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Live Reader Profile: Rae

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"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 1887

I have been working professionally as a psychic and tarot reader and teacher for 15 years now. I work as a channel for my guide to pass on his words of advice to the client and always use the cards to provide further advice. I find the gypsy meanings linked to the tarot cards I use to assist with pinpointing detail. I am here to provide a friendly and caring reading. PIN: 1887
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Questions and Answers with Rae

What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

A detailed and compassionate session giving answers in any area of their life that they need help with, whether that be help in making big life changing decisions , looking at love and relationships or work and career.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I always work with my guide and pass on his words. He tells me what to say in all situations . We have a lot of clients who come for business advice worldwide as well as personal. I am passionate about using the tarot and helping people through difficult times , showing them the way forward to a better outcome. My clients will tell you I am upbeat and see the positive in all of life's challenges .

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I have been able to see spirit since a young child but been working professionally giving private readings, teaching the tarot and doing platform work in front of audiences for 15 years now. I cannot imagine life without my guide now, using my spiritual abilities is normal life for me and passionately believe that it is not a gift to be able to see spirit but a normal human ability , always teaching and encouraging everyone I meet that they can work with their own guides too.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

On a personal note , I was widowed at the age of 36 left with five young children to raise on my own. This means I genuinely and passionately understand the feeling of loss, grief and devastation in life . I have been through very difficult times and now use that to assist other people by showing them that enforced change in life is possible to get through and rebuilding after devastation is achievable. I can also that the saying is true , helping others also helps yourself. I can relate to single parents and understand and won't judge relationship or life choices - instead give support and love to all who come for a reading.

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My favourite, go to reader. I hope you’re OK Rae, miss talking to you! Hopefully you’ll be back soon xxx
Leanne from on 26/02/2018


A quick chat with Rae always sorts me out. She doesn’t waffle and waste your minutes, she just gives you what she sees, no nonsense. Many things she’s told me have come to light, just waiting on the big one now
Leanne from on 17/01/2018

OMG - You are very very Good !!!!

Rae , OMG you are a breadth of fresh air. love way you stick to what you get. Information spot on. Sorry had not a chance to say thanks. Think you right & I may choose the one from the past. Though hope go with neither as none worth it - but think you right & will choose one. Will be in contact again as may need more info on the stage work. You are a star. Thanks lovely ... Maire (Mary)
Maire from London on 02/01/2018


Love this lady. So upbeat and spot on. Give her a call.
M from Australia on 23/12/2017

Fantastic !

Rae reading matched the other for me top 6 readers on this site , they all gave the same dates and predictions , I'm looking to start a business and they all told me the dates it will start ( I never told them I'm looking to start a business ) They just picked it up and told me what will happen and when it will happen , I've had a lot of readings but here is my top 6, Charlie, fae,Linda , Rae , Madeleine , jacy. You will have perfect predictions from these ladies, timing differences might be out by a week but that's still fantastic any one can wait a week . Rae I will be in touch for you to guide me in the right direction with love and work , you really picked me up ,thank you
Darren from Uk on 17/12/2017

Wonderful Reading

Spoke to Rae back in January she remembered me . Her reading was the second chapter and followed on from the first it was pretty amazing . She is genuine gifted concise and worth her weight in gold . I thank you with all my heart and love Rae your truly an Earth Angel thank you for your guidance God Bless Helena. X
Helena from North East UK on 15/11/2017

very good connection

Quick and to the point. Solid advice, and insight into the situation. Many thanks for the wise guidance.I'll wait the short time and see if he comes through and is trustworthy..
Lynda from Perth on 13/11/2017

Fantastic.... so sorry my phone cut out

Rae...everthing u said was so summed up the situation perfectly. I am so sorry I dropped out but for some reason it would not let me top up. I have waited ages to get a reading from you and was not disappointed... i only wish i could have asked more!! Many thanks... i will keep my faith and be patient
Reassured from Perth on 21/10/2017


Hi Rae, Just wanted to update you, a few months ago you told me I would receive a settlement. I did and you were right for a decent sum.
T. from Usa on 13/10/2017


A truly positive, upbeat and compassionate lady. Incredibly fast yet extremely clear. No bs involved. I believe if the news was not the nicest to hear she would deliver it in a most beautiful, positive manner. Prediction has been made for within the next 6mths. Will update here if it is to come to fruition. Thank you Rae for your amazing energy. x
Anon from on 17/09/2017


