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Live Reader Profile: Susanna

Trusted Psychics Reader Susanna - 2998
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"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 2998

I have been a practising Psychic readings for thirty years and I am able to see the future by reading tarot cards, reading tea leaves and looking through my crystal ball. I am a friendly soul and I am non judgemental within my readings. Call me for an insightful reading today. PIN: 2998
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Susanna's Personal Diary Feed

Susanna : 2998 : Logged Off

Hello everyone. I am minded to put up another piece on my diary page following a number of calls where the theme was, making changes to their lives. Many people have the misconception that psychics can wave a magic wand and everything will change in a heartbeat. I wish that was the case. Jobs just don't fall into the lap of the person looking for work. Qualifications are not suddenly acquired. Any change has to come from you. The desire for change and determination to succeed is the key to a better life. Love and light to you all and god bless you in your quest for change.

4 months ago

Susanna : 2998 : Logged Off

Hello everyone. I hope i find you all well. There is often a misconception that the grieving process is confined to losing someone close who has passed over, but the fact is that, grieving for a chapter in your life that has closed is also important. People often leave a relationship and move onto the next without allowing themselves sufficient time to grieve and then to heal. By going through that grieving and healing process, acceptance follows. Only then can you move on, and prevent yourself carrying your emotional baggage with you into future relationships. God bless you all.

5 months ago

Susanna : 2998 : Logged Off

Hello everyone. I enjoyed my two week break, and raring to go. During our lifetime, we make many mistakes, but regret is futile. We cannot turn the clock back. All we can do is learn from our mistakes. Put right any wrongs that may have been done, and ensure that from that day forward, we look back and remember the consequenses of our actions. Love to you all and god bless.

5 months ago

Susanna : 2998 : Logged Off

Hello everyone. I hope i find you well. Being selfless may be a virtue, but putting yourself first once in a while is not a crime. Turning off your phone and computer for a couple of hours a week and pampering yourself recharges the batteries. Learning to switch off. That is the key to your mental and physical well-being. I will be on a two week break from the 13th to the 30th of july, and if i don't get to speak to you next week, then i look forward to catching up with you when i return. Love and light to you all.

6 months ago

Susanna : 2998 : Logged Off

Hello everyone. I hope i find you well and enjoying the warm weather if you are in the uk. Meditation is the spiritual bread of life. It enables us to switch off from the chaotic lifestyle many of us lead, and it also enables us to tune in to our spiritual selves. Just five minutes a day could improve our mental well-being.

6 months ago

Questions and Answers with Susanna

What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I am able to advise customers on a number of issues but my strongest points are love and relationships and career prospects. I am very adept at using voice patterns to enhance my psychic abilities making it far easier to give a more spot on reading. I also use the Tarot Cards to assist me.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I was first aware of my abilities at the age of twelve. My Grandmother who was a Psychic helped and encouraged me to use my gift properly. I studied the Tarot Cards and learned how to read tea leaves, as I discovered that many clients expected this method of foretelling the future.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

The other skills I use are meditation, white noise generators and yoga which enhances and sharpens the senses, and I am an extremely good listener. I would love to talk to assist you unravel your life's mysteries.

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Lovely reader

5 Star Review
Thank you for the reading it was good and all my questions were answered.
Sue from Derbyshire on 29/11/2018


Absolutely amazing..taken my breathe away. I can't explain what gift this lady has. Didn't even ask for name or details just got straight into it. I was lucky to have got through to her.. Thankyou sooooo much for your time and advice. I will check back with you again
from on 29/11/2018

Can be trusted

I have had a few reading on this site and so many are way off the mark. Susanna is a breath of fresh air and can pick up on the complex situation and it's not guess work. She can validate and has a real connection. I would recommend this lady above the other readers. A lovely lady too.
Andrea from York on 14/10/2018


5 Star Review
Thank you, Susan. Happy anniversary! Spot on, doesn't waffle as doesn't need to do so. Got straight to the point, everything Susan mentioned made perfect sense. Thank you for being a Star!
A J from Cardiff on 14/09/2018


5 Star Review
Susanna - my god you are a busy women . I have spent days trying to get hold of you and finally made it tonight. You were brilliant, everything you said last week were absolutely spot on. I am eagerly waiting for the rest of your predictions or readings to come true . You are so easy to speak to and you make me feel relaxed and at peace and I truely feel like I have made a friend and not just a psychic reader. Thanks Shahana
Shahana from London on 08/09/2018


5 Star Review
Thank you so much Susanna! Your reading was absolutely spot on accurate, you are truly gifted and helped me significantly.
Susan from Australia on 06/09/2018

An angel!

