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Live Reader Profile: Vintage Rose

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What People Are Saying About Us

"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 1902

I am a fourth generation Psychic. I am clairgustant, clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudiant. I have 16 years experience reading for people from all walks of life. I am totally immersed with my spirit guides and I contact them on every reading that I conduct. I specialise with love, relationships and family readings. PIN: 1902
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One of the rest readers on her here. She’s always so positive and accurate with her reading. She picks up situations without promoting. And give accurate validations and predictions. Xx
G from West Midlands on 28/01/2018


Thank you so much for such an excellent and indepth reading. Simply the best!!!
M from Yorkshire on 23/01/2018

Quick, accurate

Picked up on the situation, which is quite complicated. Gave accurate insight and future likley outcomes. Too early to tell on predictions but because the rest was accurate, I feel they are as well.
Wini from UK on 16/01/2018

Beautiful and uplifting reading

Vintage Rose got my situation straight away and gave me such a positive and uplifting reading. I feel so good now!! Really looking forward to the predictions which I just know will happen! Thank you so much
Anne-Marie from London on 10/01/2018


I was in a massive dilemma with a relationship, vintage rose picked up on my situation with out any help, thank you so much you really helped, 100 percent, lets see what happens, thank you so much, love and light
Si from on 09/01/2018


I didn’t get a chance to say thank you as my time ran out You were amazingly outstanding with the accurate stuff you picked up on Will be back with a update xx
Anna from Essex on 04/01/2018

A Truely Class Apart !

She is most beautiful soul i met on socialpsychics.. i have spoken with her for so many months.. she has a got a great soothing calm voice and good subtle sense of humour .. she is highly intuitive and spiritual .. its amazing to speak with her... she is absolutely mind-blowing reader.. Highly Recommended

great reading

I did not give any information, Rose picked up on every aspect I was concerned about, a real positive reading, Thank you
Colin from suffolk on 20/11/2017

The Real Deal

First reading with this wonderful lady a few weeks ago and not only did she confirm what other readers have said on this site, she gave me a validation which no other reader had picked up on. Looking forward to predictions unfolding. Shes hard to get hold of so Im so lucky to have spoken to you Vintage Rose xx
From London from UK on 10/11/2017

Finally got through

Worth the wait-got my ex to a tee and me to a tee-awesome reader -A tt
Alex from Melbourne on 02/11/2017


Im the lady you told about your partner being in newry. Never had a reading with you before but meant to be 2day as so upset. Ive now read your reviews and hope my predictions also come through
Sa from Antrim on 17/10/2017

Amazing Reader ! True Friend

Its amazing to speak with u , you have been a great friend and compassionate reader. I love speaking with you . You are very talented , very soothing and calming voice and truely gifted.. Very Special Reader

Wow left me speechless

Had my first reading with vintage rose What a lovely person to speak to I'm never one to be left speechless but she left me utterly shocked and amazed at how well she connected with me Thank you so much xxxx
Ruth from Manchester on 03/10/2017

Couldn't stop topping up,

My reading with rose was insightful Rose you are wonderful and gifted I was very lucky to get through to you tonight as You are a very popular reader been wanting to get through to you for months it was most certainly worth the wait Thank you for your kindness
Tara from London on 01/10/2017


Sorry we got cut off ... I can't believe we were on the phone over an hour ... I'm glad I spoken to you . You were a recommendation from another reader. You are so accurate with your reading. I've had 1000 of readings since my situation has gone downhill but you have reassured me which has given me confidence. I will definitely will try to call you again but only if I will get through to you as your soo busy. I can't wait for predictions to unfold. My intuition was exactly same and glad that you point out about my ability in seeing things. I just can't wait to be with him for rest of my life...
G from West Midlands on 28/09/2017

Accurate,Honest and direct doesn't sugarcoat.

