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Live Reader Profile: Celeste

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Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
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"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
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"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 2214

I have been reading the tarot cards for over 20 years. I am a natural psychic and intuitive. I also like to use the pendulum for yes, no answers. I am also a second degree Reiki practitioner from the eastern lineage, if you would require any spiritual healing I can do this for you. I am also wiccan by nature and can give good advice about this area also. I look forward to talking to you. PIN: 2214
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Questions and Answers with Celeste

What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I offer intuitive Psychic and Tarot Card readings for answers to tough questions you may be facing in your life. I can offer pendulum readings to questions that have straight 'yes' or 'no' answers, I do find that is a very underrated and powerful tool. If you need some spiritual healing, I am a second degree Reiki practitioner from the eastern lineage. I am also wiccan by nature.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I am multi talented, not just am I a Psychic, but I am an excellent Psychic Tarot reader too. As mentioned above, I am also a second degree Reiki practitioner from the eastern lineage and a natural wiccan. With all the skills I possess, I am able to give you clear guidance on any matter that may trouble you in your everyday life.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware I could see life differently over 20 years ago which led me to start practising Tarot reading. The insight I gained from practising Tarot branched off to the art of Reiki which I studied in-depthly. My natural Psychic intuition has made mastering several mystic arts incredibly easy.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I find that every day is a new and wonderful day, bringing positive possibilities to help other people who need insight into their lives and of those lives that surround their day to day life. I thrive on making a difference for others who need my specialised talents and natural skills.

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Amazing reader!

This is what you call a real reader. Fantastic and she knew it all without me saying a word and we had a wee giggle too. Highly Recommend. x
from Scotland on 05/02/2018

First time caller and thank you!

Hi Celeste, I've slept on the reading I had with you yesterday and I woke up more positive about my situation than I have previously. I spoke to you about my partner and how he's going through his battles though you assured me twice he will come back. You were able to tell me exactly what he's going through right now and it was your soothing voice and assurance that made me believe what I've been thinking myself to be true. You suggested to look up and read about CBT to which I've started. I've also just read most of your reviews and I'm so happy I choose you for my reading. Celeste, thank you from my heart for your reading and your positivity and just making me feel a little better during this difficult time for me. Thank you for asking and writing down my partner's name to offer him healing as well, that will help. I will call you to share my good news with you again. Love and light, Sonia..Xx
Sonia from Australia on 20/01/2018

Happy :)

Lovely lady and delivers in such a kind way. Knew exactly why I was calling. Only had 7 mins credit and she told me so much in that short time. Thank you x
from Fife on 11/01/2018

Wow again

Celeste said she was so suprised how strong my reading was. Two cards kept coming up. She was very certain about the outcome. Will ring to update once predictions happen
S from Ireland on 10/01/2018

Beautiful and accurate reading

A truly beautiful reader, kind, gentle and above all very accurate. I have had lots of readings around a particular subject and Celeste picked this up immediately. I somehow know that her predictions will come true and so look forward to this happening. Thank you.
Anne-Marie from London on 03/01/2018

Top reader

Always a pleasure talking to her, very nice lady and one of the top psychics on here.
from West Midlands on 27/12/2017

First Reading with Celeste - Outstanding

What a lovely lady and an excellent reader. I will be back xxx
from Scotland on 26/12/2017


You truly are incredible one of the best on this site ! /9 kind and caring and understanding of my situation picked up everything with accuracy thank you Celeste love and light to you x
D from Australia on 24/12/2017

Spot on and a great reading

Thank you celleste , the reading was accurate and made sence , I was worrying , but you told me when I will have contact and it's very soon , I'm looking to start a business in new year and you also picked up on it and told me how successful it will be , and all the timings you gave me I think are accurate , you told me I will get the keys yo my premises end of Feb, I feel this will be right as , the legal stuff takes around 8 weeks . Too me celleste is very accurate and a lovely lady , you speak very eagerly and caring, to pass on the news we desperately need to know , thank you and a merry xmas.
D from Uk on 24/12/2017

The best!!

