars for the things she did get spot on. Nice lady too and she is very honest to admit if she does not get something spot on, that I like about a reader. Thanks you x
from Scotland on 04/01/2018

Angry spirits daughter

There for me as always.
from on 04/01/2018


Wow, she picked up everything around me straight away. I will definitely call back again.
M from Australia on 20/12/2017

Lovely lady

Mandy u always make me laugh and everything resonated with me. Sorry munutes ran out. Will ring u again in january
S... from .... on 25/11/2017


Mandy is the most spiritually gifted person that I have been blessed to connect with. She is exceptional in every way. Her ability to connect and understand far surpasses anyone that I know, and I have connected with many people. She has helped me understand and progress on my spiritual journey. Given me insight and clarity when I've needed it, and been spot on every time. What a beautiful soul! Thank you so much Mandy. You have helped me more than you know xx
Suzy from Sydney on 24/11/2017


Mandy gave me the most incredible reading this evening she was honest and provided me with hope. Her attention to detail is amazing!!!
from Anon on 10/11/2017

Surprisingly accurate

We didn’t get to speak for long enough but you surprised me with how accurate you were it was as if u have been along side me everyday. Phone line was a little difficult to hear you but I look forward to speaking to you again soon!!
Krystle from Syd, Australia on 19/10/2017


Mandy is an excellent, positive and funny reader. I've had a couple of readings with her though she doesn't remember as there has been a good amount of time between them. Both times she has said almost the same thing word for word, picked up on things she couldn't possibly guess at. Information from her guides about past situation is 100% spot on. Always finish a reading with her with a massive smile on my face. I can't even remember the predictions just had such an interesting and insightful reading about the past that had me in stitches of laughter, highly recommend a reading with Mandy xx
J from Uk on 17/10/2017

Up date

I had many readings with Mandy over the last year she is amazing she will lift you up when you're feeling down she's funny witty but none of her prediction ever happened
Australiana from on 10/10/2017

Amazing reader

Enjoyed our chat on Sunday 1st October, good validations along with a kick up the behind from you to me. The time ran out before I could say thanks. From a fellow reader xxx
from on 01/10/2017

One of the best readers I have had

Empathetic patient kind and understanding and easy to talk to. She honed in on some stuff about my life which were spot on. Fingers crossed for the predicitons. Great reading and she really does have a gift. She saw my present situation very well :-)
One of the best readers I've had from London on 27/09/2017


Hi Mandy spoke to you not long ago had a lovely reading with you was about to ask you something but phone went dead before my minutes ran out
Marie from Uk on 08/09/2017


Mandy thank you for all your.I miss talking to you been trying but can't get threw to you but I will keep trying miss you xoxo Phyllis
Phyllis from New York on 01/09/2017

Mandy has helped turn my life around - Best reader i couldve hoped for - A real spark of light

Recently ive been going through rather a rough patch in my life and hadnt been able to see any light at the end of the tunnel, nobody i felt comfortable speaking to about my problems neither as im a person who likes to keep my personal life private, but i felt like every way i looked i was blocked couldnt dig myself out of this mess so i decided to give Mandy a call on this psychic line, admittedly as a last resort as its not usually the type of thing i woudl go for but it was the best desison i couldve made.Mandy has pretty much saved me. Mandy doesnt just guv me a standard reading, she actually is interested and wants to help me get through my issues, she has given me real understanding about myself, my partner and my friendships and so much more. Shes inspired me, given me hope and helped me completly turn my life around - i dont know where i would be right now if i hadnt made that 1st phone call to Mandy. Thank you so much, i just cant thank you enough XxX
Dee Dee from Warrington on 21/08/2017

Amazing, amazing, lovely reader

Mandy, You are honestly such an accurate reader, you have tuned into very nuanced details that no one could have guessed. You are so funny and I always finish readings with you feeling positive. Will return to update. Thank you for your guidance on the Brassiere situation.
Brassier Rose from south balshire on 18/08/2017

The toad

Mandy when I was feeling down you made my day!!!!! I just spoke to you about the girl I was worried about and you called her a toad!!!! I can't stop laughing!! Thanks so much will update when prediction comes true
H from North on 06/08/2017

Amzing lady!!

