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Hello I am Blaine a Tarot reader with over 20 years experience I use the cards as a tool for guidance. My readings are uncannily unique and I believe in positive readings and that only you can change things as we all have free will. Over the years I have advised a lot of people so for an honest and clear reading please ring PIN NUMBER 4334



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No other

No other reading is as good

Marie From Oz On 31/08/2020

Thanks for another fantastic reading, I will start listening to you, will keep you updated on my situation, take care lovely lady x

Susan From On 28/08/2020

Bloody Brilliant!

Excellent, Really knows her cards well, she is amazing. 5⭐️

From On 06/07/2020

Nice reading

Thank you Blaine for today's reading. Hope the predictions come true. Love xx

From On 02/07/2020

As usual last review hasn’t gone up!!!. Went straight into tarot reading without asking why I wanted one, assumed it was relationship, when I said no she jumped straight to career which was another no!!, hung up as was not listening.

From On 30/06/2020

Mind blowing

I have readings all the time see my credit card crazy but this lady was amazing she answered the question I asked in my mind word by word Don’t know if it will come to pass but very impressed

Sk From Coventry On 16/06/2020

Just WOW

Thank you very much Blaine. Sorry we cut off, my credit run out and I didn't have the chance to thank you for the best and accurate reading I did received on this site. This lady is amazing. I can't wait to see my prediction to unfold.

C From London On 13/06/2020

The best of the best

Blaine, Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. You know I always write down your readings and tick the predictions off as they come true. Simply amazing and the secret must be out as your hard to connect with as your always in demand. You have saved my sanity with your predictions, Thankyou your an angel

Kim From Oz On 15/05/2020


Blaine was fantastic and didn’t rush. She spent plenty time and was accurate on everything. Thank you Blaine for all your advice x

Jennifer From Scotland On 14/05/2020

Blown away

Was in shock at wat u told me .but thank you for giving me a wake up call .speak again soon paul

Paul From Doncaster On 08/04/2020

Very Inspiring

Thank you so much for making me realise how I kept self sabotaging. I will definitely follow the advise of positive thinking. I loved talking to you xx

Carrie From Kent On 16/03/2020

Blaine was fantastic, truthful and gave me some advice, will chat with her again later in the year x

SUSAN From W.Wales On 25/02/2020


Lovely lady and amazing reading.. Thank you...

Alan From UK On 15/02/2020

Lovely Lady

Very wise, very giving person. She was kind, and had a great sense of humour. She shed a lot of light on what was going on for me... a really good person. Thank you ma'am _/\_ <3 <3 <3 (She knows her stuff!)

AJ from Manchester From Manchester On 28/01/2020

Cut off....

So so sorry Blaine line stopped and didn't top up quick enough. You are such a lovely lady and always pick me up when down, very consistent and clear.....thank you x

Sagittarius From On 25/01/2020

Absolutely brilliant

Omg I’m so blown away she is absolutely brilliant one of the best reading I have ever had. Straight to the point and describe everything to a T .. didn’t waste a minute of my time the only thing was that I couldn’t write quick enough. Trust me you will be astounded as to how exact and spot one she is I hope this gets posted. Blaine there is not enough stars in the night sky I could give you . You are exceptional. Thank you.

Kimberly From Australia On 21/01/2020


Had a very positive reading , bang on with what’s happened and going on and reassured me I’ve nothing to worry about . I’ve promised to let her know if the predictions come true but I’m pretty certain they will . Thank you

Sue From Gloucestershire On 19/01/2020


I hope this is you,I called not knowing who I was going to be connected to ,my call ended before I could say thank you ,I hope you can feel how grateful I am . I have teared up with joy listening to you . I really cannot explain how grateful i am. I'm so so glad I connected with someone who understood me , if this isnt you then I hope you can feel this message . I cant imagine being more happier. I'll read "the secret" and do as you recommended. Thank you so much for your time . I'm eternally grateful.

Julia wernik From Stoke on trent On 10/01/2020


Blaine is absolutely amazing accurate to the T. Everything and predictions all as she says. She says so much more than the other readers. Lovely lady so kind in her approach

Kamari From Kent On 17/12/2019


Absolutely true to the T. Blaine and sadie and Ann are so accurate and the predictions are always right. No sugar coating really amazing it's like they live your life.

