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Live Reader Profile: Kia

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What People Are Saying About Us

"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 4195

I am a Tarot reader and I have been reading for over fifteen years. I specialise in love and relationships and can cover general readings also. I can tailor the reading to your specific questions. I am also a very good listener, compassionate, non-judgemental and extremely intuitive person. PIN: 4195
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Questions and Answers with Kia

What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

My intuition is on point and I'm very good at connecting with you.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I use the tarot cards as the main structure for my readings and my intuition is finely tunes so I'm usually able to pick up on other things to support a full reading.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware of my abilities at age sixteen, I would often dream about things that would happen within days to myself, friends and family and when I eventually picked up the courage to talk about it, I found many people wanted my help so I turned to the tarot which has totally enhanced my abilities.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I'm also a Yoga therapist and can help people to meditate and find inner peace.

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Great but !

I know Kia is great but why do people need to spend hours at 1 time talking to her , I try and keep it to 20 minutes so others can get through !
Dc from Uk on 13/03/2018


Kia connected extremely well indeed. each and every word spoke volumes and was exactly as a number of great readers have already shared with me. Many thanks for confirming and reassuring. Very good and genuine reader.
Lynda from Perth on 08/03/2018


I spoke with Kia on 2/24/18- just updating some of your predictions have began unfolding. Just waiting on the others!!!! Thanks so much
anonymous from on 03/03/2018

Thank you kia

Thanks for a great reading kia, I like the way yr readings have facts , like you will have contact within 7 days and new property in August , it’s what we need , I hate readers that say I can see yr having a difficult time then wait for you to tell them the story, she is great
Dc from Uk on 28/02/2018

great connection

I connected with this reader, she was highly intuitive and I felt she grasped my situation exactly. Very caring and compassionate but above all, told me the truth and not just what I wanted to hear
Loraine from Kent on 22/02/2018

Compassionate & Decisive

What a beautiful person. When under a lot of stress Kia was kind understanding and compassionate. Sje read the cards and when I contradicted them because of my own stubbornness - sje provide information, dealt more cards and told me what she saw. There was no deviation from what she read from the first spread just more detail. Truely beautiful
Vee from Australia on 10/02/2018

This is MORE than just Tarot...much more

Kia you are underselling yourself my sweet, you are much more than a tarot reader! You have more insight than you know! You are extremely good my friend. I called about a work situation and Kia hit the nail on the head with ASTONISHING ACCURACY! I will be honest I was not expecting it at all. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call this lady, she is also very sweet and honest. My goodness I'm still in shock! Thank you so so much, I feel loads better after chatting with you Kia, God bless you and thanks...a very happy customer. I will call again for you insight and straight to the point spot on readings! :)
Nicci from Birmingham on 31/01/2018

like talking to a best friend

From the moment i spoke to KIA i sensed that she was someone i could talk to about my problems,actually there was more talking,than reading,i was doing the talking and she really cheered me up,i would definitely talk to her again,but i will have to let her get on with the reading,cause we were on the phone for one hour,40 minutes,i know my phone bill will be high,but if i never talked to her i would be very depressed,the phone connection,cut us off,i love this lady,i wish she lived next to me,we would be best friends,without a doubt,Thank you KIA
Princess from Redbridge on 28/01/2018

Top reader

doesn't read from a script unlike some, nice, friendly and to the point.
Sue from West Midlands on 23/01/2018

Another amazing 5 * reading

Thank you for another insightful reading, all full of details and accuracy about the situation
Donna from London on 23/01/2018

Thank you

Thank you Kia for all your help and support over the last 12 months, I couldn’t have got through it without your insight and true gift !! Thank you for sharing it with us !! You always so clear and accurate and calm !!
Gx from M/cr on 17/01/2018

Excellent as always

10 minutes with Kia and she sorts me out! She is an amazing reader and lovely person. You are very safe here. x
from Scotland on 15/01/2018


I thnk kia is abs amazing she pickd up on my situition straight away
Babs from Norther ireland on 09/01/2018


Thank you for my reading early Christmas Eve, we got cut off before I could say to you. I love your readings and you are straight to the point yet compassionate. Thank you for telling me what I did not expect to hear, so I will be ready :)
from Scotland on 24/12/2017

superb and mind blowing, Thank you so much.