This lady truly has an incredible gift. I was so fortunate to get a reading with her today. I'm going through relationships struggles. Not only did she pick up on exactly what is happening, which is not pleasant but she also broke it down for me to clearly understand what was going on. I have spoken to so many on this site and most are fabulous but I will be ringing this lady in future.
Sarah from Australia on 12/12/2017

Wow just she is great. Lovely Lady

this lady is just excellent, spot on with my situation. Thank you so much for your reading sorry we got cut off. I will call you again soon Celeste,I will keep you posted
Carol from on 03/11/2017

Lovely lady, spot on.

Tonight I spoke to Celeste and seconds within the call, she picked up on exactly why I was calling. She tuned into my situation immediately and was incredibly accurate with what is going on for me at the moment and how I have been feeling. It was a lovely, positive reading and Celeste has definitely made me feel better. I will be in touch again to let her know the outcome of her exciting predictions! :)
Zee from North East England on 28/10/2017


First reading with Celeste a few days ago and I have to say what a lovely genuine lady she is. She answers the call in such a happy and refreshing manner in which a very clear and precise reading follows. Thank you so much Celeste, my reading was short but you covered everything and I am ever so grateful! I loved what you saw for me and very much look forward to the day I can update saying "predictions have unfolded" like many others have done so here! So glad I called you! xx
Voice and accent you complimented from on 21/10/2017


1st reading with celeste. Didnt ask what i rang for was able to tell me. She confirmed everything i was feeling and what i thought was happening. Hoping her predictions come through which are the same as other readers
S from Ireland on 04/10/2017

Very Good

I have had a few readings from Celeste and I felt it was time to leave a review. Her predictions have unfolded and her timings are always very good - even when they've been in a timescale i didn't want - they were correct and now i see undoubtable She's picked up on exactly why Iv rang on every occasion and then told me extra details that have validated the connection. She looks into things in detail and checks and rechecks in different ways to make sure. Answers every question honestly and even looks into things your not asking. I highly highly recommend
H from Manchester on 23/09/2017

Such a lovely soul

I had a lovely call with Celeste this morning. Not only did she touch on things that are very accurate and what other readers have also touched on, but she gave me some clarity and we also had a lovely chat about spirituality and other things. I highly recommend a reading with Celeste, she is beautiful and has a soothing voice. I will definitely call again in the future to let her know the outcome of our reading x
Z from South Yorkshire on 23/09/2017


Sorry I got cut off today. So great to chat and FINALLY all the efforts are paying off and your guidance and predictions have been key in helping me endure my life these past few months. Love and Light!
B from USA on 29/08/2017

Lovely and amazing reading 29.8.2017

So sorry the phone cut out I run out of mins I will call back again this week thank you much for everything and I can't wait for your prediction to come true.
N from London on 28/08/2017

Prediction happened!!!!

I cannot believe it! I genuinely thought I would never get contact and I did in exactly one week after my reading as Celeste predicted. Not only is she thorough and takes great care in addressing your concerns, she is accurate!!! Her validations were spot on and I should never have doubted it but when I received contact I was blown away. Celeste is brilliant!!! I shall be calling again, thank you ever so much. XX
Magi from on 03/08/2017

Brilliant Lady

She is always so good and detailed... truely gifted ..thanks a lot

5 star!!!

i didn't need to say anything before celeste knew exactly what i was going through she has such a calm and heart felt voice she put at ease straight away. Iv used celeste on several occasions and her predictions have come true especially with timing i thought it was time to put up a review for you i cant thank you enough ill be calling back again soon!x
Samantha from Liverpool on 14/07/2017

Great Person

I have been meaning to leave a review for Celeste. She is a great reader and really confirmed some things without prompting. I have had a few readings with her in different month spans and every time her reading has been consistent. She is a great reader and not feeding you what you want to hear, and really does try to look deeper into the problem. I will definitely be phoning her back.
T. from on 14/07/2017


Thank you Celeste for the healing which you gave to me last week to help me fulfil and complete the last hurdle of my degree (and also the confidence). God bless x
R from on 20/06/2017


....guess what.... your predictions are happening one after the other and in the times you predicted. Only one hasn't happened yet, But it's not time yet... patience. I know you were waiting to hear back to see what happens. And it's all happening as you thought it would. And you were right all along. Thank you.
Madison from Australia on 17/06/2017

Lovely lady and accurate

Sorry, ran out of credit but i b back again for more updates.thank you so much celeste. Ur always been accurate and very generous.
Vivienne from NSW on 17/06/2017

I believe in this lady, hope her predictions come true. Will let you know.
Amisha from from on 01/06/2017

Always Special and Gifted !

