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Live Reader Profile: Eileen

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What People Are Saying About Us

"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 2774

I have 20 years experience with my psychic abilities, Reiki and reading auras and 10 years for Tarot card reading which is what I practice now. I provide professional readings that are non-judgemental and full of insight to all of your questions. Connect with me today & let's see your future. PIN: 2774
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Questions and Answers with Eileen

What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

My full attention, confident readings, empathy and love.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

Expertise is tarot card readings but also have great, natural intuition which guides me through the reading.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I was aware I had a gift from a very young age but only developed it in recent years. I am always studying and looking at new ways to develop my ability through meditation and spirit guides.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

Reiki and aura reading. I can also sense when a spirit is nearby. I believe they walk with us every day. I am perceptive especially to emotions which are apparent in all of us.

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The perfect way to choose the right psychic advisor for you

The lady who loves outdoors ;)

A big thank you for my late morning reading today. You were awesome xx
from on 10/02/2018

Warm, friendly, amazing

I've had several readings with Eileen over the last 8 months and just realised I've never left a review. Eileen is always spot on with what she picks up and her predictions always unfold. Apart from that she is caring, compassionate and very friendly and puts you at ease. Thank you xxx
Jacqui from UK on 02/02/2018


Loved reading. Picked up situation clearly. So impressed. Can’t wait to speak again. Luv n light. Have a reading with this lovely lady. Just amazing. Love n light. xxx
Karen from Co durham on 01/02/2018

Benidorm holiday

Hi Eileen sorry got cut off my fault put wrong number in . Thank you so much for this mornings reading made me feel so much better . Think you are such a lovely person it's like talking to a friend Lots of love Jackie xx
Jackie from London on 23/01/2018

Prediction came true!

Had a further reading with Eileen today around a chance encounter that would turn into something more. She had confirmed it was a love connection. Turns out that it may well be given today's reading, he has truly come back. Thank you Eileen you are definitely the real deal. K
K from UK on 15/01/2018

Prediction came true

Hi Eileen , I did not hear from my wife for a while after a long break up , I spoke to you yesterday and you said she would contact me this time tomorrow , she did ring me and we have met up , this as broke the ice for us , yr prediction was true , thank you hopefully yr final prediction for us back together over January will happen . Many thanks
Darren from Uk on 28/12/2017


Excellent and very detailed reading, Eileen is very easy to talk to.
J from London on 27/12/2017

Love her

Beautiful voice and soul. Could listen to her all day.Spot on. Gorgeous lady inside and out, thanks beautiful lady x
Teal from UK on 21/12/2017

Excellent connection

Iv had many readings and always chose my reader based on the reviews and feedback from previous clients, a lot of te readers on this site touched on my issue with probing.. This woman is AMAZING she picked up from The first moment, described the situations, people involved- my perceptions and corrected them based on what is actually going on followed by a prediction for a period between now and the next 6 weeks. I'm not very patient but considering she gathered all this with just my name and date of birth.. WOW. Let's hold out! Recommend this lady without a doubt. Be open, allow her to connect, will post once the predictions unfold :)
ess from W.mids on 10/12/2017


If I get that invite on Friday Eileen - I'll eat my hat!! Well, not literally - but I'll certainly be on here to let you know. Whew! Validated what others have already told me, but the day and hmmm that's SO exciting!!! Thanks a million.
Lynda from Perth on 04/12/2017


Beautiful lady with a kind loving soul picked up on everything right away with accuracy could not recommended her highly enough ! Will definitely be calling again and will let you know when predictions come to pass . Love and light to you beautiful lady xx
Denise from Australia on 29/11/2017

Lovely lady

Eileen is a lovely person . She picked up on my situation well. Gave me a good reading and it helped me immensely . Would recommend to give her a call she is amazing
Jackie from Bucks on 16/11/2017