Rae and her guide Brian are fab!! They tune in very quick and get to the heart of the matter, no questions, no waffling, just honest readings delivered with a lot of care. Rae has been reading for me for almost a year now and she is one of the nicest, kindest and wonderful person you will ever find on these psychic lines.
Hannah from London on 08/09/2017

Thank You

I've been having readings with Rae from late last year, Rae you are my Rock!!! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement through the tough times in my life, your predictions are unfolding as you have said from the start. We have still a long way to go but I have to stay strong and with your help and insight I have the utmost faith that all that you have predicted will happen in the end. Again thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Big hug to you!! I will keep you posted as more positive changes start taking place. xx
Carmel from on 30/08/2017

Great down to earth reader

Rae was great to the point . Loved the way she read She is great and hopefully her predictions come to light . Loved the way she says it in a clear to the point way She really makes you feel good she has lots of kids and experience herself . Thank you Rae xx
from on 16/08/2017

Beautiful reading but...

Yes, everything I wanted to hear and more but unfortunately so far nothing has happened and on some of her prediction the opposite as happened which is a bit disappointing on the other predictions
Australiana from on 13/08/2017


Hi R, Yes Rae is an amazing reader. I love her readings. I've had a prediction come true read bang on review. She's made a few more for me just waiting for them to come true.
Amisha from from on 12/08/2017


Wonderful lady amazing reading she was spot on just waiting for predictions to unfold has anyone had predictions unfold i di have fairh in rae just curious.
R from Australia on 10/08/2017

Briĺliant as always.Prediction happened!

Thank you Rae for being so supportive and kind.Your readings have been highly detailed and accurate.A few predictions have already come to pass and i am thrilled.
Magi from on 04/08/2017

So pleased to have had the opportunity

Just what I needed - and have been trying to reach all day. I kept having readings but knew they were not the one I really had to hear. This was!! THANK YOU!
Lynda from Perth on 30/07/2017


So annoying had to get off the phone after 20 minutes and with so much information. The reviews about this last are true, speaking to her confirmed this. Now I'm hoping I'll be able to get in touch with her again. Fingers crossed.
With love from Uk on 24/07/2017


Rae is a very uplifting reader! I was in a very rough spot (confused, stress, depressed and didn't know what to do)!I appreciate this lady's calm tone and positive insight at a very rough time for me. She definitely made me aware that their is light at the end of the tunnel. I will definitely be calling her again.
T. from on 22/07/2017

Spot on

I don't know if this lady is right but she sure showed me a path through the mess and no one else could . Will update prediction nothing till November
Ss from Uk on 20/07/2017

Bang on

This lady is amazing. I have been going through a rough time recently, I've been lucky enough to have a few readings with Rae. Today, I was driving and one of her predictions that she could foresee happened! She is so a accurate and I have total faith in her, now hoping I get to speak with her again soon and her other predictions manifest. She's one of the best all along with Trinity who I have also been having readings with.
Amisha from from on 15/07/2017

I have been having readings from Rae for more than 6 months. I have so much going on in my life.I am going through a very painful phase and when i feel like i need to look into my situation and find some reassurance I tun to Rae. She is a wonderful lady who understands without judging . She tells me what is really happening when I need clarity into a confusing situation. She puts my mind at ease and makes me happy at the end of my reading. One of her predictions has already come through and still waiting for the others to unfold. I have confidence that her predictions will definitely happen. She is wonderful reader who tells you the truth and she is gifted.
Nisha from London, UK on 11/07/2017

Positive and uplifting

I don't often write a review biut after a negative one from another reader I felt much better after talking to Rae and wait for her predictions to come true. The reviews here are heartening.
Penelope from London on 18/06/2017


A very short and to the point reading, positive reading and really lovely Ladie Thankyou and blessings to you ❤️
Ann from Australia on 14/06/2017

Looking forward to the near future

Thank you for a very positive reading Rae, so looking forward to the near future will keep in touch when things unfold, Rae was very clear with all areas in my reading with a up beat and positive feeling. Luv and light
Ann from Australia on 13/06/2017


Thank you, wonderful, insightful reading which restored my faith in this service after I spoke to a horribly rude, useless reader who put me off using your service again, luckily I spoke to Rae and im still a faithful customer.
Carrie from Bedford on 10/06/2017

Yes Rae's predictions came true!!!