It was my first time to speak with Kia today, I was so delighted that I got through. She provided me with so much clarity. I feel so positive and happy and I cannot wait for all these predictions to pass for me. I am absolutely buzzing. She is on the mark and bang on the money. Thank you so much, you have confirmed a lot of what other psychics have predicted for me, you actually sealed the deal for me in clarity, where doubts where coming in, now I see clearly.
Miss Palmer from East Midlands, UK on 06/12/2017

Clear, accurate and insightful

Amazingly accurate. Kia picked the situation to a tee. Prediction sounds very much on track. Kia could not have talked about the situation and given any more info than she did = just absolutely amazing. Thank you very much!! Her accuracy may well allow me to move forward with some confidence - I had closed the doors and as she said, I was open to an option, BUT had barriers up. So right!!
Lynda from Perth on 01/12/2017

fantastic and so engaging

I had an amazing reading where she picked up on so much without prompting. Gave me great insight and clarity around the situation I was asking about. Such an engaging and beautiful energy.
Heather from Australia on 21/11/2017

The Real Deal

From a reader to a reader you are fantastic. Thank you so much for the clarity you gave me today 8.11.17 and sorry about line going dead, but what you gave me was so much more than you can ever realise. For me a real reader is one that can pick up on things WITHOUT questions. Kia does that. xxx
from on 08/11/2017

Great reading

Had a great reading from Kia , she picked up and confirmed what other readers have told me , she answered a specific question perfectly with no hesitation then gave me a 15 min general reading , which again made perfect sense to me , she told me about expanding busness and buying properties , this is my line of work ( I didn't tell her this ) she just tuned into it all , ring her for a chat , a very nice , pleasant and highly gifted lady .
Dc from Yorkshire on 29/10/2017

Best Reader On This Site

Kia is phenomenal, her accuracy is second to none and she is the only reader I use on this site. She is kind hearted and a good listener, she will always give a reading from an objective view and is completely honest with you. She is so quick at tapping into your situation it is unreal. Honestly, she is a great reader!
Raj from West Midlands on 13/08/2017

Good reader

Great reader, nice, friendly talks clearly and doesn't keep you on the phone for longer than needed. Was feeling very down and gave me a very positive reading which helped me feel a lot better.
Sue from West Midlands on 02/08/2017

Waiting for prediction

I had a reading with Kia in April and she predicted my ex contacting me in 3 to 5 still waiting. She is a lovely person and I felt happy after her reading...but unfortunately it was just false hopes.
M from Cheshire on 19/07/2017

Thank you picked up straight away. So positive

lovely to speak to and down to earth. Thanks. Calming accent and really picked up the situation straight away.
ML from Essex on 04/07/2017

Great Reader

Very reassuring. Great. Always makes me feel good if I am down. Good with love life
Regular customer from Essex on 22/06/2017

Not yourself

Hello Kia, I hope you are okay as you seemed distance when you were giving me a reading. At times, during the reading, it seemed like you were not hearing what I was saying as you were not answering. Hope everything is alright with you as you are a good at what you do.
from 21/06/2017 on 21/06/2017

Staggering absolutely brilliant

Always picks up on situation very quickly and accurately. Gets straight on with it and spot on. Uplifting. X
Alistair from Cardiff on 12/06/2017

thank you

Kia its always a pleasure talking to you, but today you seemed a bit distracted, distant, almost hesitant. Hope everything is ok... despite the delay I know everything you said will come true...
ur from uk on 06/06/2017

Another Great Reading

Another great reading with Kia. How can anyone say she is not good, she is fantastic, to the point, not telling you what you want to hear. Great. Makes me feel much better. I don't just listen and expect everything to happen I go out to make my future, that is why things are working out for me. Kia is positive. Thank you, Kia.
01/06/2017 from oxon on 01/06/2017

Agree A Great Lady

She has always been totally understanding and lovely to me, picks up stuff quickly is compassionate and kind. X
N from West Mids on 30/05/2017

I agree, I think she is wonderful. Her readings are genuine
Amisha from on 26/05/2017

I have had very good readings

I have had a few readings with Kia and she is very good. I have not had any problems with Kia. Everything that I have been told has come true so I do not understand why the person below who left a review (disappointed) did not have a good reading because my readings have always been brilliant. You are fantastic Kia.
from Oxon on 25/05/2017

Lovely lady

Thank you for your reading. You picked up everything about him. Even picked up about how i know i will be with him. Hope predictions happen but from kia's confidence i believe they will
S from Ireland on 21/05/2017