Will be calling her again

Eileen is such a lovely lady . She read the situation so well . Put my mind at rest and made me feel a lot happier about the situation . Would highly recommend her for a reading . Will be definitely be calling her again.
Jackie from Bucks on 16/11/2017

special lady

Always a great reading with Eileen. Thanks x
Rosie from uk on 16/11/2017

Amazing Lady

Thank you for today's reading regarding contact from a certain gentleman it was so lovely that you got my situation spot on. Thank you for giving me a prediction re contact, I know it can be difficult to predict but you really did go the extra mile for & it was appreciated. sorry we got cut off before I had a chance to say Thank you & goodbye, I will definitely come back & let you know the good news... Debbie x
Debbie from Kent on 13/11/2017

very good connection

Seems he will contact in two days - wow a reader had never given me that kind of timeline and been accurate so it will be amazing if it's on track. Thank you very much indeed..
Lynda from Perth on 13/11/2017

She's very good

I loved my reading, very positive and she was spot on on so many things! thanks
Ana from London on 11/11/2017

About my ex

Such a good vibe from Eileen, just felt very warm and calmer after the reading. Just waiting for my prediction to come through to be true so I can make a decision and clear my mind once and for all. Thanks Eileen. Call got cut off, apologies.
Karen from London on 06/11/2017


1st time reading with eileen and wow. Will let u know if predictions come through
Sa from ... on 06/11/2017

Highly Recommend - THE BEST EVER !!!

Wow, simply amazing !!! Tears of joy after this reading, I can't thank you enough. One of the best readings I've ever had in my life, appreciate your honesty and words can't express how accurate your insights were given such little information. You are an angel, once again thank you from the bottom of my heart - will definitely be back soon. God Bless my dear, take care and love you lots xxx
Viv from Australia on 30/10/2017


After 5 weeks of no contact Eileen said I would get a text within 3 days and I did !! Waiting on rest to unfold ...thank you xc
ann from ireland on 29/10/2017

Phenomenal Reader!!!

This lovely reader is excellent!
from on 18/10/2017


Didn't take long for her to connect, almost instant. Lovely woman, loved speaking to her and made some shocking predictions xxx
Jeffrey from UK on 13/10/2017


paul from stoke on trent on 13/10/2017

Always lovely

One of the nicest readers. Caring and listens. Great spirit about her. Remembers me every time I speak to her. Accurate past readings and predictions xxxx
Helen from London on 29/09/2017

Fab connection

Really helped me with a difficult situation. Good advice and connection. She gave readings for the next 6 months and the past issues were spot on, cheers
Kiera from on 28/09/2017

lovely lady, great reading

spot on every time. Lovely to talk to. Become a friend now, thanks
Angie from on 26/09/2017


spot on, nice to talk to. Spoke to her several times now. reassured me and connected with a loved one. Thanks love
from on 15/09/2017

gorgeous lady

Well connected, patient and kind. Lovely, kind, compassionate. Can't speak highly enough of her. Would recommend. Thank you
Darren from UK on 13/09/2017

Lovely lady

great reading, thanks Eileen.
Chris from Herts on 08/09/2017

Great connection

Connected from first sentence of conversation. Gentle east to talk to. Will call her again
Ange from Somerset on 31/08/2017

Great Connection

Great advice. Picked up on my situation within seconds. Lovely energy throughout call. Have to agree with other review that it was like talking to a friend.
Amy from Dundee on 23/08/2017


Not sure if you received this review earlier as site unavailable. Talking to Eileen was like talking to an old friend. Lovely lady. Understood my current situation. Listened and advised. Honest and I felt I could trust her with anything. She tuned in with my emotions and knew exactly how I was feeling. I felt calm after talking to her which I hadn't felt for a while. Thanks, love, Peter x
Peter from Essex on 17/08/2017

Predictions came true

Thank you for reading. Prediction happened. You put my mind at rest and I felt lots better after speaking to you. Will call you again eileen
from on 11/08/2017

Lovely and kind

Spot on reading from her. Was referred to me from a friend. Easy to talk to and never judged. Cheers Eileen.
Cal from brixton on 10/08/2017

lovely lady

Had wonderful reading with Eileen today saw into all my problems very quickly none of this long pauses the conversation flowed through out the reading very impressed with her abilities
Matt from South east London on 04/08/2017

Fab reading

connected instantly. Accurate throughout. Will be speaking to her again. On point with where I lived, partner etc. Great. Would recommend. Thanks love.
Jo from on 04/08/2017

