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Live Reader Profile: Zara

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"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 3157

I started reading tarot cards 25 years ago inspired by a psychic lady I was amazed by the way the cards could give insight and guidance, I continued to develop in tarot, meditation and psychic development, following a wonderful and interesting path. I use my gifts to guide and assist people on their journey. I work with positive energies to lift the spirit. My objective is to give a positive empathic reading. Always I work in love and light. PIN: 3157
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I'm NOW on the right path!

Thanks Zara! You've saved me months, maybe years of angst! Zara is so gifted and what's more she "gets it." Ring her...she'a diamond x
Ronnie from Berkshire on 15/05/2018


Extremely talented and delightful to talk to. xx
Mandy from Cheshire on 11/05/2018


She is extraordinarily accurate. When she suddenly gets images that means they will happen. Didn’t have the chance to thank you Zara. Will meditate on the matter as u suggested, love and light x
Baha from Uk on 22/02/2018

Very acurate

Told me it’s been a long split and she was right , gave me a time we will get back and it’s the same timing as the other top readers , also picked up on a new business , which I am just about to start , I gave very little information and she gave me non stop valuable information , I’ve had lots of readings and I know now who is gifted & Zara is definitely gifted .
Dc from Uk on 29/01/2018

Thank you for understanding beyond the call of duty! Xxx
Julie from North on 25/01/2018


I called for advice with my partner and she told me to pack a suitcase and he would be picking me up and taking me to NZ within hours. She said 100% I am never wrong. Well I am still in Australia.
Kate from Melbourne on 25/01/2018


I’ll shuffle the cards, tell me when to stop. No shuffling. When I said stop she immediately started telling me Life was difficult at the mo. Didn’t even pretend to lay out a spread. I put the phone down......
Tracie from Uk on 17/01/2018


Sorry I lost signal on my mobile thank you fo a lovely reading hope it all comes right love and light xx
Carol from Somewere on 11/01/2018

Clear, accurate and insightful

Thank you for the very helpful info giving reasons for delay - allows me to be patient with reason. Plenty of validating info - great connection and reassuring reading. Thanks a million
Lynda from Perth on 01/01/2018

100% amazing

Brilliant connection. Outstanding reading 100% believable very accurate information. Would recommend and will come back x
Sandra from UK on 20/12/2017


This lady has such a beautiful way of reading, she is genuine kind and compassionate. Spot on!! Worth every second! Thank you for today Zara! Sorry we got cut off xxx
Helanah from Y on 15/12/2017

Quality reading

Gave me the info that will help me to move forward with confidence and a smile. Many thanks
Lynda from Perth on 06/12/2017

OMG 10 Star Reader !

You Zara are simply amazing. You brought me to tears bringing my Twin Sister through. Got cut off abruptly and didnt get a chance to say thank you. That was a very special reading. I know a real reader being one myself and OMG you are just brilliant at what you do. Keep up the good work xxx
from on 14/11/2017


Thank you so much for all the clarity. I felt like I was speaking to a friend. You are amazing, God bless you.
A from LEICESTER on 10/11/2017

Really good

Do ring Zara! She is lovely and amazingly good. Really insightful and accurate but also calming and reassuring. Fantastic, thankyou!
eve from northampton on 07/11/2017


She was great, I must say, I was quite reserved. She used her cards and gift well.Thank YOu. Zara
Clare from UK on 21/07/2017

real deal

Lovely lady to talk with spot on and fantastic reader
lainey from scotland on 16/03/2017


Wow wow u are amazing she was in my head thank u speak to u soon xx
Sharon from West Midlands on 24/02/2017


She exposed my secret enemies and pulled me out of a world of trouble! I almost made the wrong choice and she gave me excellent clarity and insight! Im very emotional right now!
KATIANNA from USA on 20/02/2017

Got it all wrong

Spoken to Zara about a month in regards to a relationship. She advised that their will be no contact from this man & he definitely isn't coming back 100%. We'll guess what their was contact & his back & wanting to work things out. Sorry Zara but I think you where having a off day coz what you said was the totally opposite..
S from Australia on 16/02/2017

Off the mark

Last year Zara told me long termrelationship would be with a Scorpio and we would develop further in the latter half of the year . Well today she told me it would be a Leo so I am really confused and timelines had changed . Unfortunately got cut off so I couldn't ask
M from Hertfordshire on 26/01/2017