5 Star Review
Susanna, Sorry we got cut of. Yet another incredible reading, it's like talking to someone I've known for many years. I do hope that the next time we talk my situation has improved as predicted. You are truly a beautiful kind soul and you are incredibly talented. Take care, talk soon!
Kristy from Australia on 01/09/2018

5 Star Review
Brilliant! Thank you.
from on 22/08/2018


Just had a brilliant reading with Susanna made me feel so relaxed , and better about myself. You are an angel thank you so much x
Maryum from Uk on 22/08/2018

Heart of Gold

5 Star Review
try her she truly cares and such a sweetheart and genuine. she never gets tired of the same callers and same questions and she does her best to keep you going ! love her xxxx
from on 13/08/2018

Susana is lovely !

5 Star Review
I’ve had an amazing reading with you Susana thank you so much you’ve made me feel 100% better about myself god bless you! And I will most definitely be in touch again xxxxxxxx
Ana from on 02/08/2018

gifted this one !

5 Star Review
Susanna my prophetic dreams are manifesting more and more. This Thursday I had a dream of being in a minor fender bender whilst on holiday with my family and on Saturday this happened during a family trip in wales luckily it was a minor one. I have also stated practising doing readings with the tarot and the soul connection is still difficult but I have no doubt that will unfold to and you told me to try to be patient and understanding. You are truly an inspiration. Also had a dream but not sure if a dream or a vision will call soon and thank you for all the help xxx
I'm back from on 17/07/2018

Better than most

5 Star Review
I cant hip enough praise on this lady. Her words have manifested like magic.
from on 13/07/2018

God send

5 Star Review
I spoke to Susanna in December 2017 and first thing she said was that I have prophetic dreams. I was shocked and didn't know what to say but she was definitely spot on. She told me to go to a spiritualist church and I will be finally taking the step this coming week. Further to this I am dealing with a spiritual connection and she has never waivered. If anyone is psychic or has a spiritual connection Susanna is one with all the answers. She is amazing and truly an angel
from on 28/06/2018

5 Star Review
I love talking to Susanna. She is quick, straight to the point and accurate in her readings. Does not waste your time nor waffle on unnecessarily.
from on 27/06/2018

Thank you

5 Star Review
Thank you so much xx
Donna from on 22/05/2018

Honest and caring. Would recommend.

5 Star Review
Thank you for the reading. was very troubled and couldn't sleep. My heart sank when you mentioned the Twin flames and strong connection. It seems to me like a horrible dreadful thing to be in. I didn't tell you in the reading, but it has been mentioned to me by other readers as well. I was somehow hoping it wasn't true. Thanks for your honesty and also the advice re spiritual healers and cutting ties.
w from London on 26/04/2018

thank u

5 Star Review
Hi Susanna! Apologies for cutting off and ending the call prematurely. Thank you for the reading - yes, I was very tense....I just don't understand how I can hve such strong feelig for someone yet he acted that way in the end , and also don't know what to believe and what not to believe anymore.
from on 17/04/2018

Thank you

5 Star Review
Loved speaking to her, spot on, gave predictions which I know will fine true. Speechless, thank you!
Claire from Edinburgh on 16/04/2018


5 Star Review
Wow absolutely spot on, thank you so much!
Claire from Edinburgh on 10/04/2018


5 Star Review
It was lovely to talk to you again and thank you so much for being so honest about my situation. I’ll keep you posted about 27th April
D from Australia on 10/04/2018

What a lovely lady

5 Star Review
Thank you Susanna, your reading has provided me with some comfort and reassurance that my gut instinct about an ex relationship is correct and that trying to get it back on track was right thing to do. I truly hope your predictions that we will get it back on track prove correct as that would make me one very happy lady. You were a pleasure to chat to x
O from London on 10/04/2018

Always outstanding and to the point. Susanna thank you. ps. No matter where, no matter what the weather, matters with whom because wherever you go always brings the sunshine. . Have a lovely holiday. x Warmly M.
from on 31/03/2018

Simply the best - always right!

