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Live Reader Profile: PHOENIX

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What People Are Saying About Us

"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 5573

Greetings I am an experienced Psychic and have assisted many people over the past 30 years that I have been reading. I use Tarot, Runes, Angel Guides and dowsing. I am also a Spiritual counsellor and Reiki Master. I assist people to walk a more positive path through life. PIN NUMBER 5573
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Questions and Answers with PHOENIX

What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

With over 30 years experience of giving Psychic readings, I know that the reading you get from me will open your eyes to world that surrounds you. Whatever your questions, I am ready to help you find answers so you feel confident enough to pick a positive life path to travel for your future.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

First and foremost I am a Psychic with abilities to lend power and wisdom from the spirit world to help individuals conquer any problems they may face. Over the years I have gained more and more techniques to accompany my Psychic insight so I am able to offer a wide range of different reading techniques and genres, leading in-depth and breathtaking results.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I have been a practising Psychic reader for over 30 years now, helping 1000's of people along the way, making a difference to their lives. I feel that looking back on my time so far, I have really made a difference to others lives and I am so grateful I have been blessed with my Psychic gifts.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

Along the 30 years plus of giving expert Psychic readings, I have learned many other techniques to enhance the reading experience that I can offer to people looking for answers. I can offer Spiritual readings as I am a qualified Spiritual counsellor. I have studied the art Reiki and I now am a Reiki master able to pass on the techniques to those who want to learn. I'm also able to use Runes, Angel guides and Dowsing too. So what ever your preference of reading, please call me and let us find the answers you seek today.

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thank you very much for reading you brought a smile to my face
a from wales on 23/04/2018


Always a pleasure to speak to. Càn see everything going on around me and is always honest even when it's not what I want to hear. Phoenix is amazing. Thank you x
Adele from on 20/04/2018

Amazing !!❤

Like talking to a friend I've known all my life,Love ure voice sooo positive,love ure humour Phoenix❤ Sorry got cut off xx ...but there a reason in 2 minutes you were snapped up ❤love n light Xxx
Michelle from Norwich on 26/02/2018

Relaxed and completely reassuring!

I’ve just had the most wonderful reading with Phoenix, I connected with her not only on a spiritual base but she also felt like a friend who knew everything about me. She was so astute and clear about what I should do in the future. No nonsense and lots of fun. Thoroughly recommended! Thank you!
Caroline from Brighton on 20/02/2018

Phoenix, you're very special!

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading today. You were so accurate in everything you said. I've asked for a general reading but you knew what brought me to you. Your reading is so uplifting, insightful and empowering that 4 months seems just around the corner. You will surely hear from me soon. Many thanks and God bless you and your amazing psychic skills/gift.
A from London on 16/01/2018

The best

Amazing and accurate definitely recommended
from on 04/01/2018

Fab reader

I could have spoken to Phoenix all night- in fact it was a long conversation and I topped up twice before financial reasons made me cut the call! I think that is a very good reader, she tapped into my situation perfectly and gave me very accurate descriptions of the circumstances. Lots of validations. She is a warm and compassionate reader and we had a few giggles along the way! I really opened up to her. I have been trying for weeks to connect but she’s always so busy so I was thrilled to finally be connected. I would definitely give her another call when I needed clarity
Tracie from on 08/12/2017


ANGELA from LONDON on 11/11/2017


Kind heart lovely lady, with an amazing gift
C from on 23/10/2017

My favourite reader

Always accurate and a pleasure to speak with. Call her!
M from Australia on 21/09/2017


Such a genuinely gifted and talented reader. My first time speaking to this lovely lady and I was impressed with the level of detail she picked and her accuracy. I was absolutely bowled over by the information that kept coming along with the compassion and understanding. Thank you once again Phoenix, you were wonderful. I hope to touch base with you soon xxx
LA from UK on 04/09/2017


Phoenix is by far and away the best reader on here. She is always absolutely spot on and how she knows what she knows amazes me every single time! Many of her predictions have already happened and she is always so lovely to talk to. Thank you so much Phoenix for the outstanding readings to date and speak to you soon. Maths lady!
Maths Lady! from on 24/08/2017

Loved Her

I was lucky enough to finally get in touch with Phoenix today. What a lovely soul and so connected to everything around me. She took the time to listen to what I had to say and was very encouraging even knowing the challenges that I face. So easy to talk to I could've spent all day with her. Thank you.
B from US on 17/08/2017

Looking forward to more....