Not sure why all the reviews. Was very frustrating and kept reading from cards and not listening to me. Certainly did not get my situation or help. Sorry i had to hang up. Was getting agitated and she kept defending the other person. Im the one paying and im looking for answers to help me. Not psychic at all
from on 21/05/2017

Thank you Kia

Thank you Kia for your reading, the phone connection has been difficult but you are so calm and tuned in! I am sorry we finally got cut off. I am grateful for what you have told me. You are a very clear and precise reader.
Donatella from Australia on 19/05/2017


Excellent. Tuned in with very little questioning. Described person and situation in my life with great accuracy and insight. Very lovely manner and she worked hard to focus on the important themes in my life and be accurate in her interpretations. Would call her again without hesitation. Thank you very much Kia.
Ang from London on 18/05/2017

Fantastic and Amazing

I have been speaking with Kia, only this year (2017), not very long. She has told me a lot of things in such a short period of time. Everything Kia has told me has come true which is amazing, things that I have been told that did not make sense is making sense now. Things that I thought was impossible has come true in a very positive way. Thank you, Kia. Very patient person. I have learned to be positive and never give up what I believe in. You are fantastic Kia. Bless.
from oxfordshire on 13/05/2017

100 stars

Kia.. I just love you. That is all. You have been my rock through a very painful few years and have helped me immensely, thank you.
'L from UK on 13/05/2017

Spot on with timings!

Excellent reader! She explained a situation to me in detail which i wasn't expecting but the timings were spot on. Not to mention how kind and pleasant she is to talk to.
S from Uk on 30/04/2017

Really a Positive Reading

What can I say but a fantastic reading from Kia. I have been having problems at work and Kia was able to reassure and calm me so I can look at things more positively. Every week I phoned Kia and every time she was correct in every thing she told me. The more I look at my work issues in a positive way the more positive things are happening. Thank you very much Kia, you are such a nice person to talk to and you do not judge. I will definitely be phoning you back again soon, to let you know how things are working out.
12/04/2017 from Oxfordshire on 13/04/2017

Sorry Kia, I kept losing signal (in the sticks at the moment). I just wanted to say a big thank you for your brilliant and insightful reading into the person I like and what his intentions are. Have a lovely day. X
Karen from on 12/04/2017

Kia is an amazing reader. You do not have to tell her anything, she tells you ! She got my situation spot on and as a reader myself she just helped to clarify what I already knew. You are safe here, lovely lady and very talented. Highly recommend.
from Scotland on 09/04/2017


I had a great reading with Kia . She is amazing , picked situation really quickly that was unbelievable .. Highly underrated reader . close to the best here.. All the Best and thanks for everything

Lovely person, great reader

12/3/17 Kia never asked any questions and she was very thorough with her reading. Such a lovely lady with a soothing healing voice. Highly recommend. L x
from on 12/03/2017

Thank you

You just manage to calm my madness! I am always sovfull of worry and being unsure but you voice and your manner and your positive words make me feel fine again. I have a lot of readings with many readers but you are one of the very best, you dont waste time and you've really can read people. I hopeful for my predictions
Anion with the 3 Dogs from Midlands on 05/03/2017


Kia really is very good at what she does. I really do understand that readers have their own way of connecting to the callers, the ones who ask for information are just as good in most cases because they want to connect to the situation to bring forth the answers we seek. Kia however does not need extra information or details and will tune in straight away with accuracy. I have spoken to other readers but just needed validation to the predictions so with Kia i gave her no info (although she did not ask either) and i must say her reading was uncannily similar to a few of the other readings i had with other well established readers on here. However i must add that Kia gives a deeper analysis to the situation/person explaining why it is happening the way it is. Which does add to shed light and help you understand whats going on behind the scenes.
A from Bedfordshire on 27/02/2017


She is very good in her work , and is really gifted and skillfull.. highly recommended

I DIDN'T SAY A WORD, Picked it all up herself.