5 Star Review
I call Susanna on a regular basis and she is just amazing. She told me last time we spoke to watch out for a particular guy whonis trying to get between me and the guy I adore. Because I call her so much and she knows my situation, I thought this particular advice was just guess work, as he stopped interfering awhile ago. Well, the very next day after we spoke, he made a scene and caused us to fall out! So Susanna really is superb
Anna from London on 28/03/2018

Susanna had picked up that I spoke to her previously. She is not only lovely to speak to but accurate and confident in her readings.
from on 28/03/2018

The greatest

5 Star Review
I love u Susanna!!!! Timing perfect ever time! You have pretty much saved my life as I was a mess in December, hospitalised and all. Now I feel I love who I am and I love life. You are a passionate kind lady who certainly amazes me every phone call and you never get tired of hearing from me. Thank u. U are an absolute blessing xxxx
Sarah from Australia on 24/03/2018


5 Star Review
Susanne is one of the most caring and brill readers i have spoke to very consistant and always spot on thanks hun keep up awesome work i b back to update xxxxxx AAAAA++++++++
Vicky from on 15/03/2018

Clear and honest answers. Does not sugarcoat or tries to keep you online. Worth every penny.
from on 02/03/2018

Very helpful

Gave a lot of clarity
Penelope from London on 08/02/2018

Always spot on

5 Star Review
Susanna sorry I got cut off and thank you. U felt how dissapointed and tired I am with a situation, I will come back for feedback if it happens as you said. X
Baha from Uk on 08/02/2018

M Yorkshire

5 Star Review
WOW !!! Thank you for such an in-depth reading. It was the best! It has helped so much in moving forward.
from on 03/02/2018

It happened as predicted!

Hi Susanna, this is the woman who kept calling you about a particular man. I called so many times you must have got sick of telling me exactly the same thing over and over again - i.e. that we will get things back on track. Well, the way things were it seemed quite impossible because we weren't even on speaking terms, but guess what... it happened! You are exceptional.
Anna from on 01/02/2018


5 Star Review
Thank you Susanna for the lovely reading and just explaining everything in detail. I will look forward to the predictions and will definitely call back x
Sara from Uk on 26/01/2018


5 Star Review
Have been speaking to suzanna for some time regarding a difficult situation she never ceases to amaze me with her insight. Thank you Suzanne you really are amazing x
Kerry from London on 26/01/2018

Found clarity here!

5 Star Review
Susanna was amazing! In tune with my situation and spot on! I am so thankful and grateful for this reading!
Dolly from Sydney on 18/01/2018


5 Star Review
Susanna, thank you ever so much for your advice and guidance, without any prompting or help this lady explained my situation exactly, very gifted, like everyone has said wow and amazing. Thank you Love and Light
simon from on 12/01/2018

Really insightful reader

5 Star Review
I really find Susanna fanstatic reader. She picks up on your situation quicky and accurately. She is also compassionate and caring and a beautiful soul. Thankyou x
Gerrie from Australia on 11/01/2018

A beautiful soul

5 Star Review
Susanna is my go to reader! She knows exactly who I am and can pick up on my situation when I call, she is incredibly talented and so very lovely! I recommend her 110% percent..
Kristy from Australia on 06/01/2018


5 Star Review
Another prediction has come true. This lady is truly amazing!!
A from on 03/01/2018

It was fairly bad

From the first minute she got it wrong to the last minute where she had to hang up. 6 mins waste
Bibi from London on 27/12/2017


Wow! Blew me away with what she saw and picked up. Give her a call!
M from Australia on 23/12/2017

I can't believe it!!!!

