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I've always been a spiritual person, even as a small child. I started reading tarot cards 21 years ago after I inherited them from a very intuitive medium. I have been with the cards ever since. I can offer callers a place where they will feel valued, respected and understood. A place where they can seek insight and personalised readings. PIN: 5222



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I can offer callers a place where they will feel valued, respected and understood. A place where they can seek insight and personalised readings. I offer a generalised 3 card spread, a 6 card Cross Spread which is great for answering specific questions. The most popular reading has to be the annual horoscope reading. A 12 card reading covering each month of the year.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My specialist area lies in tailor made Tarot Readings. I do read tea leaves too, but Tarot is where my passion lies. I have a real connection with my cards.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware of my abilities at a young age when I realised I could tell from a photograph, which people weren't alive anymore. I used to share memories with my parents as a child, that weren't mine. and I was good at predicting what was going to happen. I met a group of friends who were similar and we grew up very attuned to nature. We would practice palm readings and tarot readings. I grew up and moved away and acquired a set of Tarot Cards and became a frequent visitor to the Spiritualist Church. Before long I joined a circle and became well practised in Tarot readings and Tea leaf readings.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I read tarot Cards and Tea leaves and love holistic and herbal remedies.

Read Our Most Recent Reviews Of Ray...

the best ever

thank you

e From London On 03/03/2021

Quick, thorough and validations

Ray really is gifted at interpreting his cards. Other card readers on here will just look at a spread and give a textbook definition and try force it on to your situation. Ray knew straight off the bat about me being blocked, something i did not indicate when i asked my question and he picked up the connection POI and I have and the things that he has done. Thanks !

Twinflame From Australia On 18/01/2021

Love him

Ray is my go to reader!! Consistent and quick, no time wasting.

From On 14/01/2021


Reviews were so good but he was so vague. Got quite defensive when i did not understand. Not for me.

From On 08/09/2020

Spot On

Did write a second review but not published. Never before have I had a reading where the timing was so accurate. Excellent.

Sue From UK On 05/09/2020


I asked Ray one question and he gave me the answer and the day that I would get the document that I was waiting for. He was spot on. I have never ever had a reader who had been so accurate, to the day, with timing. Thank you Ray!!

Sue From UK On 26/08/2020

The Best

The best psychic I have ever spoke with. Precise and to the point. Friendly and easy to chat to.

Emma From Scotland On 25/08/2020


Two subsequent readings both identical in outcome. Incredibly gifted, Ray picks up quickly on the whole situation without giving him any information. Genuinely able to accurately pinpoint dates and scenarios with ease. I'll be back to update on what unfolds. Thank you Ray :)

Georgina From Australia On 25/08/2020


Very good :)

Georgina From Australia On 25/08/2020

Quick .......

I instant messaged Ray to ask one specific question. Within one minute I had asked the question and got the answer. Not long to wait now to know the wisdom of Ray’s reading. A really nice guy with compassion, no waffle and out with an answer. Will try again definitely!!

Sue From UK On 21/08/2020

Truly gifted

Truly gifted, I love to speaking with Ray on the phone. truly amazing, truly gifted. I will phone again I could’ve sat on the phone for hours his spiritual Wi-Fi is top-notch And on point. The point of being a reader (as I am) Is to be able to listen and give spiritual advice also when requested give and also little bit of universe guided counselling. Ray is So professional he never made a reading about him or his past experiences (as other readers have) instead he made it all about me and how I can progress how I can proceed and how I can make my life the best it can be absolutely amazing person to speak to nonjudgemental I recommend if you want an honest open minded nonjudgemental reading your phone this guy I know definitely I’ll be funny then again even if I have nothing to ask about just to say hello. He’s like a virtual friend and I wish him every success in his readings and he will bring you enlightenment to his amazing gifts

Fabs From London On 14/08/2020

Yeap he is good!

Thanks Ray.

From On 13/08/2020


Nice guy. But unfortunately none of his predictions have come true and i did try him several times. Felt like he was telling me what I wanted to hear.

From Uk On 27/07/2020


I have spoken to many psychics over the past few months & I have to say Ray is by far one of the best! You can tell he’s genuine as he delivers his reading quickly & is straight to the point! He also gave great guidance too & completely put my mind at rest! Thank you Ray :)

Natalie From Newcastle upon Tyne On 18/07/2020


Just had my first reading with Ray as my usual "go to" psychics weren't available. I was gob smacked with the speed and accuracy of this guy. Amazing! Will be back if predictions come true within 2 weeks from now. Thank you so much Ray!