Real connection with me from start of call

I would like others to know they would get a solid readin for Eileen sometimes hard to get hold of as Trusted is always busy but worth the wait as just read from the heart no suggary stuff lol. Bless you Mary from Swindon
M Bates from Swindon town on 03/08/2017

Sweet lady

It's so nice to speak to someone who's so down to earth and understanding. Not only does she deliver messages in a kind manner she's never negative. that doesn't mean she gives you false hope she just helps you understand the situation from both sides, so you can decide what's the best way forward.
S from Uk on 26/07/2017

Such a friendly and reassuring reading. Which I believe was spot on. I have to wait to see if some of the reading is yet to come true but Eileen was accurate when answering questions from my present. I will definitely be calling Eileen again.
Helen from Bristol on 24/07/2017

Fab connection

Lovely, lovely lady. Great connection. Brilliant reading.Thanks. Look forward to speaking to you again!
Nat from UK on 24/07/2017


guesswork and no connection so won't be calling again.
guesswork! from London on 24/07/2017

Accurate and lovely

Enjoyed the reading. Read my situation to a t!
Matt M from on 19/07/2017

Spot on

had a reading with Eileen 2 weeks ago and already predictions are coming true. She was empathetic and listened on our call. Really lovely lady, thank you x
Viv from West Midlands on 19/07/2017


Very sweet and compassionate. Tuned into what is going on in my life very quickly. I am looking forward to prediction is coming true
B from USA on 14/07/2017

lovely reading

Just had a reading from Eileen and she made sure by the end of the call she had answered all my questions. She listened and advised as per the cards.Lovely, gentle natured. Mostly accurate. Thank you.
Sam N from Australia on 06/07/2017


Basic reading very basic and uninspiring
from on 06/07/2017

Gorgeous and accurate

I have spoken to Eileen twice now and she has an insight beyond what I would expect. I will call her again. Thank you, Eileen and God bless.
Kieran Oliver from West Midlands, UK on 26/06/2017

Fantastic to talk to

Her guidance helped me through some rough stages of my life. Everything she said corresponded with me and my situation, and never shied away from important subjects that I would have to face in later life, would love to talk to her again x
Thomas from Manchester on 21/06/2017

Spot on

Lovely to talk to. Really patient. Her reading was accurate. I will call her again. Thank you, Eileen
John H from Yorkshire on 19/06/2017

Simply lovely

Love her. Best reading ever xx
Beth from London on 17/06/2017

Lovely lady but I didn't pay for a counselling session!
Jacqui from Uk on 15/06/2017

Lovely kind and accurate

Eileen is a lovely lady who is helpful and compassionate. She saw my situation clearly and gave me some great guidance. Thank you
eve from northampton on 19/05/2017

Kind and compassionate

I will definitely be using Eileen again. She read my situation very well and was very understanding and compassionate towards me. She told me the truth straight and used the time we had very well. There was no small talk or avoiding the situation.
Liv from London on 19/05/2017

Will be calling her again

I was apprehensive about calling in but Eileen put me at ease. She was spot on with her reading. Funny and warm. Would recommend a reading with her. Straight to the point. We connected well, thank you xx
Judith from London on 16/05/2017

Sensitive to your situarion.

I've never called a psychic line before & was a little apprehensive. Eileen made me feel at ease from the very start with her kind words & easing manner. She was very sensitive to what I wanted to know, extremely accurate & gave good sound advice, advice that gave me strength to pick myself up again as I was feeling very low before my call. Eileen is very kind & compassionate. I will definitely be calling on her again in the future when needed. Thank you so much Eileen for lifting me emotionally.
Helen from London on 14/05/2017

Gets there

Got a good connection it was hard and upsetting but she may be right will let u know
Vicky from Uk on 13/05/2017

Lovely, lovely

She really connected with me and helped me through a difficult time in my life which I could not cope with. She helped me through this. God Bless x
Jose from London, UK on 12/05/2017


Love, patient - very accurate - thank you!
Donna from Ireland on 12/05/2017


The reading was going well. I disagreed with something she said in a poltie manner and she put the phone down!You should have let me explain. Very unprofessional.sorry
DR from London on 12/05/2017

Warm and compassionate

Eileen gave me a beautiful reading and very much understood my current situation. She gave me good advice throughout the reading and was accurate.
Wendy from Slough on 05/05/2017
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