Said would be making new friends, work would settle down after couple months and would have opportunities to advance and love for next year..great insight into current people in life. GREAT!
Debbie from NY on 17/08/2017

Worth the wait

Its taken me a good few days to get Phoenix but had to wait as I had a real connection with her I suppose its becasue its the best value service once you do get through so get ready to top up when you get who you want as they are so much in demand - told they may be booking soon so I look forward to that but well done for keeping call casts down - Phoenix is my favourite for sure Sam
Sam Keller from Dartford south east London on 03/08/2017

Another Amazing Reading

Great reading as always.... your so on point and accurate it's amazing! I will be back to update soon xx 100% as always xx
Donna from London on 29/07/2017

Amazing Reading

WOW! my reading was straight to the point and accurate, your amazing! I can't believe our call got disconnected and I could not get back to you. your the best!
Donna from london on 01/07/2017

Wow Awesome

Phoenix thank you so mush tonight for your insightfullness, loved talking with you. You have just put my mind at ease and made me laugh. I will also action your advice. Do call her you wont be disappointed.
Carol from UK on 22/06/2017

Wow, just wow

Got straight to it!! She knew everything and was so lovely to talk too!!! Thanks :)
ML from Essex on 20/06/2017

Phoenix is my 'go to reader'. over a period of six months I have had readings with her. She was the first to pick up on a situation, which was then clarified by other readings with different readers. The creme-DE-resistance for me was when she said the the third party in my situation was going to be at a place I was at and she was going to goad me... And guess what Phoenix she was.. and she did.. the only difference was you said I would rise above it.. I couldn't and ended up with me losing it.. ah well, I could blame it on alcohol haha. Thanks Phoenix, you are definitely my go to person..
from on 19/04/2017

Triple Impressed ! Awesome and astounding !

Its amazing , how you can pick situations so easily , u r super cool u r consistent and easily the best reader i have spoken too ... i dont know how u manage to do this.. its phenomenal.. i m really impressed

Don't Listen to this Lady

Over the period of two years, I wasted several hundred dollars on this lady. I considered her word gold though her predictions repeatedly did not come through. If she said a man was going to date me for a long period of time, the next day he broke up with me. If she said I was getting a job, a week later the company sends a thanks, but no thanks letter. She told me that I was gething my father's watch after he died. My sister got it because she is a wicked little thing. Stay away from this reader. The amount of money and time I spent talking to this lady is INSANE. She's a fake and a liar.
Sadie from New York on 22/03/2017

Very reassuring

Tuned in so well and I didn't really need to say anything She confirmed to me that all that I thought was lost wasn't. It was a pleasant surprise as I feared the worst
A from London on 20/03/2017


She is fantabolous picks situation really well and is kind compassionate and caring... Do makes notes when youspeak to her , she is fabalous and gives lot of important information . She is truely gifted and highly recommend her ..

Excelence in in-depth reading

Thank you Phoenix for truly getting down to the hidden basis of the reading. Its very hard to get down to nitty gritty of situations but you are very capable. All information has been spot on.
Leslie from Australia on 03/03/2017

Talented and Peaceful !

She is gifted lady , highly appreciated her time spent with me.. also was close to predictions made by top readers here . highly recommended

General Reading

We got disconnected, but I have only had a reading with Phoenix two times. She is always busy on here and it is very hard to get through. Phoenix was very accurate and confident in her information. She didn't ask any questions and I didn't either. I can listen to her for hours as she breaks everything down for you detail by detail. My reading was consistent with my last, but very detail oriented. Most times when people call they are experiencing depression, confusion,sadness and anxiety. Phoenix has the ability with her warm spirit to turn a negative situation into a Positive, by turning your darkness into light, with foreseeing positives entering your life. She is truly gifted I feel as I too have intuitive abilities and could feel her energy was very positive and genuine. I will definitely be calling her again.
T. from USA on 22/02/2017

Spot on

Just to say sorry I ran out of time but thankyou for a very spot on accurate informative reading Many Thanks Helena 02/02/17. X
Helena from North East. Uk on 02/02/2017

Wonderful reading by a wonderful lady!

Phoenix is truly the best reader I've ever encountered, she provides warm insight and valuable guidance to all aspects of life. I really enjoyed our chat Phoenix - thank you for your time, your wisdom and making me laugh with your witty humour. I'll be back of course! R xxx
R from Australia on 29/01/2017


Best reader on here she picked up everything and was so right about my ex boyfriend she actually helped me see a lot and realise a lot and see things from a different view the best read I have spoken to thank u so much x
M from London on 26/01/2017


I absolutely enjoyed my reading with Phoenix! She was outstanding,as she made some very interesting points about my life and interests no one knew I wanted to study (Autusm). I got disconnected but, I will definitely be calling her again. We discussed other interesting information she was able to pick up on. She is one of the best on here, that I have had a reading from. She was very positive and insightful and did not ask any questions, she did the majority of the talking. Phoenix is phenomenal!
Tanika from Georgia on 23/01/2017

Simply enjoyable

What a lovely connection I had with this lady. I hope her predictions come to fruition. She seemed to nail it.
Alistair from Wales on 19/01/2017

Was put through when my chosen reader was busy. It was meant to be, very confident predictions on a situation which was worrying me but I did not bring up x
Jackie from Scotland on 07/01/2017


It was amazing talking to Phoenix, her insight into my relationship was incredible. Her understanding of what is and has been going on was extremely accurate and not only that but her advice felt really spot on. I could have listened for quite some time, she was exactly the person I needed to speak to today. Thank you!
Jackie from Australia on 07/12/2016

Believe in her!

Believe me this was an extraordinary reading. Uncanny how she picked up highly accurate details on my current situation, with me only picking a number for her. So heartening to talk to her and I will, as she advised, believe my instincts and that the best will come. Thank you Phoenix, I do very much hope we get to speak again. xx
Ires from Melbourne on 01/12/2016

Truly amazing!