Suzanna you're a great reader and amazing listener but I promised that I would only give feedback if predictions came true....I am shocked!!! Two predictions came true and I swear I thought there's no chance given the complexity of the case. God bless you and your true psychic gift. Happy Xmas.
A from London on 22/12/2017


Kept trying to get a reading with susannah due to her reviews. She was fab. All can tell you what you want to hear but she had validations etc of what has been going on. Will let you know if predictions come through. Thank you so much.
S... from ..... on 13/12/2017

Predictions came true

Hi, i just wanted to say thank you. Your prediction came true. Thank you
Amreeta from Sydney on 17/11/2017

Gave me the help I needed and hit my ex on head

Thank you for talking to me tonight I needed abit of reasurrance that is get her back I'll be back if things happen like you said I'm hoping sooner than later be nice but positive thinking will help.
Danielle from Uk on 13/10/2017

beautiful lady

OMG amazing as always. Have been talking to Susanna for last 18 months and everything she said has been spot on. Susanna and her guide are second to none and I am so grateful to have found someone who truly understands what I am going through. Thank you!! x
anon from uk on 01/10/2017


Thank you for another great reading, instantly tuned in as always and very accurate and detailed.... Sorry we got cut off! I will come back for another update soon xx
Donna from London on 28/09/2017

Just perfect

I had second reading with Susanna and I felt like she is my friend.I asked her questions and she instantly answered them! What a wonderful reading, confident and truthful . I have consulted with many readers on this site and some of them were also good but with Susanna I felt a great connection . Just beautiful!
Ange from London on 26/09/2017

Love Love Love this lady!

I love this lady! Everytime I call all I have to do is say hello and she knows it's me! Not that I call that often! She has helped me so much and given me clear and new information everytime we have a reading regarding my ex! I have no doubt her predictions will come to pass! Call this lady you will not be dissapointed in the slightest! The Best!!!!
Luke from Kenf on 23/09/2017


Susanna is an amazing lady. So kind caring and so accurate with what she sees and feels happening around me. She has helped me so much during a tough period in my life and I can't thank her enough. Would thoroughly recommend a reading with her
Anon from on 15/09/2017

Early Mornin 2sept

Thank u lovely reader picked up both situations amazingly , good validations , sorry dint say thank u before time ran out . Def ring ya back for longer reading . One of the better readers on here def 10 out of 10 . Don't understand negative reviews . Cheers again for the giggles as well
Carol from Notts on 02/09/2017


Susanna is very comforting, and extremely intuitive. She is very accurate, and very detailed. You really helped me today. I can't wait for your predictions to manifest. God bless....
Za from Australia on 17/08/2017

Thank you Susanna!

You picked up such nuanced details, it's very obvious to me that you have a real gift. Thank you so much, you were kind, understanding, and gave me hope for a very difficult situation. I would highly reccomend. Love and light
Gemini from Somewhere on 12/08/2017

Wise lady

Susanna is a pleasure to speak to. Lovely gentle soul
A from East Sussex on 11/08/2017


This woman is so spot on it's scary. If she tells you run, run. I've had numerous readings with her and everything came to pass exactly like she said and in the time frame she said it would. She is among the selected few I want to talk to now. You won't be disappointed.
Arlene U from US on 10/08/2017

Spot on!!

I had an amazing reading with Susana!! She was excellent and spot on! She knew exactly the position I was currently in & even knew where I wanted to be. She said the same thing that Alex & Amir said to me. I would strongly recommend her. Xx
B from Leicester on 05/08/2017


Beautiful lady who gives very truthful readings, not sure why she even has negative feedback as I very much recommend her.. Looked in all areas I needed in great depth.. Lovely having a reading from you xx
Fallon from Lancashire on 03/08/2017

Love Susanna to bits

Susanna is a wonderful and very caring person I have had a few readings with her now and without her help and support I would be lost Susanna is the only one I try talk too I have had a couple of other readings from others but just wasn't the same I click really well with Susanna and she has been spot on with what I have asked ...again without Susanna guidence and support I'd be lost...
N from Aust on 02/08/2017

Can't get enough...

Susanna is my go to girl!!! So nice to have someone that knows you and understands you and can guide you with gentle gloves at times like right now!!!
B from USA on 02/08/2017

Nice lady

I have been talking to Susanna for months now she has been accurate and spot on her readings and validations which has come true. Thank you Susanne for your help. Will keep you update. ❤
Evie from London on 02/08/2017

Thank you for another spot on reading

Just to let you that every you memtion in the last reading as come to pass with mybhouse movenow coming closer thank you scott,and also the add point you also so spot on and valued
Scott from Essex on 01/08/2017

Thank you!!

