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Live Reader Profile: Nona

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"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 3378

I'm a loving empathic tarot card reader. My intuition is strong. Let me read for you today. I'll give you the tools you need in love, family, friendship. I have your answers! When you choose me i'll send you healing energy and I will give you answers you need in any situation. I trust my tarot cards and with this I get messages from spirit and nothing more is needed. PIN: 3378
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Great reading indeed!

Thank you - you picked up what I was waiting to hear... Well connected and beautifully spoken with good info coming through. Real deal..
Lyn from o/s on 06/05/2018

Had a lovely reading

Very uplifting reading from Nona. Gives me a lot of confidence to move forwards. Also very accurate.
Very nice lady from Australia on 05/05/2018


Thank you Nona You really calmed me down and made me see things more rationally .great advice and very spot on in both areas we talked about ..Thank you x
Julie from Midlands on 03/05/2018

Not feeling myself and worrying about things. She made me feel better and point out what I should do and let me know how the other person is thinking of me. Love it
Hayley from England on 01/05/2018


such a lovely person, knew my situation straight away . thank you so much!
Anisha from london on 25/04/2018

Lovely reading with Nona, very good with picking up the man in question, hair, eye, skin colour. Validations were very good.
from on 25/04/2018

Thank you

Spoke to Nona a few times, lovely lady. Spot on with my situation, thank you
Claire from Edinburgh on 16/04/2018

I took your advice!

I had a reading With Nona earlier today.. and followed her advice (as hard as it is) I've sent the text and now preparing for radio silence. I will def call again and update if the predictions come to pass. Thank you so much for helping me and calming me down. It was a pleasure to talk to you.
Stacey from Australia on 05/03/2018

Real Reader

Yes I love it! Great reading from Nona. She was bang on the money with descriptions of person and other validations. She is humble and she cares as a reader. I do have high expectations being a reader myself and this lady met every single one of them. She has made my day and gave me an honest and realistic reading with good solid information that she could not have known. Thank you lovely xxx
from Edinburgh on 02/03/2018

What happened?

My first reading was great but second was a complete letdown. Sorry but all these glowing reviews and yet my 2nd reading did not make any sense and completely different to the first one.
Clairey from Hampshire on 26/02/2018

Accurate, Friendly

Thanks Nona. We got cut off for the second time around. I'm very grateful for your super accurate, kind and compassionate reading. You are straight to the point and your calm and bubbly manner has helped me to be more positive and proactive. I look forward to the fulfillment of your predictions and will leave another review. Love and light.
J from UK on 26/02/2018

Love her

Love Nona she is an amazing women and so sweet. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but delivers her readings with compassion and humor. Thank you lovely I will be in touch x
Kerry from Uk on 23/02/2018

What a reader exceptional

Had a reading it was sureal everything was spot on and precise.all the things that were said were so true and genuine no wasting minutes straight in with happenings and outcomes hope to speak soon if i can get hold of you . You are a piece of coal changing into a diamond you will be so hard get hold of soon . Thankyou xx
Paul from Midlands on 09/02/2018

Thank you

You are amazing reader and like the other reviews the reading was spot on and connected great. She picked up the other person great like she was in there mind an I gave 4 stars as I'm awaiting predictions and I know they will. Thank you x
Dorothy from North Yorkshire on 08/02/2018

Incredible psychic ability

Nona was so good at picking up my situation and not only that, she described my partners physical appearance and his habits like she knows him. She also told me the date of my wedding without me saying. I hadn’t even told anyone at that point and she got it spot on. Wonderful insight and psychic abilities try her I was astounded!
from on 05/02/2018

Spot On!!!

Nona is absolutely fantastic. She picked up on my situation quickly and gave me a lot of information.
V from on 30/01/2018

Thank you

Such a lovely spirit will talk again soon
Jade from M on 22/01/2018


Thank you.. i feel much better after talking to you Nona your Fab and i will let you know when your prediction unfolds. Thank you hunny xxxx
Mx from Anon on 13/01/2018


Such a caring soul was spot on with everything and blown away with it all and made me start to rethink my life can't wait to speak again thank you xxxxxx
philip from lincolnshire on 09/01/2018

general reaading

absolutely spot on. my reading today was totally on the mark. She had everything down to a T. Will definitely be calling her again, Still having a giggle about team ex husband, Thank you Nona you have a wonderful gift, was enjoyable talking with you xox
naomi from australia on 08/01/2018

Im Speechless nona I kept remembering your words your bloody astonishing THANK YOU x
from on 05/01/2018

Depressed husband!

Absolutely spot on!!! I’m gonna take ur advice (even if it’s a little hard!) and hopefully it works
Evelyn from Uk on 28/12/2017

Thank u so sweet and uplifiting ur reading was bang on thnks!
Tee from on 27/12/2017

The best on this site!

OMG!!! This lady is truly a breath of fresh air! What a gift! I've been going completely mad of late and she brought up things I had no idea about! I feel like she definitely knew what was going on in the minds of the ones closest to me. I love you Nona! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!! Xxxxxxx
Sarah from Australia on 09/12/2017


What an enthusiastic, caring, lovely girl. Her description of the person I asked about was spot on, and of the circumstances. Will see if what she predicts comes to pass — I hope so. Amazing Nona. I will let you know as promised. Take care xx
Lola from Uk on 08/12/2017

Spot on

Amazing reading i felt much better after I spoke to you thanks
27/11/17 from United Kingdom on 27/11/2017


very nice reading and attractive too, hope to catch up with you soon thank you very much Marcus
Marcus Timothy Smith from Scotter Near Scunthorpe on 24/11/2017

Amazingly Good

My first reading with Nona and it won’t be my last either. I gave her no information and she got the person in question/situation down to a T! Really impressed with her reading abilities! X
Clairey from Hampshire on 18/11/2017

Five ⛤'s

Nona is amazingly gifted ... one week later the things Nona told me are coming to light I feel blessed I found you Thank you. You beautiful soul Amy xx
Kiki from Uk on 17/11/2017

Best reader by far

Nona was amazing she knew so much without me giving any information it felt like she was a fly on the wall in my life. Her energy was so positive and uplifting it gave me clarity in what to do in my relationship. I will update as the next few months pass. But without a doubt this woman is beautiful and amazingly intune. I would recommend her to anyone seeking clarification and guidance. She restored my faith and now I feel strong enough and safe enough to show patience thank u so much Nona x
Laura from Halesowen on 10/11/2017

Great first reading

This Lady was,so sweet and I picked up straight away her attitude to help and her voice was calming I recommend this reader and look forward to speaking to her once more thank you highly recommended xxx
Jeff from West Yorkshire on 06/11/2017

,accurate reader

I think Nona connected with me right away and was precise and comforting.
Monument from Scotland on 06/11/2017


I calld nona earlier today for a relationship reading and she was abs amazing she new everythn i dodn tell her anythn.. cometly spot on... shes amazing xxx
Barbara from Norther ireland on 03/11/2017

My favourite reader

Nona has a lovely aura, very calm, polite and gives fab readings. This lady is so intune it's insane, I'm a reader myself and have to give this nona 100% for accuracy. Call Nona now coz in two months it will be hard to get through to her.
Anon from Uk on 01/11/2017

Straight to the point, very positive & calming Will update when/if predictions come true
A from North West on 01/11/2017

Thank you beautiful soul!!!

I have just come off of a reading with Nona and she is absolutely amazing. She picked up the energy straight away and advised me on what to do. I just wanted to say thank-you very much for Nona insight, she was a great help and a lovely, lovely lady. Thank-you,your amazing.
Flavia from Leeds on 01/11/2017
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