I am speechless when I speak to her. So much details and accuracy without any info. I'm sure her predictions will come true!
C from London on 05/11/2016

Phoenix is simply amazing! She restored my self-confidence and provided me with clarity on my next steps in life. She is truly gifted and direct without being led or given any information. She is truly a blessing and I now have no doubts in moving forward. Thank you Phoenix!
Marie from Maryland on 26/09/2016


I'm amazed, thank you so very much. Speaking to you, the fact that you knew everything and got things just so, picking up my perfume, and many other details, it's like you just knew my situation inside and out. Thank you so much! And thank you for helping me see and understand my situation in detail. I love how easy you are to talk to, yet direct and on point, so accurate I laughed at times. Brilliant! Thank you xx
C from West Midlands on 01/08/2016

Always spot on

I've spoken to Phoenix a few times and she never fails to amaze me. She fast to tune in and delivers what you need to hear not want to hear and provides 2 sides to a story which allows me to make the choices I need to make. She's uncanningly accurate and very compassionate. Thanks Phoenix.
M from Melbourne on 10/07/2016

nice reading

Thank you for helping me see things in a different light .lovely to speak to you.
melissa from Australia on 17/06/2016

Saved my sanity

Thank you for being there today. You gave me the reassurance I needed in this situation. All the in's and out's.Things aren't always as they appear but thank you for showing me the path to take. I will always be grateful. Blessing's XO
Kathy from Usa on 07/04/2016


I am a regular caller and Phoenix has helped me through so much emotional turmoil. She's so positive and honest in her readings. She's very accurate in her descriptions of events that have to unfold. Gives a lots of positive energy. Thank you Phoenix. I really do reommend her.
Belinda from on 05/03/2016


Thanks so much Phoneix for giving me a great reading and for giving me the clarity I needed! Your a talented, funny and accurate reader second time I have spoken to you and like the first time you were great thank you xxoo
J from A on 07/02/2016

Incredibly accurate!!

Thankyou Phoenix & to think I got put through to you in error. So glad. You made me feel reassured, uplifted, calm. Quite amazing!! Keep you posted xx
Deb from Alice Springs on 11/01/2016

My favourite reader

I love getting readings from Phoenix. She doesn't mince words and is kind in how she delivers her information. She's a good laugh too. Definitely speak with her and experience for yourself. Highly accurate in what she picks up for me and I'm always amazed. Thanks Phoenix.
Mary from Melbourne on 22/12/2015

Give us more time

Dear Phoenix just to day we all need more time with you the world needs your services please please more time that's it what we are asking Best Dave
Dave from Around the World on 08/11/2015

Trusted and an excellent reader

I have had many readings with Phoenix and she has always been honest and told me how it is. She is spot on with her readings and very compassionate, she helps me see things from a different point of view. I trust her and this comes through in our readings. Phoenix is someone who I will come back to time and time again.
Georgina from Cambridgeshire on 09/10/2015

So accurate!

Phoniex is just amazing! I felt so connected with her and without giving much info she pulled out so many things that were accurately true! Yo be honest it felt like I was speaking to someone that knew absolutely everything inside me, from what I was thinking, feeling and going through. She has predicted few things that will be happening before the end of the year so I am keen to see if they happen. As for picking up what's happened within the last 12 months and current situation perfectly so just hoping that what she has predicted will be just as perfectly true as well.
kiara from Australia

Amazing clear reading

I have had many readings in the past. But Phoenix nailed it, clear reading to the point reads like a open card and so pleasant to talk to . Only call her if you are ready to hear the throuth she is not making around. In addition to her psychic power Sheia using her counselling skills that you can feel confident that she understands you and your feelings in depth
David from London

Phoenix was great

Really really happy with Phoenix, she seemed to understand complexities I didn't even understand and then she explained them to me bit by bit. Want to call her back but she is offline ha!
alley from sydney

beautiful lady

when I lose all hope, there you are lighting my way again Thankyou Phoenix I think I'll sleep better tonight xx
K from Aus

Amazing reading

Great reading.. Can't believe how accurate she was..
Nisha from London


I had a lovely reading from Phoenix today. A very nice calm honest reader I would recommend to anyone, I will update if and when predictions come true thank you very much
Stu from Hexham

Amazing lady!

What can I say, Phoenix can always make me feel better, finds the light in the darkest of situations. Uncanny accuracy on the details, and puts my mind at ease. I look forward to seeing of what she has predicted now will come to pass
Kel from Aus


I have had several readings and the insight and accuracy of Phoenix readings is amazing very in depth and she has helped me a great deal
Mel from

cleared my head

Had reading with phoenix late at night when I was in turmoil over a breakup, she gave me lots of information round this with a few prediction's saying its not over and when to expect contact, will update when this happens, she really made me feel more relaxed and at piece within, and a calmness set in after she explained the confusion i couldn't see.well done phoenix great reading.
jean from scotland

good reading

I enjoyed my reading with Phoenix I feel she accurate and very patient.
Kelly from ny
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