Mandy is absolutely amazing her reading made me feel so much better about my situation im just waiting to see if your predictions come true thank you so much you've helped me through a difficult time in my life
connor from Kent on 14/07/2017

Nothing so far, no predictions have come true. I have had so many readings. Nothing she said has come true :(
Not saying from on 09/07/2017

Your Just wonderful

Mandy Loved talking with you, your reading was spot on I do hope to speak with you again soon. Time ran out..
Carol from London on 07/07/2017


Picked up on my situation really well.. Not sure why the bad reviews - maybe a bad day or a poor connection? Mandy picked up on my situation so well that I was quite amazed.. Was able to give me clarity into a difficult situation from the other person's perspective.. Very kind and understanding.. Definitely one of my "go-to" readers..
Ru from Aus on 30/06/2017

Has anyone had predictions come true? Had lots of readings but nothing come true, disappointed :(
Not saying from on 29/06/2017

Amazing to talk to!!!

I was put through to Mandy when my chosen person was busy. I believe that these things happen for a reason . It was 3am and I needed clarity and she was amazing. She picked up on the guy I was thinking of and described him. I'm hoping all she said is true cos that would be awesome I will find out in a few weeks sorry we got cut off but will chat again
Kam from Queensland on 27/06/2017


One of the best readers here
Sue from Derbyshire on 22/06/2017


Had so many readings with Mandy. Was told I'll be getting a really expensive ring in May earlier this year. That the man was going to hunt me down! Not heard from him. Nothing has come true so far :((
Amisha from from on 07/06/2017


Did not pick up on anything around me. I felt she was totally distracted, dogs barking in the back ground, to hearing her washing up, to going outside in the wind. Totally wasted my minutes here.
Not saying from on 06/06/2017

Had lots of readings with good validations but predictions haven't come true. so not sure? :((
Amisha from from on 03/06/2017

Still waiting

Have had a few readinS, Still waiting fot predictS to come true.
from on 29/05/2017


I have spoken to many readers here and Mandy was excellent from the word go picking up on my situation without prompt. A very direct and at time humorous delivery. You will not be dissapointed
Simon from Uk on 26/05/2017


This lady is absolutely bang on the money!!! She picked up on my situation and on the fella I was ringing up about STRAIGHT AWAY!!! Amazing reader the whole reading was outstanding!! And such a lovely lady aswell! 100% I will be back!!! Mandy, thank you so much!!!
Leanne from Uk on 15/05/2017


Omg she opened my eyes and told me the truth about my twinflame and my relationships! I was blown away! I'm no longer confused and everything she said was true. I'm so happy now and just waiting for the outcome! She had me in stitches. What a reading! Lovely, kind and compassionate lady like talking to a friend! Thanks a million Mandy! Will call you again! God Bless! Xoxoxo
Isabel from London 23/4/2017 on 27/04/2017

Amazing Thank You !

Mandy you are truly gifted thank you for sharing your gift with me through this struggle I am experiencing Kind Regards, Raina
from Sydney Australia on 27/04/2017


Mandy is connected to source she is the real thing she picks up intuitively things she could not possibly know and is kind warm compassionate and read me like know one ever has and gave assesements that bowled me over mandy you are the best thank you so so much xxx
Wendy from Derry northern ireland on 23/04/2017


Hi Mandy You were so true with a lot of things Will see yow things work out and thank you
caroline from Esinburgh on 21/04/2017

Top psychic

Her and John are the best on here. They are always busy hard to catch. My spirit always leaves lifted after talking with her. I am a reader and I go to her. She is worth what you paying per minute.
Jasmine from Wisconsin on 21/04/2017

Mandy is a gem!

Quick, accurate and gifted psychic medium and lovely person..I am looking forward to the new job and new person coming my way. xo
Deb from NY on 19/04/2017

Thank you

Thank you Mandy , you mean the world to me , you keep me going , you keep my dreams alive .. I will keep you posted Love you
Alessia from on 18/04/2017

Thank You . . .