Hello Alisha, Rae' predicted a situation to happen within a week, that prediction came true! I can vouch for her. I just wish Rae was more often on this site. Regards Leanne
Leanne from Australia on 10/06/2017

shes brilliant

i had an amazing reading with rae .. she is so descriptve she told alot kf things in great detail ive heard from other readers but she gives you a reading with detail -... i love her was callin her few days ago but shed was offline i just cant wait to speak to you again love you
Larissa from london on 09/06/2017

Not sure

Goes into the reading like she knows me but no validation to back up her predictions so not sure at all! Plus has anybody had predictions come true?
Amisha from from on 01/06/2017

Rae of sunshine!!!!!

Wow wow OMG I have been calling this site for many years. trying to find answers & guidance & understanding. My pain have been overwhelming at times, my grief so unbearable. l have wasted my time, money & energy on other readers on this site! I am so grateful to have found Rae. Rae's guidance, clarity, strength, calmness, kindness & patience have help me. I am very GRATEFUL. l know Rae loves helping others. please if you want help, Rae the one! Rae timing is spot on! For ever grateful, much love Leanne xx
Leanne from From Australia on 27/05/2017

Brilliant reader

I have had a couple of readings with Rae and find her to be an amazing reader. The clarity and information given in both readings was spectacular. No questions asked except for the area of concern and away she went. I think Rae is a true psychic who answers questions explaining the context and the people involved in such depth that it is empowering. Lovely lady too.
Magi from on 21/05/2017

Very good

Thank you for understanding my situation and not judging in any way. You have been there too. I think you said everything i already knew I should be doing. If my work kick starts me to a better place I will be very pleased. I will update in a few months. Reading 18/5 am.
Anon from on 18/05/2017

Great Reading again

Thank you Rae, Again love having my reading with you always good with the bad as it should as life has its ups and downs looking forward to the near future thank you thank you thank you.
Annie from Australia on 17/05/2017


Thank You for the Wonderful reading, you are amazing
IVA from USA on 16/05/2017


This lady is amazing, I had few other readings on this site they was not to bad but after having her to read for me I am absolutely amazed. We don't always know what's right for us, that why we come to such a place to find advice.. But not even advice, this is a eye opener for me. There are different things in life, what you can have if you be patient and what you would have if you always look back. We want best for us right? So this Lady helpped me to see into my future and make a judgment, I know who to blame if I choose wrong , I will blame my self only. P.S I had very good other reader who told me exactly the same thing, but not on this site. So I am sure she is correct ! P I C K T H IS LADY IF YOU WANT TRUE ANSWER GOOD LUCK !!!!
Sandra from London on 12/05/2017

A Fantastic Reader

She is very good in what she does , picks situation really well, gives that extra information which i love rather than general talk.. she is awesome great reader

Thank you

Sorry the phone got cut off. Thank you for today and again for your uplifting and positive reading. Blessings x
Belinda from London on 08/03/2017


Great reader and genuine - enlightened me more in the eleven minutes I had left than several readings put together. The cards offered really good advice - thanks :-)
Phil from South West on 07/03/2017

Thank you

Rae is a lovely lady a very positive and optimistic person. She really connects and has nothing but beautiful things to tell you. I really enjoyed my reading with her, she's really encouraging when your on a challenging journey. An amazing soul. Thank you x
Belinda from London on 28/02/2017

Great Reading

Great reading made sense. Sorry credit ran out will call backxxx
Hunny from London on 26/02/2017

Thank you

Great reading, gave me a great sense of hope that anything is possible. It would be amazing if things manifest the way Rae predicted. Even if they don't she made me feel 100% better, so thank you x
B from London on 25/02/2017

Life saver

Exceptional reading from a beautiful Angel. If what she says comes to pass I'll write another review. Light and love
KATIANNA from USA on 11/02/2017

kind, gifted and extremely talented.......