Accurate and VERY Nice

Accurate about the person in question and states that he will continue to pursue things and after a couple months things will settle down...I will keep you updated! Thanks for the support.
DCV from New York on 28/11/2016

Quick and ACCURATE

Zara is such wonderfully gifted reader- She is empathic and psychic and can really hone in on the person's feelings. Excellent reading and such a sweet person!... loved laughing with you! :)
Debbie from New York on 10/11/2016


Even when I didnt see possibilities she was so sure. So far theyre coming true. Can't believe it!
Anya from London on 02/11/2016

Amazing reader ?

Zara sorry that we got cut off i wll call again with news. Thank-you for you accurate and spot on reading no questions asked. Thank-you for having a laugh with me. I cannot believe he text me whilst on the call to you. he sent a reply message saying i brought another fit bit but thanks anyway. Lol The things we do for love. You are an amazing reader that dosent ask any questions yet confirmed everything. Peace love and light to you xxoo
Kristie-Maree from Melbourne,Victoria,Australia on 12/10/2016

Prediction has come to pass

I asked Zara about a particular gent back in April and she quickly informed me that he was a complete time waster who just wanted to play mind games. He did cut contact as predicted and I didn't chase as she wisely advised. Bit gutted but not surprised thanks to Zara. Will be calling her again soon for an update xx
Cathy from South England on 11/08/2016


Zara is amazing, pick up on my situation straight away! Amazing lady, calm, and very sweet! Unfortunately I got cut off as my minutes finished! I will be ringing you again in 6 to 8 weeks to let you know about my situation. You are the one I will be ringing from now on Thank you x
Celia from England on 13/07/2016

Fantastic connection

Really quality reading - good validations, and excellent insights. Very, very good. Thank you.
Lynda from Oz on 08/06/2016

Great Reading

Thank you so much.. A great reading, you were spot on and things are much clearer. I'm looking forward for the future events to unfold.
Carol from London on 08/06/2016

Great Reading

Thank you so much f
Carol from London on 07/06/2016


Thanks very much Zara for my reading your a lovely reader and have given me so much hope to carry on when I have been feeling so low I will take one day at a time like you said and I know things will work out like they should thanks a million xxoo
J from A on 05/05/2016

21 st april

Had a 40 min readin yesterday n cud of talked for longer , picked up instantly wat is goin on around me . Said same as other readers n will def ring back wen it comes to past x thank u
Carol from Uk on 22/04/2016

Top class reader! You will be amazed

Zara is magical. Very accurate reader. Quick, to the point, super bubbly and funny as hell! Totally loved my reading. Read my life like an open book. Even though my situation is pretty troubling, she managed to deliver clarity, humour and SANITY back into my life. Thanks for being so very honest about my ex. She's the only one who could see that I will be over him for good. Really hoping that I'll get the peace and abundance sooner than you'd anticipated but that will be down to me! :) This woman is a true gift from God. If you feel confused and alone - she's the one to call! Xxx
Sophie from Uk on 16/04/2016

Always amazing!! ????

Each reading is a gift with Zara. Positive. Reassuring. You just come of the phone knowing everything is going to be just fine!???? Will be back in touch in a month xo
Deb from Alice Springs Australia on 11/04/2016

Spot on!

Zara, you are absolutely delightful. Loved your reading. Everything that you have told me about my past was spot on. Look forward to seeing what the future holds. Will definitely call again. 31/03/16
N from London from London on 08/04/2016


Thank you for my love reading earlier this morning. Feeling very positive about what's to come. Many thanks J x
Jess from on 06/04/2016

Calming and insightful

Very direct and lovely. She leaves you with a feeling of hope and she even said one statement which bought this together and yes left me with the feeling of patience is the key. Thank you and loved the spiritual guidance and discussion helped me to see I'm evolving and calmed my fears. Thank you so much you are a beautiful soul
Julie from Australia on 08/03/2016


Zara just as you did before, you have reassured me xo Positive!! Reassuring!! So much to look forward to! Will keep in touch xo
Deb from Alice Springs Australia on 23/02/2016

Another amazing reading!