Kamari From Kent On 12/12/2019


After so many months in trying to find answers from various readers I think this lady is accurate to a T and the best out of most of the top readers. She tells you things that others have not told and it's like shes a mirror of your life. She knows everything absolutely amazing. 100 stars

Kamari From Kent On 10/12/2019


This lady! One of a few in this site that is spot on every time. Really had to get Blaine in the line as she is so popular, to date she has been the most accurate reader, with predictions coming true that I thought impossible when I had the reading. Lady, you have out my mind at ease so many times, can’t Thankyou enough x

Kim From Oz On 21/11/2019

My favourite

So fun but also one of the best psychics here. Thanks lovely to speak to you thanks for remembering me x

From On 14/09/2019


Im blown away by what Blaine said without me telling her anything. She was spot on with everything she said and im excited to see if her predictions come true!!! Thanks so much for a wonderful reading xxx

Nerissa From Australia On 03/09/2019

Amazing reading!

From On 22/08/2019

So annoyed I ran out of minutes! You were on a roll and I could feel and relate to it!! Mmmwwaahhh!!! Will try and call you again xx Nation xx

From Oz. On 06/08/2019

Great Reading

Wonderful reading off Blaine, she picked up what my main concern was and put my fears to rest. would definatly recommentd her

David Fisher From Uk Midlands On 25/07/2019


Thank you Blaine so much for all the advice and the amazing reading, also for all the hard work and the tips on the Tarot videos, you are Awesome!!!!

CC From US On 20/07/2019

Extremely gifted

Just wanted to say thank you— I’m sorry I was cut off. Tried to top up but must have pushed the wrong button. You are a fabulous reader. I could take everything you said to me (a bit hard to make out at times but was the line). Thank you. I will take your advice and be more positive. Xx

L From Uk On 07/06/2019

Very good indeed

Thank you for an awesome reading Blaine. I am all fired up - will do the positive imaging, and and amazed that our histories were almost the same. Thank you for the truly lovely spread and I'm ready for that call.

Lyn From Aus On 06/06/2019

Thank you

Thank you again Hun amazing love how you work.with me

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 31/05/2019

Thank you thank

Your lovely thank you.

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 30/05/2019

Thank you thank

Thank you. Hun x

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 25/05/2019


I write my readings down every time and this lady has been spot on every time. One of the few true readers on this site

Kim From Oz On 15/05/2019

The Secret

I’ve taken your advice and downloaded the secret. You are right. All of our thoughts manifest our reality. My reading was very positive and you answered all of my desires. I have had lots of readings in the last year, all of these have pretty much said the same as you have. However I was having difficulty moving past the hideousness of the situation and still wallowing in my victim status, unbeknown to me. Yes things have been bad, yes things have been taken out of my hands however you pointed out very clearly that I am the master of my thoughts and I have the ability to manifest the life that I want. And you know what i’m Going to. Your reading was brilliant and you were kind and have reminded me that I am in control of my own life. Thank you for sharing your story with me. You’re a lovely lady. X

Jo From Uk On 27/04/2019

2 thumbs up

Lovely lady. Very very gifted saw a lot of things just by my DOB. Very impressive. So lovely to speak to you and thx for your listening ear xxx

Girl from hampstead From Hampstead On 20/04/2019

Unbelievable !!! It happened

One prediction happened in 2 days and it was a big one,yes the nasty woman is gone!! waiting for the second and third because I know it will happen. Thank you!!!

Raz From Sydney On 11/04/2019


Blaine lovely to see you come back on this line. Missed you! I hope you had a good break. Your readings are brilliant and spot on and very detailed. Thank you trusted psychics for bringing back Blaine to this service again. It’s lovely to see old readers come back.

Michelle From London On 20/03/2019

Predictions came true

This lovely lady picked up alot of things about me. She was the only one who said this man will come back. I didn't believe because i heard 5 people say he won't. Blaine was the only one who he will and she predicted the month .thank you blaine for the lovely reading and to trust my intutition.

Eta From Australia On 17/03/2019


From On 15/03/2019

I will keep it short and sweet......Blaine is brilliant!