Had a great time speaking to you Didnt change your reading even after 2 months.. very impressive .. i am pleased with the reading.. you are truely gifted.... thanks a lot

Lovely lady and accurate

Sorry got disconnected but thank you Celeste for the reading. Ur reading been always accurate and very helpful. Thank you once again
VIVIENNE from NSW on 27/04/2017

Warm reader and accurate

she is a lovely reader who didn't ask much but my name and confirmation of the new guy in my life. I feel very enlightened and my mind is very clear and somewhat settled. Would recommend anyone to call her cos you won't regret it at all. Thank you for this joyous reading and I will call you again with an update
T from London on 01/04/2017

I was accidentally put through to Celest today which was meant to be. I was calling readers after readers for the last two days to get clarification and guidance to a messy situation I am in. Ended up confused and distressed more and almost got to a point where felt like my head was going to explode!!! There she was... so calming and so understanding and answered every single question with a very caring and empathetic approach. She did not tell me what I want to hear... she told me only the truth about the situation I needed to know. She was reasurring a positive outcome at the end. I feel very confident about her prediction to happen with the timeline. My search for another reader to look into my situation just ended today as I have found the perfect and the best. Celeste I am the lady came up with a nuisance woman messing up with my life. You have given peace to my worrying mind today. I believe I can sleep well tonight... thank you sooo much. Lots of love and a big hug. From Nisha.
Nisha from London, UK on 30/03/2017

Wonderful reader

Thank you for empathy, kindness and for picking up my situation so accurately. You are gentle and caring and it was as much as a counselling session as an enlightening reading. You didn't sugar coat the less positive parts, which made the positive parts even more special. Sorry my time ran out. xx
Ires from Melbourne on 30/03/2017

Hi Celeste sorry we got cut off! Thank you for your insight I'm looking forward to using my new abilities! You were so very helpful xx
from on 24/03/2017

Top Rated 100 stars

She is amazing , she is brilliant reader.. picked up situation really well and was very accurate.. you just get a feeling that she is gifted really.. highly recommended

Accurate reading

Lovely and warm person. Was spot on with what was on my mind and my past , present and future events. I would definitely recommend this reader and I will be calling her again.
T from London on 11/03/2017

Thank you

Sorry the phone got cut off before I could say thank you for the lovey reading. x
Belinda from UK on 10/03/2017


Sorry we got cut off Celeste, Thank you. You gave me Clarity & Peace of mind to a situation which i needed alot of Reassurance to. Celeste is worth It♡. She Quickly Picks up on the situation without asking questions. 100% Accurate on my Past & Present Situation & the other person involved, n Hopefully my Future will come to pass as U said it will..I'll pop back & Update when it does. X
Natasha from England, UK on 08/03/2017


Call ended just as i was telling you my name. I hope u heard it. What an amazing woman u r!! i really enjoyed speaking to you and hearing your validation on the twin flame scenario. I read your reviews as i mentioned and i can confirm i have no doubt that all your reviews are for good reason. You have given me hope and i pray your prediction comes to pass (as you are so sure as i am am too that we are destined to be together even the cards confirmed it identically twice!) within the time frame you mentioned. 4th week from now going into the 5th week!! Will update on here as well as call you back!! There is something about you that reassures me you know what your saying and its genuine. Just that feeling when you know it cannot be made up or guessed. You have that genuine and sweet composition about you. This lady is well worth the call. She knew exactly what i called for without asking me and picked up on the situation with supreme accuracy!!
A from Bedfordshire on 23/02/2017

thank you so much for my reading today. you really helped me come out of my dark place and feel happier again.
laura from birmingham on 22/02/2017

Spot on

She is very accurate information will call again
Maria from United Kingdom on 20/02/2017


Brilhant and spot on I will call back Thanks
Maria from United Kingdom on 05/02/2017


Spoke to Celeste feeling unsure of anything,but what I am sure of is that Celeste is a delight to talk to. Would highly recommend this reader:)
Suse from Australia on 13/01/2017

Always so positive & reassuring!