Thank you, for coming on tonight. I Finally got the chance to speak with you. I can't wait for these predictions to fall in place, just like the rest of your predictions,That have come to pass for me You truly are a gem. Thank you rose xxxx
Sam from London on 27/09/2017

Predictions always come true

So glad your have come back online rose Been trying to get hold of you for sooooooooooooo long Where have you been what you predicted came to pass Haven't been able to speak with you Please come on tomorrow so I can speak with you tomorrow
Sam from London on 26/09/2017

Warm and mysterious

Vintage rose has a lovely style of reading I have had a lot of readings on here with the popular readers and she was spot on!!! What a beautiful soul I really enjoyed the wonderful insights so accurate and wise Very intuitive and gifted thank you rose
Jane from Dublin on 20/09/2017


Just to say thank you for your accurate prediction You have given me clarity :) my favourite reader on this line thank you so much
Tia from Leeds on 14/09/2017

Thanks for the private reading vintage rose. You are fantastic and I am really glad I found you. You gave me hope. I will keep you updated.
C from on 17/08/2017


I feel totally overwhelmed and I cannot put into words how much that reading meant to me Rose came to Me for a reading but what she did just amazed me I sat there dumbfounded SHE GAVE ME A READING she picked up on information I never got even after having many readings on that day she picked up on stuff that she could not have guessed unless she was a true psychic not only was I shocked but utterly astonished what an am
T from FELLOW PSYCHIC READER on 26/07/2017

Just the best

I believe you was guided to me by a lovely friend of mine. You have been so supportive everything that you have been saying has come to pass, dates, times, and most of all how accurate information that nobody could know. Since I have spoken to you I feel that you help me to be guided the way I should which has never been a disappointment. I know the friend of mine is watching over us and I must say that true psychics like you are very had to find. Thank you my lovely friend ❤️❤️
R from Uk on 19/07/2017

Mind blowing

You are far best reader I have ever come across. Only spoke to you the other day and must say I am amazed how accurate you are. Can't wait to speak to you again please keep up with this brilliant work you so ❤️❤️
Sarah from Uk on 17/07/2017

Absolutely amazing!!!

Vintage Rose, you have an amazing gift. Your ability to connect so deeply to the person I love is incredible. Thank you for helping me gain so much clarity. I hope I can talk to you again!! xx
Tiffany from UK on 10/07/2017

I just listened in amazement! UNBELIEVABLE!

I have had a couple of readings with Vintage Rose and I can hand on heart say I have been left speechless. The validation and detail alone concerning my situation left me slightly shaken because of the accuracy. She is brilliant! I have had many readings and I sincerely think she is the best! How she knew his character and idiosyncrasies is beyond me, no names or info was given or asked for just my date of birth.
Magi from on 08/07/2017

Can not believe how accurate the reading was

In around about way I never gave vintage rise any real information I asked different questions in different styles The reading gave information that I never told vintage rose it was quite unreal in a way that I new the information from what had happened in the past and what is happening in my present the reader was so spot on. All I can say is that I wanted a 20 miniute reading the reading was so accurate I was well past this. I would say if you want a real true reference to where you are I have no problem that this is a genuine reading let's see how the future predictions happen I will definitely be back for another reading. Thank you Vintage Rose.
Wayne from Kettering on 05/07/2017

reading on monday 3rd

Thank you rose for a wonderful and accurate reading. I am keeping up with the visualisations you recommended and will keep you updated when my predictions unfold. thank you once again xxx
name from on 05/07/2017

How could she have known

Vintage-rose is absolutely astounding and connected Immediately. With out any info given. Excellent reader. Terrific combination of skill,wisdom and experience, and just lovely to talk to. Highly recommended. Thank you
Tim from Scotland on 05/07/2017

Lovely person

Just had a wonderful reading with this lady thank you so much xx
Helen from on 03/07/2017

Phenomenal lady

Thank you.for your help and your guidence tonight , You are a very talented lady .speak to you soon.
Andrew from Oxfordshire on 28/06/2017

Straight in there not a stone left unturned

My goodness... what an amazing reader I've had far many readings today and nobody got my complex situation. Until I got lucky and got put through to vintage rose
Emma from Manchester on 28/06/2017


Thank you for your prediction, I had a call from the interview went and accepted. You did predicate it very well. Thanks again. God Bless
Diva from England on 26/06/2017

Always so accurate and consistent!