Thank you for an uplifting and wonderful reading. I feel a lot better now and will call again very soon. xx
G from Kent on 31/07/2017


I take great exception to the last review on Susanna. We have spoken on numerous occasions, and she is accurate in every detail. The psychics on this line can be on shift for up to eight hours, so is it any wonder they sometimes find it difficult to connect, especially if callers are obstructive, rude and negative.
Sally. from Yorkshire. on 28/07/2017

made it up

Don't waste your money as she is pants, Asks questions then based answers on them. Definitely not for me.
sammy from London on 22/07/2017


What a great reading and so spot lovely to speak with. I look forward to seeing what comes of my life in the days ahead...thank you so much! I will definitely be back!
B from USA on 21/07/2017


This lady is amazing.very accurate with current situation. Can't wait for predictions to happen and I know they will. Thanks a million Susanna you are a star xxx
A from Surrey on 01/07/2017

Sue,i have many many readings ,she asalways give spot on readings,very careing,and very good a listing meaning that she is very concidate to what mood you are in weather happy or sad,i have had a t least 7,8,readings always come ture,and to say she not good ,i feel is acase of some one not being able to here what they want to here as much as we all want,all hopes and plans to come ture sadly people have to except that so e times this not the case or that porhaps there to negitive for the read to turn in !that happens sometimes i fesl sue is very very good see by her reviews and wby people come back that are will to except life is not ways going to go our way,i hight recoment sue isone of the est on livelines and acadit to them,and takes her time to expslain her readings and is very gental,with people that ring thank you sue for all your help highly recommnd sue ,, a hiden gen!
Scott from East london on 29/06/2017

Beautiful soul so accurate! !!!!

I have sent a couple of reviews but they haven't been up here. Anyway love you susanne you are so amazing and accurate some predictions have unfolded and i know the others will this is as you said my final destination with my soul mate it has taken 25 years of soul searching spiritual journeys but it was all worth it with ni regrets especially meeting my beautiful man with the most beautiful soul. Blessings love and light you are one amazing lady!!!!!!
R from AUSTRALIA on 14/06/2017

Beautiful soul so accurate! !!!!

What an amazing lady what a beautiful soul 100000 % amazing and so accurate soothing beautiful voice. Predictions have come true so far and waiting for the rest to unfold. I am a spiritual reader and lightworker and needed validation as sometimes its diffucult to look at your own life and use your intuition for your own personal life. This lady read my current love life and the beginnings of my new relationship so accurately i cried. Blessings love and light and continue your amazing work
R from AUSTRALIA on 14/06/2017

Got it all wrong

So much guesswork and too general of a reading. She bases her answers from your response. Got the situation with a guy totally wrong. She threw in something around paying tax or rebate lol sounds like she's throwing darts just to see which one will stick. If this review doesn't get posted I totally get it, because you have a tendency to only post the positive reviews
Amy from London on 06/06/2017

Spot on

I don't know if predictions r right will update next month but everything about my situation was spot on . Susanne fud ask a few questions but only to check and get validation She had some strong prediction going forward which r the same as other readers but seem impossible to me. She struck yo what she saw and felt snd did not change even when I twisted and turned snd asked how could that be. Fingers crossed she is right .
S s from Uk on 31/05/2017

Thank you

Thank you so much for a brilliant reading like always. It's nice to see that you predictions happening. Not only are you a good reader but a lovely person ❤️
Rihanna from Uk on 26/05/2017

Extremely satisfied 10/10

Thank you Susanna for the reading. She was brilliant! Explained my situation within 10 mins. I was extremely satisfied as I didn't have to ask her anything and she just told me how it is. Everything was spot on and hoping the predictions come true. I will definitely be calling back soon. :)
M from U.K. on 23/05/2017

Lovely lady

I've been speaking to Susanna since she joined and I've always enjoyed my reading. It's been a rollercoaster for my particular sitiation but she is so calm and reassuring and happily repeats herself for me. The reading doesn't change so I believe what is to happen. Susanna is one of my favourites. Thank you for being patient x
Navpreet from London on 13/05/2017


Spoken to this lovely lady a few times now and she is naturally gifted. Her predictions and timings are very accurate and she is very politely spoken. No waffling straight to the point without using any tools just natural pysic ability. Give her a call you will not be disappointed.
Sue from Middlesex on 28/04/2017


He text me like you said , I spoke to you Tuesday night you said he would text me Easter he did . Hope all the other things happen as you said thank you
Julie from Norfolk on 17/04/2017

A true friend.