I had done so many reading on this site. I am giggling with shock. I didn't have to say anything. Kia wouldn't ask questions more explain and tell me about the situation then ask to confirm that she was on the right track. My response was to laugh because she was that spot on. She nailed it. I didn't even call to read about the situation she picked up on but I am SO GLAD SHE DID. I really hope her predictions come true. She nailed everything else I am confident she is right. I honestly can not believe she read the person so well and I didn't even say anything about him. She just knew all of the situation like she had been watching it the whole time. Worth the monies
D from Australia on 24/02/2017


Amazing! REally spot on and gentle. Very little information needed and she just set it all out on the table in the area of work and love. Highly recommend!
jax from Australia on 19/02/2017

100 stars

Kia Kia Kia, you are without a doubt the best, most accurate reader on this site.. time and again, for nearly 2years now, your predictions have come to pass, even when i've fought you on them at the time and told you that they were impossible.. the way you describe things is so to the T, your ability to connect at a unique emotional depth, your compassion and your wkd sense of humor, in my opinion make you a front runner and a real credit to this site. you deserve an authenticity medal! thank you thank you for being awesome and for the profound help you have given me in my darkest hours. Stay blessed lady xx
Tx from global on 25/01/2017


Just had a short and to the point reading. Picked up on the situation very quickly and gave me hope where I thought there wasn't any. She is about the 4th / 5th psychic to Tell me that I will get what I want and deserve. Just hope It comes true
Tasha from Manchester on 22/01/2017

Had a reading with kia amazing and spot on without even saying a word. She even asked if she had read to me before as the cards seem familiar wow that says a lot in it self. Hope to speak to kia soon,if anybody is skeptical about reading then please speek to kia think she may change your mimd. Once again thankyou loads kia xx
from Yk on 11/01/2017

Spot on

I only had 5min left and she told me more then most of these have sadi in 20+ Min real deal!!!!! Will be calling again very soon!!!
Chantell from London on 30/12/2016

Detailed and accurate

ive had many readings with this lady over the past few weeks and i have been surprised over and over again i have given very little away and she has given me so many details about my life which she just couldnt possibly have guessed which makes me believe even further that she is the real deal
Deano from Bridgend on 27/10/2016

Awesome & Accurate!!!

I am extremely impressed with Kia! She is so nice, kind, accurate, professional and a phenomenal reader! I am so thankful I got a reading from her and feel at peace after talking with her. I am truly thankful for Kia
R.Y. from UK on 20/10/2016


Kia you were spot on and thank you for keeping me going and giving me insight and lots of hope you are a lovely gentle lady and a very good reader ????
Anon from Uk on 09/10/2016

Thank you

Thank you you picked up on everything straight away in a not straight forward situation and you were spot on on everything thank you so much for keeping me there and I did send a message to let him know he has nothing to prove to me thank you ????X
Anon from Uk on 08/10/2016

Thank you

Spoke to Kia 3 times now regarding an ongoing situation. She's amazing, patient and spot on. Highly recommend
Claire from Scotland on 01/10/2016

Amazing Kind Lady

Sorry Kia, my time had run out. I have to say thank you for the lovely reading. Describe my situation and ex boyfriend which was spot on. Am very confident what you have predicted in near future due to information that was spot on. Thank you so much you have lifted my spirit up and look forward to another reading with you. Blessing to you Kia xx
Martha from Australia on 30/09/2016

Spot on

This lady needs no prompting she's accurate specific and spot on ! Thank you for a brilliant reading x
Helena from Uk on 13/09/2016


I just had reading and Kia was amazing. she picked up on everything instantly and really connected with me. she helped to uplift me and make me feel better about the things that were happening around me. i will definitely be calling back :-)
A from South of England, UK on 03/09/2016

Thank you

Kia is a lovely special person. She has helped me tremendously in the past 4 months. I am blessed to know her and get her advice. Very accurate. Doesn't give you any false stories or pretend she is someone she isn't. Love her Honesty! Please don't ever change.. Xxx
Kathy from From on 05/08/2016

Thanks for great reading

Was put to Kia by accident. But she is brilliant. Don't know how it can be , we were connected straight away and she said what cards she got I was amazed, hopefully outcome will come true soon xx
Eva from on 01/08/2016


I have renewed hope & know I'll get through this. Strength. Faith. Trust. I will keep in touch xo
Deb from Alice Springs, Australia. on 25/07/2016


Thank-you once again for an accurate amazing reading, Sorry my minutes ran out, your a star.
Charlene Roberts from London on 19/07/2016

She saved my relationship

I would definatly go as far as to say this lady had a big part to play in saving my relationship. I had asked so many of my friends for advice on what to do but nothing compared to having a reading with a proper reader, id say this lady is an expert reader particularly relationship readings.
Mary-Ann from Wellingborough on 17/06/2016

Thank you

Thank you Kia a great reading you were spot on with everything, sorry we got cut off. Will call you again definitely soon.
Carol from London on 07/06/2016