Everything you said resonated with me and you mentioned a past love which I can validate as true. I will work at the new one - so mote it be.
Phil from South West UK on 03/03/2017


Love Mandy, bubbly and had a laugh. Spot on in my situation, highly recommend
Claire from on 28/02/2017


Perfect reading spot on uncannily true. Mandy is a lovely reader but very hard to get hold of i will keep trying she's amazing
Jade from Bradford on 12/02/2017

Great but got cut off!!

Thank you Mandy just topped up and we got cut off but did understand what you were saying and yes irealise its him on f/book as another identity. Hes now panicking as ive moved on after he slammed the door in my face in every way. Xxx
Mxx from London on 11/02/2017

Pleasantly surprised

Mandy is very good. I was a bit sceptical at first but then she started telling me things no one else would know. Recommended. Hope her predictions come true but too early to tell
A from London on 03/02/2017


Had a reading over a month ago and predictions are starting to happen , I have had so many readings with other advisers I have lost count.Mandy is the best ! I had an other reading a few days ago and Mandy confirmed the other predictions so I will keep you updated 03/02/2017
Alessia from on 03/02/2017


Nothing but false hope no predictions come to life wouldn't recommend
Unknown from Australia on 29/01/2017


Mandy is such an amazing reader! Her readings are spot on and very deep. She will answer all your questions and won't sugarcoat. She is very compassionate and really cares about you. I've had a few readings with her and some of her predictions already came true! I really love this lady and I could talk to her all day! God bless you :)
Diane from New York on 17/12/2016


Totally love this lady..I have had a few readings over the past few months about a frustrating situation..she has been 100% consistent..even using the exact same words to describe whats going on. She is kind and funny and does wonders for me..not just by saying what I want to hear..we can all convince ourselves that everything is ok when it clearly isnt but her accuracy is shes knows these things beats me. I will be in touch again Mandy..hopefully with good news . Have a lovely Christmas and New more than deserve it xx
Mandy from Derby on 07/12/2016


What a kind gentle soul. Thank you Mandy, you confirmed everything I feel in my heart-truly astonishing. The real deal and you definitely won't be disappointed if you call this lovely lady.
Gemini Girl from Australia on 12/11/2016

I don't understand how you don't have lots of great feedback?! Thank you SO much for our chat regarding my love life on Friday evening (28th), you had me in absolute giggles. I will promise to be more aware of my surroundings and who is about ;) Sorry I couldn't top up again. Will definitely call soon xx
Jess from on 29/10/2016

Uncovering the Truth

I have been through so much since April this year. Mandy was part of that.I hope we have all learned to be REAL. The truth will set you free. It did for me! I know it cost me alot to find out emotionally and mentally and I know trust is important.. It's not about the Money!!! $$$$$.
From from US on 11/10/2016

So kind!

My dear friend Mandy, Sorry we got cut off the other night. I don't know what happened,just wanted to thank you for your support . Mandy is a very warm,kind,protective reader.She will be there for you when you feel others are not.Give her a call.
Lesley from Glasgow on 29/09/2016

Special lady

Thank you for all of your insight and guidance in the midst of all the chaos. I know you did all you could to help. The characters have all shown their true colors,dark ones as well but at the end of the day I hope everyone did learn how to be better at treating others as they wish to be treated. I have learned so much from this experience. Blessings! P.S. I will visit liverpool one day.
K from From on 22/07/2016


We share the same name so it had to be a good reading! Lol..just kidding..this lady is amazing...she was spot on from start to finish and actually made me very emotional regarding a current relationship issue. Lovely lovely lady. I KNOW her predictions will come true..thankyou so much Mandy
Mandy from Derby on 20/05/2016


This lady definitely has the gift! The real deal! One Million Stars ******** She is Genuine. Picks up on things no one would know.You won't be disappointed.I don't know where all her fantastic reviews went but we must start a new page! Love, Light and Blessings! XXooooo
K from From on 16/05/2016
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