From On 30/01/2019

Your fellow Capricorn!

Blaine you are a babe! Thank you so, so, so much. I really needed your positivity. I will call you with an update on his return! Mwah! Love and light. I will read the secret too. Love Zana xxx

From On 04/01/2019

First Class

Blaine picked up on all the things going on around me at the moment without me giving her any information other than my date of birth. Reading was very positive and I now look forward to 2019 with open arms and an open heart

David Fisher From Staffordshire On 27/12/2018


So lovey, picks up on everything immediately, no questions. Positive and fast reader, I called last week and again this week and the EXACT same reading came through. You’ve put my mind at rest thankyou, sorry we got cut off x

Suzanne From Oz On 01/11/2018


Had a reading with Blaine this am. She straight away got my situation sussed out with me only giving my date of birth and name. She was excellent and spot on. Have 100% trust in what she predicted will come true. Would love to have another reading with you. Xx gwen

Gwen From Brigg On 18/10/2018

So many readings

I have so many reading and have done for years Every few months and this was by far the best ever. Got everything current and made predictions that is always the challenge will they come in I will let u know

From On 26/09/2018

Thank u blain for uplifting me out that dark tunnel u are amazing and so up beat xx

T From On 19/02/2017

great reader

I've had a few readings with Blaine and she's always positive and spot on to what's going on. Sorry we got cut off, thank you so much I hope to catch you again soon!have a reading with Blaine you wont be disappointed

bee From Birmingham On 04/01/2017

Bonsoir !C&rsquo;est

Bonsoir !C&rsquo;est une jolie découverte ! Je tente ma chance avec plaisir Alors le nom d’un spa où les protocoles de soin Nohèm sont dispensés toute l&rnauo;qnsée : le SPA de la Mare aux Oiseaux, la Cabane à Plumes Merci à toi pour ce beau concours et belle soirée !

Jaxon From d0GLuFVn On 01/07/2016


Blaine, my phone cut off while speaking with you.. just want to say thank you for a brilliant reading! Love your vibes, and your willingness to explore things at depth for me. Your warm service oriented and professional manner is only exceeded by your accuracy and fine intuitive capacity. You are a credit to this site. No more gemini men for me thank you very much!:)

T From Global On 26/06/2016


I ran out of money but wow what a wonderful positive reading!! Blaine thank you so so much :D Your uplifting spirit dried those tears in my eyes immediately :D Also i just realised after the phone call that she jumped straight into the issue in my heart with the cards before i said anything at all!! SPOT ON!

sasha From australia On 02/05/2016

Wow. Very uplifting reading and bang on point

Thank you Blaine for telling me to get out of my own crazy mind! You picked up my situation accurately and could read the characters around me so very well. I hope your predictions come to pass and that I can finally let my hair down again. Will be in touch again soon. Big hug x

Anon From UK On 26/04/2016

Superb reader

I got through to Blaine by accident. I didnt even have to give her my name or say anything. Blaine jumped straight into the reading about my sitution i was already wanting a reading about. Very spot on and accurate reader. Very caring with a lot of postive energy! Thank you :)

Arosa From Manchester On 27/02/2016


Thank you so much Blaine for the enlightening and non judgemental reading I would never in a million years think my first love ? the Virgo would come back in my life I am soooo looking forward to seeing him think I might faint when I do thank you ???? for a lovely reading xx

cathy From Lpool On 25/02/2016

Accurate & Amazingly Spot on

I had a reading today with Blaine and I can't believe how upbeat she was. She picked on my situation without me advising and or telling her what was going on and because of this, I was able to tell her what was going on and she was certainly positive about the outcome. A truly genuine and an amazing spot on reader. Thank-you so much Blaine, your just so amazing, thank-you, Charlene.

Charlene From London On 06/02/2016

Brilliant and Genuine

Thank you Blain. i can highly recommend this wonderful reader. I called her today to ask for some clarification on my relationship.... I was completly shocked she never asked me anything she picked up on everything so fast and accurate i cannot express enough she lifted my spirit and gave me info that only i could know. Ive had a lot of readings but im only sticking to this reader from now on.. Thank you so much its taken me ages but ive found a genuine sincere reader. Worth every single penny. L&L Michele xxxx????????