N From London On 06/07/2020

Top reader

Doesn’t unnecessarily drag on the call gets straight into the reading. Value for money. Will be ringing again.

Sue From Derby On 06/07/2020

Lovely and sincere

Ray, helped me Enormously with a difficult decision. A very sweet and sensitive reader. Picked up on my situation straight away. Thank you from the crazy half Italian/ Indian

Tania From Dunstable On 25/06/2020

Great and accurate!

Really spot on reading. Made so much sense. Felt like Ray totally grasped the situation without me really explaining it. Understanding and kind reader. Thank you very much

Joanna From Sussex On 06/05/2020


Thank you Ray for helping me to cclarifying my doubts and concerns, looking forward updating you of the situation. God bless.

Layla From London On 14/01/2020

The best

I cannot thank Ray enough for his support and guidance over a very turbulent three months. His readings are clear, consistent and most importantly accurate. His guidance does come to pass and I know this as I keep notes. The delivery is always given with conviction and he really has the most wonderful nature. He is a blessing to have as my go to when I am completely overwhelmed (at times in tears) or just for overall guidance on my direction. On either occasion he delivers. Ray thank you so much again, you are extremely gifted and an asset to your profession.

K From UK On 30/12/2019

Nice guy but no connection

I’ve tried ray for several readings. A lovely gentle man but long pauses and no predictions have come to pass, sorry, I tried several readings.

Kay From Aus On 16/12/2019

Excellent reader

Spot on and gave predictions on my current situation i await to see if they come true!! Lovely humble man

From On 28/09/2019

Accurate and lovely

Ray gets straight to the point... no wasting your time and money and is accurate and caring with it. Well done, he is great!

eve From northamptonshire On 27/09/2019

Concise and in line with others

Picked up on my situation without prompting. Detailed but concise so no waffle. Very good.

A From Brum On 22/09/2019

Thank you very good reader!

Thank you Ray!! highly recommended Ray pick up the situation really well also pick up colour of eyes of the person I was trying to connect it! Love & light from Nikola

Nikola From Wales On 22/09/2019

Spot on!

As a spiritual person myself it’s difficult to find good readers. Give Ray a try as his clairvoyance is amazing! Will leave another review if was he has predicted comes to fruition

Julia From London On 15/09/2019

Great Reader

He is very intelligent and sharp, gave a great reading. Did a great job, highly talented and skilled Thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 15/09/2019

Very good reader

Had a few readings. Wonderful will definitely have more readings with him. Nice and polite. Recommend him. Excellent

Anonymous From Australia On 15/09/2019

Amazing reader

Hi Ray, thank you very much for the lovely reading. You were spot on and gave me a lot of information. I look forward to the predictions, speak soon. God bless you always.

Yasmin From Uk On 08/09/2019

On point

Wasn't sure what to expect as I find male Readers very different. However Ray was down to Earth. Easy to talk to and relate to. He came across as sincere and clarity given. He picked up on a specific area that very few readers are able to connect with which was spot on. Professional and calm with great listening skills. Please give him a try as he has no frills. Gets on with it and oozes warmth .

Maxi From Kent On 08/09/2019

Amazing reader

Hi, thank you so much for the lovely reading. You were 100% accurate. Sorry we got cut off. Speak soon. God bless.

Yas From Uk On 06/09/2019

Amazing reader

Hi, we just spoke but got cut off, thank you very much for the lovely reading. You were 100% accurate!! Speak soon. God bless.

Jaz From Uk On 06/09/2019

Thank you

Ray I got cut off but thank you - picked up on everything immediately recommended

S From Uk On 06/09/2019


I speak to Ray regularly. He is always very professional and delivers your reading with care and humility. He is fast becoming very popular on this site, and so he should be. He is very detailed and accurate. Give Ray a call. You won’t be disappointed.

Leighton From Brighton On 02/09/2019


Had a reading with Ray. Very easy to talk to. Spot on, would highly recommend him, just amazing Thankyou

From Wales On 02/09/2019

Hi Ray, It was so good talking to you, I’m sorry the phone cut off. Thank you for the reading you were spot on with my ex husband and his personality, Will call again soon.