Thankyou Celeste! You are amazing! You tune in right away and provide positive guidance and answers. I always feel uplifted and clear after our readings
Deb from Alice Springs Australia on 02/01/2017

relationship 2

Hi nice to know things I to am a bit spiritual can sense. I always need guidance. Thank you the reading I had with you was nice. She's goodi be calling again x Lnl x
Mushood from Watford Hertfordshire on 02/01/2017


Always gets it and will check and check again so u get al the information you want
Ss from Midland on 11/12/2016


Spoken many times Always reassuring and accurate even when I say it is impossible Does not just say what she thinks you want to hear Looks into matters not just guessing
Satisfied from West midlands on 27/10/2016

Had reading with celeste. excellent and very accurate. picked up wat was going on around me and put my mind at total ease ! everything she said was spot on. we did chat for a short amount of time and sorry i had to cut the call short due to low minutes.
Daniella from Melbourne Australia on 24/09/2016


Very precise quick and 100% correct in ability to get to the core of things a brilliant reading God Bless and thankyou 13.09.16
Helena from Uk on 13/09/2016

Two readings with Celeste, a week apart still telling me the same things, as are others on this site. Just waiting for things to unfold and predictions to come. Lovely lady to talk to, doesn't sugarcoat things, says it as it is and what she sees. Doesn't tell you what you want to hear, tells you as it is and what is to come. Worth a call.
Carl from on 27/08/2016

A beautiful person!!

Always a joy to talk to, even if I did call back several times..that phoneline!! I know I'll be ok. I'm strong. You always reassure with your accuracy and clarity.Talk again soon xo
Deb from Alice Springs, Australia. on 25/07/2016


I was just getting into our conversation when my pin ran out!! Next time xo.. As always you are truly the most gentle calming positive person & I just soak all that good vibe in!! You have kept me strong all these months & I'm incredibly grateful. Keep you posted ????
Deb from Alice Springs, Australia. on 21/07/2016

Thank you!

Thank you so much for a lovely reading. Looking forward to the future :)
M from Wales on 08/07/2016

Lovely lady

Been speaking to celeste for over a year now and she has put my mind at ease on numerous occasions. Her timings are accurate and her advice is always heart felt. Every time I speak to her I feel much calmer and know everything is going to be ok. I would recommend celeste to anyone. She is a very caring sympathetic undestanding lady. Thank you sooo much for all your guidance xxx
A from Uk on 10/06/2016

Spot on

This lady listens and gives actual answers . Thank u so much .
Sk from Midlands on 02/06/2016

Prediction was accurate

Call Celeste reguarly and she was right in the last reading; the man in question DID turn up at the event I was enquiring about even though I was so sure he wouldn't. Thank you x
jess from on 25/04/2016


Celeste reassured me that everything was going to be o.k. She confirmed what I was seeing and feeling! She let me know that something was going to be done about what I have been going through. She is a very caring woman.
Christine from USA on 02/04/2016


Great reading! She was spot on knew everything without me saying a word. Best reader on here. I will call back in the near future.
Brooklyn from United states on 28/03/2016

Read my soul like a book

Celeste is a lovely lady. She picked up my situation very clearly and spoke of both characters in my life as if she could see them standing right in front of her. She could see the abuse and betrayal tied to person A; and how besotted person B is with me now. She could see karma unfolding for person A which I picked up on as well. I'm still hurting and heartbroken but Celeste put me at ease and I feel relieved to just have some assurance. She has the sweetest nature and doesn't judge. Will definitely call her again. Thank you Celeste from the depths of my heart
G from London on 03/03/2016