Rose is such a beautiful soul inside out. I have had a few readings with Rose and she is always so on point with her description of personalities and events. I have been through a very difficult time lately and cannot thank Rose enough for all her help, support and kindness.
Nimah (The girl who talks like your daughter :) ) from - on 25/06/2017

Lovely Lady

Thank you Rose for all the readings you have done for me. You are also a great reader for me and love all the information you pick up on my situation. I just cannot wait for the rest to unfold as its been a long time coming. You are also becoming difficult to get through to, but I hope to speak with you very soon. Thank you once again, I appreciate it :) x
Navpreet from London on 25/06/2017


Brilliant reader, your prediction about my job interview has come true. You are amazing. Looking forward to see improvements in my life and career. Thanks again
Be from UK on 25/06/2017


I hope this post. I had a reading today it was awesome. She picked up the personality of my current boyfriend and was highly accurate. I can't wait to see her predictions come true.
TSmith from United States on 18/06/2017

Thank you so much just the best

I am so sorry I ring out of minutes but it was lovely speaking to you as always. I feel so much better coming off the phone just as normal you reassure me. ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️
Rihanna from Uk on 13/06/2017

Spot on

I have had 3 readings with vintage, I waited before I made this review as I wanted to see if her predictions came to light. Well I can honestly say I'm flabbergasted her predictions have happend . She is amazing at answering questions accurately I'm utterly impressed by her skills Thank you so much
Sam from London on 28/05/2017

Love not fear

Thank u so much for being just the person I needed after having had a terrifying reading from someone else I decided to get a second opinion and thankfully was connected with you .You are a life saver and I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful loving reading you gave me.I was so moved by your soul and guides and it was an absolute blessing to have connected with such love and kindness .Bless you xx
Sarah from England on 24/05/2017

Thank you

Thank you for the lovely reading and understanding you never disappoint me but give me so much new to look forward to xxxx❤️️❤️️
Rihanna from on 20/05/2017

Very good

It's just lovely ringing you and speaking to you. Everytime I ring you are amazed as you are thinking of me and I ring loool. Not only are you a greater reader but a lovely friend that I have developed. Thank you for the lovely support as you always give me the same reading but with more information xxxxx
Rihanna from Uk on 18/05/2017

Superstar 1000 stars

She is incredible pyschic.. really impressed and hapyp with her readings... thanks a lot

Mystic rose

I was amazed at how this lady picked up my dilemma straight away.She just could t have known if she wasn't the real deal.Now it's a case of waot8ng for the prediction to come in.Thankyou ever so much Rose for lighting me the candle and your lovely caring manner.
Rachel from Barnsley on 16/05/2017

Shocked and Amazed !!! Not only Brilliant but Accurate!!

Well I was put through to Vintage Rose cause there was no other readers available. However I didn't realise I got through to her as I've been trying to get through to so many times before but she's very busy. We all know why!! It's like destiny wanted me to contact to her, get the answers to all my worries. I've spent so much money past 2 weeks. But call to Vintage Rose was the best call. I've been through so many readers some were really fake and opinionated about my situation. I felt I was judged. Well as I'm a very complicated relationship, Vintage Rose picked. Up straight away which was spooky . All to a point saying I can do better then him which I already know I can but I told her you can't help who you fall in love with. She was really supportive and gave me advise. I'm just waiting for the predictions to come true. Which I'm sure they will just need to have patience, and I will get the outcome I want. I thought I would only have 20 minutes reading with her but ended up more then 1 hour. She gave me indepth details of my situation. Very welcoming no fakeness , she's honest straight to a point. I became a lot more positive after the reading. Can't wait to just be with him forever and ever. Just waiting for the prediction to happen now... xx
G from West Midlands on 12/05/2017

Lovely, gentle reader

Vintage Rose picked up on stuff so accurately and is absolutely lovely to talk to, describing situations as they are making the options she sees for the future very believable. Would call back to speak to this reader.
J from Cambridgeshire on 12/05/2017

Accurate & answers all questions

Lovely reader, incredibley accurate and answered all questions. Told me very detailed information about my situation and the people involved which I was taken aback by! Down to earth & none judgemental. Can see why she's busy! Waiting for predictions to come true! Thank you <3
Happy customer from UK on 11/05/2017


Thank you Vintage Rose! I have been trying to get hold of Vintage Rose for weeks! She picked up on my situation immediately, without any questions and desccribed the other person involved spot on and also how I have felt. Thank you for reminding me to listen to my heart, follow my intuition and for your predictions. You are an Angel.
anne from Suffolk on 11/05/2017