Susanna has guided me through a few difficult journey with me over the past few weeks regarding a breakup. She never fails to lift up my spirits and to bring me reassurance. She is truly a gifted and genuine person who is even gently about telling you thing you might not want to hear. I can literally talk to her for hours as if I'm talking to my own mother or best friend. Her voice and demeanor is so calming and comfortable. She is definitely worth the wait to get through to her'! Xoxo xox- malia
Malia from United States on 16/04/2017

Lovely person

I have been thinking trouble today with lots of different things going wrong in my life. But speaking to you may me fill much better. Thank you so much for that helen
Helen from Southwick on 08/04/2017

Lovely gentle reader

Susanna I see that my last review is over a year ago, and I'm not sure the last time you read for me, but you were lovely, kind, accurate in describing the person and the circumstances and wasted no time. Thank you for your insight. Lovely that you said in a very sweet way "don't know why you called, as you know this already" - perhaps I do, but so lovely to be validated by someone like you. xx
Ires from Melbourne on 05/04/2017


Had to call you today Suzanna to tell you that the other days reading already came true. He was abroad as you mentioned. Also, talking about his ex's behaviour towards him is so true. You been spot on and make me feel so comfortable and at ease after speaking with you! Can't thank you enough! Talk soon! Lots of love x
P from London on 04/04/2017


I have been through a rough time recently and Suzanna was a great comfort. She didn't judge, listened and was gentle with her advice. I'll be calling her again I am sure xx
A J from London on 17/03/2017

Just gorgeous

Sorry Susana I got cut off!! It was so nice send reaffirming to speak with you. Everything you said rang true and I'm grateful for your time and abilities. Thank you xx
Jackie from Australia on 11/03/2017

Incredible lady

Susanna is my go to lady for a readying, she is always incredible accurate and picks up on my situation straight away. I hope your predications come true and I look forward to speaking with you again soon!
Kristy from Australia on 08/03/2017


Great lady picked up straight away matters concerning Work. As this was within first few seconds of reading and ive been thinking of nothing but work and an important decision - this lady has a gift! Looking forward to the future and im just hoping that work will improve as sussana suggests.
Jonathan from Leeds on 25/02/2017


Asked me if im in a relationship i said "sort of". Then asked me if he's blowing hot and cold. Just too general for me. Sorry i cut the reading short, but a start like that gives me no validation x
from on 19/02/2017

10 out of 10

Thank you for a lovely reading and chat, you was very accurate and extremely encouraging and helpful in my decision with my next step. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Carrie xxx
Carrie from Bedford on 18/02/2017

Real Reader

Spoke to this lady at 5am 17 Feb could not sleep and she gave me good validations and of course predictions. She is straight to the point and just gets on with the reading. Being a reader myself I can highly recommend this lady, you are in safe hands here. Thanks Susanna x
from Scotland on 17/02/2017

Accurate wise beautifully spoken

Susan was very accurate gentle and very much a lady . She used her skills but spoke with such wisdom and great advice. Will definitely call again Thankyou. X
Roxanne Mitchell from Melbourne on 18/01/2017

Spot on and very intuitive

A great reading and picked up straight away on the situation and confirmed what other readers have been able to also see. She is the real deal and very lovely to talk to. There is no fluff with her, you get honest answers delivered beautifully. Looking forward to my future oxxo
Julie from Australia on 29/09/2016


I love this lady!!'
Avni from West Midlands on 17/09/2016


Insightful and encouraged me to believe in myself and also told me to continue on my path. She told me that i am realistic and practical and she sensed that I was definately fine to be so passionate and have that self belief and it will happen and it will be more than I can imagine. She seemed to pick up on things and reassured me it will be worth it in the end as long as I follow my heart and I believe...She never gave times or dates just said it will happen just continue forward being me and trusting myself. Thanks lovely lady x
Julie from Australia on 16/09/2016

Very caring , accurate and sensitive

Great reader with lots of validations and told me the honest outcome for my predicament. Thanks Suzanne
Josie from Uk on 17/08/2016

Special lady

Susanna is a true friend, caring, and helpful in ways I can't even express. She has supported me in the past 2 months in the hardest time I could ever imagine being in. You have truly been there for me. Thank you! Xxxxxx
Kathy from Usa on 17/05/2016

absoutly beautiful..