From On 02/09/2019

Reading 16/08/2019

Ray was immediately able to pick up on difficult communications with someone in my life. Very easy to chat with and straight to the point with no fluffy mumbo meaningless jumbo talk like many psychics. Thank you Ray.

Jonathan From Leeds On 16/08/2019

This guy is good

I did a few reading now with Ray, he didn't ask me questions and everytime he was spot on. This guy is brilliant and his new on the line. Try him

Liz Ryan From Ireland On 15/08/2019

One of the best

Ray gave me predictions in July, which happened when he said they would. Lovely person, who has helped me so much. Ray, you are the best, thank you so much for your help xx

jewel From surrey On 14/08/2019

Very quick and accurate

Spot on reading about everything. Ray definitely got it right and was able to give a lot of detail. Excellent reading.

From On 31/07/2019


Give him a try you won't be disappointed I have had 2 readings with him and he's spot on

N From London On 30/07/2019

Good but time scales out

reading good I believe him overall yet one time scale of 3 days not happened and he is vague with another time scale think there are better readers on here.

will From London On 19/07/2019

Wow prediction is true!

Spoken to him on July 14th for the first time and he predicted that I’ll have contact with my ex in 9 days time! So shocked coz it’s happened already! Amazing! Knew my past and present. He saw another guy who’s really interested in me. Will definitely call you back. Lovely, compassionate, caring and gave good advice. Thank you so much I’ll do what you said. Best wishes! July 17, 2019

Isabel From London On 17/07/2019

Wow what already happened he predicted!!

Spoken to him last night for the first time and he predicted that I’ll have contact with my ex in 9 days time! So shocked coz it’s happened already! Amazing! Seen all my past, present and future with my ex boyfriend. He also saw another guy who’s really interested in me. So accurate and look forward to all his predictions. Will definitely call you back. Lovely, compassionate, caring and gave good advice. Thank you so much I’ll do what you said. I was confused at first but now he opened my eyes who to chose and look to the future! It’s worth every penny you won’t regret it! Call him if you want answers! Best wishes! You’re an angel!

Isabel From London On 15/07/2019


Ray was really good. He connected with me really quickly and was accurate. He didn’t waste time, got straight to the point and what he said, it actually happened. Unfortunately we got cut off but I would go back to Ray in a heartbeat.

Neil From Sheffield On 12/07/2019

Lovely reader

Worth of calling thank you for you reading

Katerina From UK On 09/07/2019

Great reader

I like Ray he is quick to answer your questions and does not waste time or money. I have had two readings with him so far.

Sandra From Uk On 03/07/2019


I spoke to Ray a month ago his reading was consistent with the previous but timing shorter now so eager to report once the prediction comes to fruition Pleasant to listen to no guessing or probing only genuine and professional Thank you Ray and God Bless. Helena 01/07/19.

Helena From North East UK On 01/07/2019

Down to earth

Thank you straight into detail good reading very interesting got cut of. Friendly down to earth doesn’t waste your mins highly recommended

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 15/06/2019


Wow, I was not sure what to expect from my reading when I connected to Ray but am so glad it was him I connected to. He is awesome. I felt that he understood my issue and he was quick to address my fears. I feel confident that what he predicted will come to pass. Would definitely recommend him if you want a reading. Thank you so so much for your time Ray, was a pleasure speaking to you xx

C From UK On 11/06/2019

Genuine and Gifted

I'm privileged to speak to Ray this morning because I predict Ray is going to become very popular if my reading was anything to go by ! Ray asked no questions and went straight into the reading but he is more than a card reader his intuition is strong and correct in in every way I know everything he told me was validation of what I already know It would not have been fair of me to keep quiet about Rays fantastic ability so I'm pleased I've spoken to him now before it becomes hard to reach him such as Nora and Madeline and Nora God Bless Ray and Thankyou Helena. X. 6.6.19

Helena From North East UK On 05/06/2019


Tuned in really well chatted to Ray for some time.

From On 09/05/2019


Thankyou ray for picking up my brother lovely chatting to you

Kerry From On 03/05/2019


Spot on what he picked up. Lovely guy too!

Sg From Uk On 29/04/2019

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