10 out of 10

1st of all, i love her voice, empathic and nurturing. She is highly intuitive and picks up on issues very quick especially matters of the heart. Accurate on everything that she picked up on and that is to happen. Thank you for fantastic reading...
Rita from sydney Australia on 28/01/2016


Had a reading regarding my love life. Celeste was straight to the point and accurate with everything she said. Was able to give me a future forecast which was very much similar to my other readings so I know the things mentioned will happen, but in time. Thank you again and I will be in touch. J x
Jess from on 25/01/2016


Great reading, made me smile! Hopefully comes true! Thanks!
Ig from on 04/01/2016


Thank you for a lovely and brilliant reading very accurate and now wait for it all to come true
Anon from on 04/01/2016


An uplifting, comforting and amazingly accurate reading. Keeping you posted Celeste;-) Highly recommend!
Deb from Alice Springs on 31/12/2015

wonderful, amazing and beautiful!!

Celeste is such a great reader I have called her numerous times and she picks up on the situation right away. She gives me great insight and describes things in such detail. When I ask about timings she gives me a rough idea which ends up happening. Shes absolutely amazing, not only her reading but her personality as well we always have a laugh. Thank you soo much xx
kesh from Australia on 13/11/2015

Brilliant WOW

I was drifting and felt anxious at crossroads celestial puts u at ease is positive leaving me uplifted connects straight away telling u as it is it was such a lovely reading I agree with all comments fantastic keep up good work love light
P.B from Berks on 02/11/2015


Celeste thanks so much for another uplifting reading this is the second time I have spoken to you and yep you picked up on my problem without me telling you! Your a beautiful kind and caring person and thanks so much for giving me the clarity I needed I definitely know now that everything will work out God Bless J xxoo
J from Aust

I recommend Celeste

She is so calm and her readings are calming but she doesn't sugarcoat things. She has a lovely warm approach. Very reassuring
Angelica from London

Just fantastic everytime

I called to speak to Celeste after reading her reviews, she lived up to the hype - she is absolutley fantastic. Would recomend to anyone :)
Amy West from Norwich

Lovely lady

Celeste is such a lovely and caring lady. Her readings are consistent and is able to answer all questions in calm and caroming manner. Thank you for putting my mind at ease xx
Sonia from Melbourne

Beautiful and healing

Celeste, thank you so much for your help and guidance and allowing me to speak and put my mind at ease with the changes I have made in my life. You are a true angel and the healing you have made an immediate positive change for me. I could talk with you for hours. Splendid and accurate reader and gives insight with love! Thank you once again!
Julie from Melbourne

5 star without a doubt

A perfect reading which really focused on the issues that I have been so worried about for several weeks. Celeste instantly picked up on my troubles without judging me in any way we connected straight away which was deeply moving. This reader has helped me more than she will ever appreciate so just wanted to let others know as I recommend a reading with her she is a lovely lady and a brilliant psychic. Tammy
Tammy Davis from Milton Keynes

Spot on.

Celesta is a fantastic reader who always takes the time to look in depth at the situation. I believe in her abilities and will continue to speak regularly. She is a star. Thank you xx
Pauline from Scotland

Lovely Reading

Thanks for a lovely reading Celeste you are a kind and caring person and picked up on my situation with little info!
Jj from Australia

Great reader

Celeste is a wonderful and great reader not only does she get things spot on but she offers genuine advice as well. I have used her on several occasions and her predictions have come true especially with timing. She also makes me see sense so when I need that reassurance she is definitely the person to call. Thank you ??xx
k from Australia


Such a lovely reader made u feel positive and uplifted got it all right genuine kind caring delivery superbxxx some readers r scripted doing 1 2 3 pile reading routinex u wont b disappointed ive had several readings all goodx love and light thank u thank u xxx
penny from berks

Relationship advice

I have just had a lovely reading with Celeste, she seemed to know what was happening before I asked her about specifics, she was very calm and reassuring, and has made several predictions which I will report back as to their validity, I feel she was very accurate in her descriptions of the situation and I have every reason to believe what she said. Thank you for your kindness and for sending us both healing. I will be back in touch and write more when the predictions come to pass. Love and light to you xx
A from Warwickshire
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