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Live Reader Profile: Purple Star

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What People Are Saying About Us

"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 2624

I am a natural empath with psychic feeling, hearing and seeing abilities. This is from birth but I was unaware that I was using this gift until later in life. I try to offer a non-judgemental, caring and illuminating readings on your path forward and will give what I am being given rather than what you want to hear. PIN: 2624
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Questions and Answers with Purple Star

What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I try to offer a non-judgemental, caring and illuminating reading on your path forward and will give what I am being given rather than what you want to hear.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I love trying to provide insight on love and relationship and on how someone may be feeling in the situation. Also career and work opportunities and shedding light on which path forward in life. I get messages from my spirit guides and use tarot, angel cards, the pendulum, I am drawn to colour and how that helps the aura and chakras and love crystals around me.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I naturally sensed and felt what others' were feeling and thinking from a child but unaware that it was a psychic gift I could use to help others until about 14 years ago. I then developed in classes and at home for a number of years before starting giving readings.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am from a care background and this helped open me up more to have empathy for my clients. I love to try to send spiritual healing naturally during or after my readings.

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what a lovely reading from a very spiritual reader who got my situation spot on one of the best thank you will let you know how things progress x
fran from frome on 09/12/2017

Thank you.

I shopped around a little to find a good reader. They are so hard to find but I finally got put through to Purple Star and she was so kind, beautiful and spot on. I was amazed at the things she was telling me. No guess work! Thank you Purple Star.
Mel from Western Australia on 30/11/2017

Spot on!

Amazing lady, got to the point straight away, just homed in very accurately! Will feed back about the predicions.Thanks so much!
Jane from Leicestershire on 16/11/2017


Fantastic reading no prompting needed she just went straight into the reading. I will update you on my future but feel so much more positive after speaking to purple star
Kerry from Uk on 15/11/2017

Spot on

Reading was spot on picked up on past , present now waiting for future predictions. Amazing keep you updated. Thanks again purple Star x
T from Sussex on 07/11/2017

5 stars

Thank you so much purple star you really are amazing beautiful and caring xx
Car from Australia on 12/10/2017


Excellent reader, detailed, accurate and no messing. Cleared up a lot of issues for me. Will definitely call back, very gifted genuine lady, thanks so much xx
u from Scotland on 06/10/2017


Thank you very much for your reading it will be back when predictions happen xx
Maria from United Kingdom on 21/09/2017

Lovely reader

Thank you so much for the reading this afternoon, I am so sorry I accidentally disconnected my phone before reading ended and I did not get to thank you.
Jaqui from on 06/09/2017

Healing heart

Thank you so much for such a beautiful reading with so much compassion,love and understanding you have helped me so much with clarity on my situation and I feel very blessed by your support and kindness today.Thanks again for the loving and genuine connection.Love and blessings to you xxx
Sarah from England on 07/08/2017

Great Reader

Picked up on my situation without prompting or asking questions. One of the best readers. Thank you.
Jenny from Western Australia on 25/07/2017


She was brilliant and picked things really well. , only thing she was talking to quickly and too much in less time , thats small glitch.. otherwise she is amazing reader loved it...


This lady is very very good. I'm a reader myself, and she picked up on my ability. Brilliant solid reading. Thank you
Simone from Uk on 20/07/2017


Could of spoken to her all day, tuned in straight away and explained everything perfectly, didn't change her predictions when I said that wasn't the case. Lovely lady so glad I got through to her.
Caz from Uk on 11/07/2017

Amazing Reader!!!!!

Thank you very much Purple Star!! You are a wonderful reader.......really amazing!!!! one of the best, glad I talk with you before you get too busy, Love and Light :-))
Seema from USA on 23/06/2017

Very accurate !!! Fabulous reader! WOW WOW WOW!!!

For someone this good I'm surprised she dies not have many reviews! She was spot on the whole way! Her predictions could happen but I'm not sure yet, but for those who've had a reading from her and don't say thanks with a complement like this should be ashamed of themselves. She deserves the recognition even if it takes her availability away from us. I for one will give her a comment because I rate her to be one of the best readers by a mile on this site! Thank you for my reading and the work you do. Your are so gifted and we are lucky to have you here to assist us who suffer. God bless you Purple star! Love and light Jess xx
Jessica from Sydney Australia on 20/06/2017


Hi i see you dont have many reviews but im very hopeful from your reading last night. Will let you know
Shirley from on 15/06/2017


Picked up on him very well. Very detailed. Read on another site hence choosing her. Very good
Shirley from on 14/06/2017

Sorry we got cut off...

I only had 6 minutes on my account left, so thought i would try purple star, she tuned in straight away and what she said all made sense and was inline with top readers. Sorry the call ended, the top up didn't work and you logged off so I couldn't get you back, wuld have loved to finish the reading xx
Opyimist from UK on 08/06/2017


Lovely reading Purple Star - Thank you very much - Relaxing, lovely and very honest I feel that reading was - I will be back, and hopefully with good news :) xx
Claire from Wales on 03/05/2017
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