Kia is a lovely lady and she pick up on my situation within mins. She is brilliant. I will ring you again mid of June to let you know what u predicted. Smiley, friendly and so positive I could have spoke to you all the time. Sorry I run out of minutes. But I will be ringing you again. 100% brilliant xx
Celia from Cornwall on 17/05/2016


Fantastic reading with Kia, very accurate, she answered a lot of my questions. I will be definitely speaking to her again.
Gillian from Yorks on 13/05/2016

Thank you very, very much

I have just come off of a reading from Kia once again and her readings are absolutely amazing. Thank-you so much for all of your help and support, i really, really appreciate it. You have helped in all areas of my life and didn't have time to say good-bye on the call, but thank-you very much for your insight. Again you are worth every penny. Thank-You, Your The Brightest Diamond.
Charlene from London on 07/05/2016

Thank you

Thank you Kia for listening to me go on and on and on over the last few months!! Your such a lovely lady and give me such a clear and accurate reading about my situation. Your support has been very much appreciated and you give me 100% reassurance that my situation is going to work out !! Thank you again no doubt I will be in touch very soon !! You have a true gift !!
Gx from on 04/05/2016


Thank you Kia for a thoroughly enjoyable and detailed reading and for answering my endless questions! Karen
Karen from on 03/05/2016

Lovely, helpful and honest

Kia I have spoken to you on a number of occasions and you are a beautiful, gifted and honest reader who truly likes to help people! Can't thank you enough for always giving me the clarity I need as the past year has been a very painful and heartbreaking year for me! You have given me so much hope to carry on when I have felt so low! Talk again soon xxoo
J from A on 03/05/2016

Sorry my time had run out, just want to say thank you for a fantastic reading connected well and information just flowed. Will defo have another reading with Kia. Love&light H xx
H from west yorkshire on 03/05/2016

Positive Reading

I have just come off of the phone to this wonderful lady and am giving a fourth review as again I am shocked as to the accuracy of the information given. I am very happy that things are looking a lot, lot clearer and more positive. In all I did three readings on different people and am amazed at her accuracy. I just can't thank her enough for what what she has shown and advised me and will no doubt be updating her as and when I have time. I also just wanted to say to everybody out there that Kia is absolutely amazing, spot on, no lies and tells you how it is. She is very positive and can pick up on negative vibrations, if there are any as well as positive so please all you guys out there, this lady is amazing and will help you advise on whatever situation and or crisis you are going through. I have spoken to Kia time and time again and believe me she is worth every penny. Thank-you Kia for an absolutely amazing spot on reading, your a star, the brightest.
Charlene Roberts from London on 01/05/2016

Great to talk to

Felt comfortable talking with her and asking questions. She seemed pretty in tune with how I was feeling and my current situation. What she picked up about other people was pretty relevant. Kia seemed very I felt I could trust what she was saying. Sorry Kia, my minutes ran out and I couldn't top up. Thank you for your help :)
Amanda from Sydney on 18/04/2016

A big thank you

Thank you Kia for helping me shed light in to a very confusing situation. Sorry our call was interrupted. You have been a great help. Blessings
Donatella from Australia on 13/04/2016


Kia can't thank you enough for giving me the clarity I have needed! Your a lovely person I have had a few readings with you and you always give me the uplifting readings! Your on top of my list with a few of the other readers on here thanks again talk soon luv J xxoo
J from A on 12/04/2016

Wonderful reading, thank you. Scarily accurate xx
T from London from on 09/04/2016


Kia is an amazing reader. I have tried a few on the site and she is the best I have ever had. She picked up the person I wanted to talk about without asking one question. She spoke of the past and what the future holds and was very accurate. Truly gifted. Thank you Kia xx
Audrey from Scotland on 13/03/2016


Thanks Kia for an uplifting reading you picked up on my situation straight away without asking any questions! Your a lovely reader just wish your predictions come true.....xxoo
J from A on 09/03/2016


Once again a fantastic reading!! Thankyou Kia! Will keep you updated!! Xo
Deb from Alice Springs Australia on 07/03/2016


Thank you so much Kia, amazing! Sorry we got cut off. I will call you again. Blessings
Donatella from Australia on 21/02/2016


Really good connection - did not need to ask questions thank you Kia for reassuring me :-)
Phil from Wiltshire on 15/02/2016

lovely reading

Thank you for a lovely reading and chat. Picked up on the situation straight away and didn't ask questions. Felt like I was talking to someone I had known for a long time. Sorry my time ran out xx
Jacqueline from Scotland on 13/02/2016

Amazing!! A hundred stars!!