I came across Rae last month for the first time and within 2 weeks some of the warnings she gave me unfolded with unnerving accuracy. She cared enough to advise me to change my accommodation to ensure my physical and financial safety. The guidance I was given by Rae and Bryan was priceless and I cant thank them enough for the timely guidance. A lovely lady worth her weight in gold.
case lady from United Kingdom on 08/02/2017


I have had many readings on this sight, some extremely good and some not so but I have never had a reading as detailed and wonderful as this. Rae is truly amazing and I hope her predictions come true. Rae didn't need any prompting, she just knew! She's left me feeling so positive and uplifted. What a gift this woman has. True angel. Xx
Anon from Scotland on 30/01/2017

Beautiful Soul

Thank you Thank you Rae. I am impressed with your reading your guidance, and clarity,on my Journey ahead overcoming all the curve balls i have been dealing with. You Beautiful Lady have shown me the way. To any one wanting a Honest, nonjudgemental,Sincere,Compassionate,Grounded reading, Rae is your reader She will bring music to your ears
Me and my Little Dog from Vic on 28/01/2017


One of the best readers! Straight to the point. Predictions made are spot on! Couldnt ask for a better reading. Would defooo ring again and again. Thanks for ur help x
Nikki from UK on 26/01/2017

So pleased

Thank you so very much for the terrific clarification. Love the way you work - no waffle (said that in my previous review) Love the detail, the clarity and the info that solved my problem. You're a star!
Lynda from Oz on 16/01/2017


Beautiful encouraging kind and gave precise accurate reading of the situation at present She is amazing and I will update on prediction coming to fruition God Bless Rea and Bryan x
Helena from North east uk on 15/01/2017

Excellent reader!!

Genuine reader, compassionate and very uplifting, in general. Bryan and Rae have been spot on, hope the predictions come true.
Hannah from on 10/01/2017


Rae is lovely and warm. She was accurate and straight to the point. She provided reassurance and advice. Thank you!
Karen from UK on 08/01/2017

Wow Amazing !

My second reading with this amazing lady and as well as consistant she was given information by her spirit guide Bryan who delivered the reading that has confirmed and strengthened my trust and belief in theses very special gifted messengers . No fishing no questions straight to the point . God bless you both Helena 28.12.16
Helena from North East UK on 28/12/2016

very happy

I spoke to her few days ago as I was very upset about an issue and struggling with many sleeplessness nights. She gave me a positive reading and left me happy at the end. She is very confident and fast in what she says. I really recommend her to anyone who needs an honest reading.
Nisha from London on 22/12/2016


Lovely lady, uplifting reading and acurate with details. Thank you Rae!
Mary from Australia on 14/12/2016

great, accurate and fab reader

To the point, no unnecessary waffle, and great insight . Thank you so very much for the tactful, detailed and accurate way of explaining the situation. Great help particularly as I had another reading from a different line who was quite negative and disconcerting. The real deal.
Lynda from Oz on 03/12/2016

Lovely lady

Thank you so much - I can't explain what your reading has done for me. I have been on a difficult journey however you confirmed that there are going to be very positive changes soon for the better and I will get my wish. I don't know how I would have got through this difficult time without these insights. You have given me the faith and the belief needed that there is a great future awaiting and what has happened now just needs to be accepted - talk about it and move on from it. thank you so much.
Libby from London on 26/11/2016


Thankyou for your wonderful gift , your ability ,your insight and truth you and Bryan make a wonderful team working together and giving clarity and hope understanding and love to those who are bewildered and lost . Thoroughly grateful for your reading enjoyed speaking to you too . God Bless Helena. 22.11.16
Helena from North East of England on 22/11/2016

Good reading

Picked up straight away my situation without asking questions. Will definitely phone back again, can't wait for outcome
Caz from Uk on 22/11/2016

16 th Nov

Thank u for readin this Mornin ! Will def be ringin back ! I did instigate communication n I got a couple of answers ! I was shocked but shouldn't of been u said I wud ! Thank u again great reader n few giggles as well :-)
Carol from Notts on 16/11/2016

Great reading 15/11/16

Thankyou for a great reading Looking forward to the near future
Annie from Australia on 15/11/2016


What a wonderful accurate reading this kind caring compassionate a lovely lady this lady was spot on straight away with a honest fair non judgemental positive reading that was incredibly accurate Thankyou from my heart love and light
Avril McTurk from Scotland on 13/11/2016
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