Michele From Essex On 29/12/2015

Great reading!

This was lovely reading - she said exactly what's happening at the moment, and cheered me up that I am in the right way!

Eva From On 29/12/2015

on Fire

I've spoken to some good readers on here but Blain you are EXCELLENT UPLIFTING ACCURATE AND APPRECIATED! I'M GONNA LOOK INTO (THE SECRET) thank you soooooooo much I feel uplifted and soooooo much better. You are now my go to!!!!

nelly NY 12/27/15 From ny On 27/12/2015


Thank you for a beautiful reading and so spot on !! We had a reading a month ago and still same outcome !! Blaine tells you as she sees it no sugar coating and both her readings were very much same !! She is very spot on and am looking forward now to meeting the aries man again thou I thought it was finally over!! Thank you

Caroline From Edin On 30/11/2015


Thankyou for the reading. Sorry we got cut off but am looking forward to what is to come. I will let u know what happens.xx

faith From london On 21/11/2015

Thank you Blaine!!!

Hi Blaine, Thank you for your support and guidence tonight about my relationship and my Mr Gemimi. I know he's definitely worth it! You were able to describe my partner very well and you knew everything about my situation. I will keep you updated with your predictions.. And looking forward to "my celebration" (3cups) with him!!! Thinking positive! Love & light S, Australia

From Australia On 10/11/2015

Real deal

Hi Blain, Sorry I ran out of minutes this morning !! I have had many readings with you and your predictions came to pass everytime !! Am now waiting on predictions you made today!! Blain is very calm and exciting when she read for you!! No time or money is wasted as she does not even ask questions but gets straight into the reading !! No sugar coating and what you hear is what you get. !! Her predictions do come to pass which amazes me everytime she has read for me!!! Am so excited with this teasing that I had with you this morning cxxx

Caroline From Edinburgh On 03/11/2015


Short review and only a few words, but this lady is amazing. Very caring and compassionate. She really tells you how it is and makes you feel positive and uplifted. I absolutely adore her.

Aleks From L-pool On 21/10/2015

She was brilliant helped me so much ! Have saved her PIN xxx

Hannah From Derby On 12/10/2015


Thanks Blaine for another great reading! You hit the nail on the head to my situation talk soon...xxoo

J From Aust On 08/10/2015

Excellent Reader

Just had a fantastic reading from Blaine. Thank you so much, I hope your predictions come to light!

James From Sheffield On 05/10/2015

Spot on

Had many readings with Blaine and she is truely amazing !! Never wrong with her cards and insights !! Worth uour money and she picks up very quickly and reads your cards as thou it's a story book!! I have had many readings but not Anythjng like Blaine !!! She's good !! Five stars !!!!

Caroline From Edinburgh On 30/11/-0001


Blaine this is the 3rd time I have spoken to you and you never fail to amaze me! Spot on with what's going on around me! Always give uplifting and positive readings! Thanks so much God Bless you xxoo J

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Amazing isn't good enough

I love this woman, I've had 3 readings with her, she is worth every penny. Her predictions are correct and she genuinely cares cares during your reading. Thank you so much

Rose From London On 30/11/-0001


Blaine what can I say you are definitely one brilliant Reader spot on with everything you picked up! Your the real deal! Thanks so much will call you again soon xxoo Josie

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001

Excellent reader

Lovely reader very positive and spot on ,thank you blain. Your the best !!!

Alayna From Cambridge On 30/11/-0001


Amazing reader spot on

kery From Northern Ireland On 30/11/-0001

Tell.s it how it is,very accurate will speak to this lady again

Pacience From Leeds On 30/11/-0001

Very Compassionate Understanding Person

I have had many readings from Blaine. She has always listened to me and offered encouragement and sound advice. Her readings are always straight to the point and spot on. Definitely Recommend.

Emma From Perth Australia On 30/11/-0001


She's a brill reader and spot on

Caroline From Fife On 30/11/-0001

Just amazing and such a compassionate person...

Just amazing and such a compassionate person – worth every single penny.

Paul From On 30/11/-0001

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