You are amazing

I only spoke to you the other day and its all happening :) thank you so much
Rihanna from Uk on 11/05/2017

Vintage Rose you are unique. Heartfelt. My love to you.xx
Giulie from South Australia Australia on 29/04/2017


I have tried to post few reviews but do not seem to be posting. Rose is brilliant so far my predictions have been coming true.
Rihanna from Uk on 28/04/2017


I'm sorry I lost you your amazing genuine and very gifted God Bless You and I'll be in touch Love and lite Helena X. 26.04.17
Helena from North East UK on 25/04/2017

Thank you so much

You are such a fantastic person truly with a gift. The way you explain everything is so spot on and reassuring. I am looking forward speaking to you again lots of love xxxx
Rihanna from Uk on 25/04/2017

Predictions came true yet???

I agree with everyone! Vintage Rose gives you a lot of details, which is quite spooky. Has anyone had their predictions coming true yet?
from London on 16/04/2017

Just Lovely

My third reading with the lovely Vintage Rose, She is just brilliant. I have had so many readings on this site and I understand that they are all different and you feel different connections but she is amazingly spookily bang on and what she picks up on his amazing. I felt sad and shaky before I spoke to her and she also has a healing energy s well as a brilliant psychic I will call again and also let you know when the predictions happen which I trust strongly they will! Speak soon you are just totally brilliant!! X
N from West Mids on 09/04/2017

Always Special and Gifted !

It was amazing to speak to you yesterday , was so enlightening and rejuvenating .. You were consistent and remembered me as well from previous reading , even if it was one month back.. thanks for liking my accent.. your valuable advice and inputs is really appreciated.. It was special reading yesterday , very encouraging and insightful.. thanks for straight too and no sugar talk.. i will see how it unfolds soon and keep you updated... u r one of the best .. really grateful thanks


My third reading with this lady and she always a stays true picks up on a diff aspect but is so connected with the situation it's incredible what she sees and what she feels and she always makes me feel calmer and better she is lovely and can see really into your situation. I have spoken to many a reader here but she is easily in the top so calming x
N from West Mids on 05/04/2017

Thank you

Sorry we got cut off I put the wrong details. I just want to say thank you so much for a lovely reading and will speak to you soon. Everyone please try her not only is she a good reader but a lovely person ❤️
Rihana from Uk on 29/03/2017


I had a reading with vintage rose I was uptight and unsettled before the reading. When speaking with vintage rose I became calm and settled and my face became warm.vintage rose picked up on a lot of thinks about me I do think this lady has a special gift and is full of positive energy and very caring
Susan from Wirral on 29/03/2017


My second reading with this lovely lady and she was great again didn't change her reading and was very uplifting and positive, made me feel very hopeful about the future x
Anon from West Mids on 09/03/2017


Vintage Rose, I would like to thank you for uplifting my mood.. You are a true spiritualist, its obvious to understand that you do your job so well from the moment you say 'hello'. Rose is very gifted able to tune in to your emotions & thoughts, past, present & future. Give this lady a go for SURE! A very calm, relaxed lady who affects your mood with her light she has as a gift to give to the universe.. God bless stay well.. love E.. xx
E from UK on 06/03/2017


Thanks vintage rose for a hopefully positive reading you are very caring and lovely lady .and you gave me clarity and lifted me with regards to my current work situation you picked up on a few things straight away with regards to what's going on in my job and the hard time I'm having and Also. my love life .can't wait to see your prediction s come into fruition fingers cross .I'll keep you updated thanks
Marie from Uk on 02/03/2017

Finally spoke to the Great Lady! Incredible

She is always so busy , it was great to talk to u yesterday , and i wasnt dissapointed.. u were amazing .. u r special .. finally we spoke coz u busy all the time... she is awesome picks things instantly .. try her if u r serious bout contacting a pyschic.. she is awesome , fantastic , mind blowing ... hope we speak again thanks a lot .. really lucky to speak to you ..