Zara is a very lovely lady honest and caring and tells you how it is talking to Zara is like having a chat with a close friend .Zara predicted something for me recently and her prediction was correct and came to pass.i will be back to update as everything unfolds.thank you again. love and light Karen x x
karen from west yorkshire on 20/02/2016

Amazing!! A hundred stars ????!!

I will without a doubt be in touch as things progress! Zara you made me smile & completely trust!! I cannot wait for the exciting & wonderful year ahead!! Xx
Deb from Alice Springs on 04/01/2016

real talk

Simply amazing,knew my job situation and love life so accurately and so much detail-she really knew me and I have never spoke to her before-her predictions are phenomenal but I believe it and look forward to them.
Dionne from london on 03/12/2015

Thank you Zara

Hi Zara Thank you for your love and guidence tonight. You knew I had a very "heavy heart" but you also gave me re assurance that my "new" relationship with my life partner will bring me lots of love and happiness. I am really looking forward to my everyday!.. Thank you for the beautiful, calming and peaceful reading. Sending you lots of light and love. Thank you!!! Girl33, Australia
Girl33 from Australia on 12/11/2015

Amazing reading!!!

Thank you Zara you were correct with so much and everything you said...i hope the predictions you made come true i am so looking forward to it happening. i will be in touch again soon thanks again. love and light karen x
Karen from Leeds,west yorks on 09/11/2015

lovely lady ?

Zara was lovely...connected straight away and picked up my situation regarding a man which is tricky. Look forward to my predictions i'm sure they will happen. Very happy lady :-)
Gemma from York on 03/11/2015

Fab !

I had few reading in past but I must say this one was one of my favourite ! She is great ! Not time waster just strait to the point ! She told me stuff that was accurate without any questions . I would definitely call again when I need an advice ! Thank you Zara
Martina from Uk on 12/10/2015

Amazing just doesn't cut it...this lady is phenomenal

Zara is by far the best reader I have had. Straight to the point, spot on and gracious! I have had many readings over my lifetime as I am quite spiritually gifted myself and there are only 2 people in this world that I give my utmost highest recommendation to and Zara is now one of them. WOW doesn't even describe it. You have to give this lady a go...unbelievable. Thank you so so much xxx
Julie from Melbourne, Australia on 07/10/2015

10 Stars WOW

Blowen away accurate connected straight away to my situation gave info that only i know even described a loved one who walks with me that only I know brilliant accurate insight for now future amaxing positive reading the real deal great gift lovely positive reader spot on love and light
Penny from Reading on 06/10/2015


Connected to me and a situation within seconds. No messing about with this lady straight to the point and details flowed. Only had a 20 minute reading, was going to top up another 20 but seemed to have told me everything she needed to in short space of time. The only slight negative is that I got the cue the reading had come to an end which was a pity as I wanted to talk to her for longer....
Karen from

Wonderful lady

The reading I got from Zara was incredible, she took my breath away with her accuracy. I suffer from insecurity bouts and she lifted me up and gave me back the inner belief to succeed. Thank you Zara and speak to you very soon, you are an angel.
Shelly Adams from Belper

SUPERB 5 Stars

Zara is a really great 5 star reader. I highly recommend anyone having a reading with her. She changed my life, Superb!
Pamela Green from Brisbane

Relationship Reading

Just like to say a big thank you to Zara for being the one person I could speak to when my heart was broken and i could see no future. With your words of wisdom I now have a brighter outlook and just having someone there to talk who did not judge me was exactly what the doctor ordered!Talk soon Kathy
Ms Kathleen Cobb from Huntington


Wow Zara is a very calming reader connects straight away giving you insight on the now and where u be in the future!! She described myself and character and all people and situations in my life and how it work out!! POSITIVE UPLIGHTING ACCURATE READER I WOULD RATE THIS LADY 10STARS AND 1 BEST ON HERE
Angel wings from Berks

Lovely lady, so precise

I must say I chose Zara because of her picture and she didn't disappoint. As well as beauty of looks, she has an inner beauty and power that shone through in the reading I received. Her kind and caring manner is second to none, but her great strength was the fact she could read my life like a book. She has given me a confidence boost with the answers she passed over to me from the spirit world. Thank you Zara, you are a lovely lady
Geoff from Oxford
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