So Sorry!!the call dropped out:-( Thankyou Kia. You are truly amazing, just as the callers before me, also said. Keep you posted xo
Deb from Alice Springs Australia on 04/02/2016

Spot on!

Kia is absolutely delightful. She was spot on with my reading. Picked up on my situation very quickly. Her reading made things much clearer for me. Will definitely call Kia again! Thank you Kia N from London
London from London on 02/02/2016

First Class

I have just come off of a reading with this lady, she was so warm and affectionate it's unbelievable. I did not tell her anything about my situation and she picked up absoultely everything. Unfortunately my minutes ran out on my calling card and tried to call her back but she had logged off. She is an amazing lady and I wish her the very best and am just sorry that the call was disconnected through no faults of any of us. An amazing lady. Thank-you very much Kia, your a star.
Charlene from London on 31/01/2016


So much detail and information given, I will definitely call Kia again. Thankyou :-) x
M from Cheshire on 28/01/2016


Very supportive and understanding. Would recommend her to anyone feeling really confused as she gets to the heart of the matter quickly
Anna from London on 17/01/2016


Kia is a very detailed in depth reader and provides quite specific timescales. Really enjoyed my reading with her. Highly recommend this lovely lady x
Kay from UK on 16/01/2016

Best reader I've ever spoken to

Can't thank Kia enough for our chat last night. The only reader I've ever spoken to that instantly knew why I was calling without any information. I'm now able to see everything in a more positive light and know I am now on the right road to success and happiness. Kia is straight up and honest which certainly isn't a bad thing. I'm excited to see what 2016 has in store for me and I know I will always look back To my conversation with Kia and have her to thank for it. You do a brilliant job Kia and if you can help many people in the way you've helped me then you are the most incredible lady Ill ever have the pleasure to speak too.
Sophie from UK on 05/01/2016

Boxing Day 15

First time talk in wish cud of chatted longer x Easy to talk with she listens and explains everything Thank you x def chat again soon can see why she's busy
Carol from Uk on 26/12/2015

Kia is a very good reader I would recommend her she picks up on your situation immediately and gives you good insight you feel the çonnection.
Dee from London on 23/12/2015


I have just come off the phone and i tried to give a review and i have just realized that is had gone through but would like to very much give a second one. Kia is just so amazing, I can't believe how accurate she really is and I am so, so happy that she has helped me to move forward in my life when I thought that my situation was a standstill. Thank-you very much Kia and again have a wonderful xmas and a happy new year.
Charlene from London on 18/12/2015


I find the things Kia picks up to be scarily accurate I look forward to seeing if she I right as it would seem she has been in the past please give her a try. I'm someone who has no hope and although I do tarot myself still find myself being very skeptical
sabina from on 01/12/2015

Very good

Thanks Kia everything made sense and I'm grateful for your super psychic interpretations. Really hope it all comes to fruition like you saw!
Anna from Lewes on 25/11/2015

Spot on

I have just had a reading with this lady and I am astonished as to the accuracy of her reading. She picked up on the situation straight away, discussed everything and confirmed everything that was happening. An amazing lady who made me very happy. She is a diamond shining like a light through a dark tunnel and wish her the very best. Thank-you Kia, your a star.
Spot on from London on 22/11/2015

Spot on - Amazing

I have just had a reading with Kia lady and I am astonished as to the accuracy of her reading. She picked up on the situation straight away and discussed everything before I confirmed what was happening. Am amazing lady who made me very happy. She is a diamond showing like a light through a dark tunnel and wish her all the very best. Thank-you Kia - Your a star.
Charlene Roberts from London on 18/11/2015

Great reader

Kia connected Immediately to my situation and I never even told her a thing. Genuine warm person. Will definitely call her again. Thank you Kia.
Claire from Lancashire on 13/11/2015

Had a good reading today, Kia is a lovely person and picked up on things. Will definitely call her backx
Laura from Manchester on 30/10/2015
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Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will more
I am an intuitive tarot and oracle card reader whose spiritual awareness and premonitions began at the age of 6. I further developed my gift around spiritual healing and have not only assisted people over the years but also animals as well, includin more
I've been reading tarot cards for over 30 years; I've studied astrology, crystal healing, runes, angel oracles and the ancient Chinese art of I ching. Tarot can answer your most perplexing questions I will give honest observations and clarity where n more