Best reading I've had on here she is amazing! Vintage Rose
Sharon from West Midlands on 26/02/2017


Hi there... Thank you Rose for a brilliant reading about my ex observing me ..this was confirmed by Rose who also new things about my relationship no one else could know. Rose is a special reader in all ways ..i know he is more than my soul mate and i shall now just wait for the rest to unfold i will be back L&L xxxx
M xxx 27/01/16 from Essex on 27/01/2017

Amazingly accurate

Spot on reading about my current circumstances! Will certainly be contacting Vintage Rose in the future. Thank you!
Caitlin from Australia on 26/01/2017


This woman is an amazing reader! I've had s few readings with her and all her predictions already came true! She will give you a lot of details and I promise you won't be disappointed! God bless and I will definitely contact you soon :)
Diane from New York on 25/01/2017

very good

I found Vintage Rose very good, calming. Gentle and encouraging. and honest.
ur from uk on 21/01/2017

Amazingly readings...predictions keep happening

I love you Rose:)U have been amazing almost a year ,u can describe how the the person looks like personality, much more. You support me and guide me through so much.Predictions keep on happening it's been unreal. I hope u stay here so people have an angel like you for help and comfort.You are the best!You deserve all the happiness.Love always
Annie from on 18/01/2017

Totally blown away !

Thank you ... so glad I got hold of you. Truly an amazing person. I've spoken to alot of psychics but you my dear are totally amazing ... and so easy to talk to . Sorry we got cut off ... before I could say thanks... xx
Shazi from Midlands on 04/01/2017


Thanks a lot, Rose!!! Really feel better now❤️
Puja from Sweden on 04/01/2017


Without having to say very much at all Rose picked up on the situation. I am really really praying the predictions come true, as they were all in keeping with the man that she described and the situation we are in. If they do, I will be truly blown away. Thank you for a lovely reading Rose.
K from Yorkshire on 03/01/2017


Sorry I ran out of credit but you have a great skill. Thank you. You were accurate to a tea!!
M from on 08/11/2016


Cant believe how lucky I was to get through to Vintage Rose. A truly amazing psychic who just knows things! Gave great insight and predictions. Looking forward to November and will call again. Thank you and your guide Vintage! Love and light A (Scorpio)
A from on 15/10/2016

100% accurate! AMAZING!!!

Really sorry that I ran out of time. You left me speechless with all the details that you have given me without asking a single question. You are truly brilliant and such a pleasure to speak to. I have spoken to quite a few readers on this site and can say with confidence that you are the best reader in terms of providing details and accuracy of information. I will most certainly call again. Much love
N from London from 10/10/16 on 10/10/2016

Great Reading!

Thank you so much for the great reading! Very accurate and spot on! From the first moment she picked up everything about my situation. You are amazing! I can't wait to talk to you again :)
Diane from New York on 27/09/2016

Wonderful reading-very accurate

What a lovely lady, so easy to talk to, full of compassion very very accurate and made me feel really good. Will definitely contact her again
Amber R from South east on 09/08/2016


Sorry to get cut off thank you for an excellent reading an uplifting informative genuine positive reading from an empathetic compassionate gentle soul . I'll call again a big thank you x
Helena from North East on 09/08/2016


I had a reading with this amazing lady tonight. I am quite a critical person by nature and am clavoyant myself so I really do know a good reader when I speak to one. She tuned into my situation straight away! She told so many things that nobody knew about and she was very accurate! Vantage Rose gave me hope and was very encouraging. She did not tell me everything I want to hear which is a sign of a good reader as she was honest and sincere. She picked up on my career, love life and the hardships that I have had! She also warned me about people trying to cause problems for me and my relationship but told me to have faith????. I really really appreciate her and cannot wait to update on my situation in the near future. Really amazing.
Aysha from London on 02/08/2016

Amazing lady

Amazing lady, and a great reading, she put my mind at ease, and and definitely made me look forward to things to come, very accurate reading and spot on with everything she said, amazing in general and definite will call back
Juliana from Northern ireland on 02/08/2016

Beautiful reader!

Sometimes you come across the most beautiful people and Vintage Rose is one of these individuals, so in tune. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off me when I spoke to her. What an amazing lady and an amazing reading. I am so grateful I was connected through to you. Thank you.
A from London on 02/08/2016


Just came off the phone with rose she is amazing, very good, just will wait and see the out come of everything.
T from London on 26/07/2016

My Favourite Reader!