I felt a very strong connection with this luvley lady,she tuned in very well and has gave me hope that my former partner will be coming back soon...hope so love him....sorry we got cut off you are incrediable sussanah highly recommened best reader on here.
nicola from brierley hill on 09/04/2016


Susanna, Thank you. You are comforting to talk to and I love our chats. I just wish things were different and not as complicated with regards to a certain gentle(?)man, but thank you for genuinely trying to help me every time i do call you. Lots of love xx Anna
Anon from London on 09/04/2016

Susanna Is The Real Deal

Susanna along with quite a few on this wonderful line are very gifted and real. You can tell how genuine she is by what she picks up on. I want to say alot of these readers go out of their way and go above and beyond to help their callers. Susanna is one of those readers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help in the last year. You have seen my ups and downs and have seen me through so much. I'm blessed to know you and have you there for me.. X0
Kathy from United States on 08/04/2016


Susanna is so intuitive, kind and non-judgemental. Thank you Susanna for all the late night readings. Xx
Hanna from on 17/02/2016

Thank you xx

Susanna, I just wanted to thank you for the readings you've done for me, I called you last night when I was feeling pretty low and you were kind, non-judgemental and full of insights as usual. I will keep you posted on what happens next, hopefully, things will work out as you said! Xx
Hanna from on 16/02/2016

Fantastic reader!

Loved the reading with you, spot on about everything! Very very friendly and great at giving advice! :)
Arosa from Manchester on 16/02/2016

Best reader

I love Susanna! She is like a dear friend to me(: She always remembers me and jumps right into my reading. I always hang up with her feeling better and knowing everything is going to be better! She is very accurate with her readings and quick to the point. She answers all my questions with honesty no matter how silly they are. I really highly recommend giving her a call! Thanks for being a friend! (:
Stephanie from United States on 16/02/2016


Had a reading for the first time regarding my love life and was impressed with the accuracy. Susanna was able to tune into why a certain male has been distant and it all seems plausible. Was able to pick up his next career move which I know he has been thinking about recently so that also blew my mind! Thank you ever so much x
Jess from on 29/01/2016


I had a lovely reading from Susanna tonight she picked up on things straight away. She described my situation accurately and gave me faith in this situation and the person involved. Susanne answered all my questions honestly and I look forward to how things will turn out and highly recommend her 01/01/16
Jan from West mids on 02/01/2016

Susanna is the real deal!!!!

Wow,just had a reading with Susanna. Really impressed with her information. The thing is, I was directed to her randomly and it has the best happenstance ever!! Many thanks to the powers that be for connecting me to her!!!
Tanya from Watford on 05/12/2015


Great reading , straight forward. Friendly, caring, but not sugar coating :) beautiful voice - thanks Suzanna , love and light xx
Star from on 26/11/2015

Amazing Lady

I'm sorry Susanna we got cut off. I thank you so much for this amazing reading. So clear and precise and answered all my questions with integrity and honesty. Would have loved to listened about our teens. I'll definitely call you again to finish off this conversation. Love and light. Zara
Zara from London on 21/11/2015

Thank you

Susanna thanks so much for another lovely ready you truly are a beautiful person xxoo
J from A on 19/11/2015

Thank You

Susanna what a wonderful insightful, accurate, and comforting reading. You are amazing, and I will ring again.
Ires from Melbourne on 14/11/2015


She was lovley to talk to and very intuitive. Great speaking with her. Very excited about what I was told and I will be speaking to her again.Thank you.
Claire from Lancashire on 30/10/2015


Thanks so much Susanna for a lovely reading you were so sensitive and caring and will definitely speak to you again xx
J from Aust
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