I have spoken to Vintage Rose many times over the past few months and I have to say her ability is truly amazing! Rose has even predicted that I work in a park, which I do!! She's the only psychic who was able to pick up certain details which my partner was keeping from me. However, she has always told me to maintain a positive stance and things will be okay. Vintage Rose is the best psychic on this line, her accuracy and beautiful nature will amaze you! Thank you for all your guidance xxx
Rose from Australia on 25/07/2016

Comforting and Reassuring

Thank you Vintage Rose. I cannot tell you how much better I feel now as you tuned into my dad straight away. I love your calming, healing voice and just want to say thank you for allowing me to breathe again.
Julie from Chorley on 20/07/2016

Positive & Accurate

I have just come off of the phone and I was not only shocked as to the reading but the positiveness and encouragement that Rose gave me. She is a wonderful, wonderful lady and I feel that she will go from strength to strength. I was very doubtful at first, but she picked up a lot on what I never told her and I was also shocked as to similarities in the readings and in real life. I wish you all the best and no doubt in time i feel she will be the best in whatever she achieves. Thank-you Rose, your not only a star, but your amazing.
Charlene from London on 19/07/2016

Lovely lady

I've had a few readings with Rose and she has always been very sweet, kind and caring. Always positive and truthful. She's made a few predictions and I am hoping she is right as right now I dont see things happening. However, she has assured me things will work out with a certain someone. Picks up on things right away. Great reader!!! Thanks Rose!
Avni from W.Midlands on 27/06/2016


Sorry we were cut off thankyou for your lovely and accurate reading God Bless
Helena from North East on 15/06/2016

Very good!

I had a fantastic reading yesterday that was very informative and full of information she couldn't know! Will update :)
Sally from Midlands on 14/06/2016

Good advice!!! Can't believe it...

She can describe me how I look like and she gave me advise on what to do with my ex to get him back and she told me that he will come forward. Never heard from my ex for 5 weeks now and she told me to send him a message because she feels that he is only waiting for me to text him She told me what to send and at first I was hesitant because of the no contact rule but then I followed her and send him a message and my ex texted me back and even send me his video and I was really amazed that we finally had a conversation after our break up and it sounds that my ex is very keen to hear from me. She said that we were meant for each other so I can't wait for the prediction to come true... I was crying when he texted me straight away and how the conversation flowed... I can feel it's coming true... If it's meant to be its meant to be... My intuition told me to contact Rose and I think this is the reason why... To give way for us to communicate again... I need to sort out myself and be confident again so by the time he comes back I'm ready for it. Sorry I was cut off and could not get through... You are amazing Rose and thank you for your help. Can't wait to tell you what happened... You're my Vintage Rose... Felt like I'm talking to my sister. You're very supportive and very positive.... You're gifted.
Charisma from London on 07/06/2016

Incredibley accurate, I'm actually amazed!
N from Yorkshire on 03/04/2016


Had a very quick (5 minute) reading regarding love life and was blown away with accuracy. Predications made seem plausible and will update WHEN they do ?
Jess from on 13/03/2016

A lovley genuine reader

Vintage Rose is the real deal. She makes you feel comfortable as if speaking to a friend you have known for ages. The great thing about her is she does not ask you any questions she gives the answers. God bless her xxx
E from London on 01/03/2016


Omg she really scared me with how accurately she picked up on everything And what she predicted came true within 5 hours I had gosebumbs
sean from northern Ireland on 10/02/2016


I was drawn to magic mirror Took 5 mins bit off then the remainy 15mins once we connected amazing she told me i didnt say anything amazing spot on with my situation and looking forward to predictions go for it you needc20mins though fantastic love light one of good readers on here not fake
Angel wings from Reading


Dosnt ask questions book 20mins rusty to start then got connection amazing accurate got my situation spot on accurate positive and predicted future brilliant
Angel wings from Reading


lost for words....amaaaaaazing!!!
S from london

spot on

Thank you Vintage Rose, just for you to pick up and give clarity around the situation made me feel a whole lot better. You are a very gifted reader and I have high expectations of readers and you did not let me down. We got cut off before I could say thank you and fingers crossed xxx
L from

great reading

absolutely fantastic reader she was very accurate and spot on. What drew me to her was the magic mirror...cant wait for prefictions to come through!!! Thank you so much vintage rose ????
Saima from west midlands
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