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"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 1707

I have had this natural Psychic gift since I was a child (8 years old) but didn’t understand it then. As years went by I learned that I could assist people. I have degrees (BA) in psychology, sociology and psychotherapy. As you can tell I'm definitely a 'peoples person', with many, many years as a professional reader. I am here to give you a very professional and warm reading on the area that you choose. PIN: 1707
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ace on point
from on 12/01/2018


Abbey what can I say but that your were spot on describing my situation! You truly are gifted and will definitely talk again! Thank you for your great advice love Josie xxoo
from on 04/01/2018


Ive had many readings on here and all readers are good, but this reader by far is OUTSTANDING!! AMAZING ACURATE!! Time after time SPOT on with out ANY promting!! POINT ON POINT. Ever description and every situation down to a T. I was shocked at the level of dept she went to and she dived into the reading right away! Other others have been good and consistent however, ABBEY explained and went into a deper level of understanding. BY FAR OUTSTANDING!!!! The situtions she explained already happend EXACTLY the way she said and shes paid some predictions ( I KNOW about the timing) lol are unfolding and some have already happened. LITREALLY CHANGED MY LIFE with the valuble advise i took and so glad I listened!!! THANK YOU so much and I wil be back!!!! xxx
Milli from on 28/11/2017


Abbey was able to tap into my situation very quickly and have me very useful practical advice I will have her read for me again Very satisfied
Andy McGowan from London on 24/11/2017

Twinflame drama

I spoke to abbey on the 19th just after a huge emotional break down and being convinced I’ve lost my twin flame for real this time. Not only did she help calm me down by what she has to tell me about me but gave a prediction I would 110% hear from him again. She has so much calmness and positivity but in a realistic sense that by the end of the phone call I was laughing and feeling uplifted and positive too. I’m now convinced I will hear from him but I need to focus on myself ans stopgivkng so much and learn to love me a little more. She was so spot on about how I was feeling before I mentioned any problem and her spirit guide was telling her truths about me also. I will be in touch with you again Abbey. You’ve lifted my spirits so much and i truely will be trying my hardest to remain positive that it will happen because its now up to him. Much love xx
Kirsten from Australia on 20/11/2017


Thank you so much for coming back!! I've been trying to catch you for weeks!! I Hope all is fine on your end. I wanted to update you and say that your predictions now unfolding - EXACTLY like you said. I am so sorry for doubting you..I KNEW YOU were right but it's hard! Talking to you calmed; me down!! YOURE BRILLANT!! STAY WITH US!!! I CANT BELEIVE IT ! SO HAPPY!
Ishq from Reading on 29/10/2017

Thanks for the reading Abbey . Looking forward prediction. Issata
from on 25/10/2017

Thank you

Thank you for your insight and advice Abby. I am sorry I run out of time. God bless
Donatella from Australia on 13/09/2017

What a Star!!

Lovely reading a few months ago. Straight into the reading picked up on my surroundings and what's happening at that very point in time. Gave predictions with an explanations timings in spirit world are very different to earth plan, However a few of what was predicted is starting to come through roughly on the dates she gave me! Real Deal peeps!! says it as she sees it. Love you Thank you very much xx
Emma from on 09/09/2017


Thank you for an honest and upfront reading. I like that you get to the point. I'm sorry I had to keep asking and thankyou for helping me understand. I came on the call in a state of panic and I got through to you, surely it was meant to be. I got of the phone with clairty and was def calmer. I know you cant give times and no false hope. That makes you an honest reader and not in it for the money. I connected right away even though i came of as being rude you were ever so patient and polite. Thank you. I will keep you updated and so far, everything is on track. xx
Dona from on 08/09/2017

very good

Connected well straight to the point ..will follow ur advice and as promised I will update you on any developments thank you xxx
ann from ano on 05/09/2017

Great reader very compassionate and spot on thank you Abbey. She told me things that she couldn't possibly know. Highly recommended xox
Colleen from Australia on 04/09/2017

All coming together...

I have been speaking to Abbey for nearly a year now about ame everything she told be would happen in starting to come to light. It's been a long road but now it's all coming together. I have trusted her advice and guidance even when I couldn't believe that what she said would happen actually would. Timing can never be predicted accurately but the outcomes have been there from day one. She truly is a star and I trust her 100%
Leanne from Watford on 03/09/2017


Just a quick review to Thankyou for your amazing insight tonight . I felt a real connection with you, i loved/valued your honesty and your accuracy around situations that were/are going on in my life. Thankyou so much Abbey, you helped me get some of my sparkle back tonight, your spot on guidance has put my mind at ease and I can't Thankyou enough! Thanks again, we will talk again soon x
Kol from Australia on 01/09/2017


Aziz from on 29/08/2017


It was such a pleasure to talk to you, I could have chatted all evening. Has not made what happened clearer but also put it into perspective and given me a real push to follow my path. You are such an incredible human being, thank you so much!
Don from on 27/08/2017


If you are looking for a genuine empathic reader then look no further. I have had readings with a few different people on this site and i have to say that for me abbey is by far the most genuine. I could talk to this lady for hours as he always tunes in straight away and has told me information i knew was true but needed some clarity on. I am a very intuitive person and am learning to trust my gut instinct more and speaking to Abbey has given me some confidence with this. Thank you Sam *****
Sammy from USA on 25/08/2017

See if this one gets posted

I have been a consistent subscriber to this site for over two years and this is my very first review. I could not get hold of my usual reader and thought I'd give Abbey a go. I personally found her to be abrupt and at points plain rude. She had also made a judgement on someone which I found to be unethical given the very nature of readings aren't meant to be personalised. Now before anyone gets huffy and says I didn't hear what I wanted to hear etc etc etc... well, actually I did hear what I wanted to hear, and in spite of this I got off the phone feeling anything but uplifted. I just want to add this also after reading countless reviews across this site. The purpose of this section is to write a review about the reader... "not" for other callers to write reviews (attacks) on other callers simply because they don't have the same opinion as theirs or that it's "their" fault for one reason or another that they didn't get a good reading as if they're too stupid to see that your opinion is the right one. It never ceases to amaze me how people can think this is ok... everyone is entitled to their own opinion... "Review"
Sara from Australia on 24/08/2017

Percipient, Precise

YOU ARE BRILLANTLY ACCURATE! Boy did I put you through some tough and trick questions Abbey. I've heard about you and your readings and I've waited to speak with you. I don't know if THEY will ADD this (I've tried to reach out before) They dont post everything up. I was stummped at every word out of your mouth. The intellect and quick-witted was out standing!! Very impressive and I'll def be back! People can sure take things the wrong way and blow up because they dont hear what they want! You are def one of a kind and stand out and if people dont have the streangth to handle the truth dont bother coming to you. YOU are SMART, COMPASSIONATE and CARING...if only they can understand you are human
Anna from SPACE on 24/08/2017

Wait...did that just happen? LOLOLOLOL

Oh Abbey, where do I start?!! Major predictions that I NEVER thought would happen, did! You never wavered, and you were right!!! Your kindness, your support and your extraordinary talent, are second to none. If only one could have a Abbey infusion, daily the world would heal in an instant. Thank you, beautiful being. You seriously changed my life around. Thank You I love your soul Jessicaxx
Jess from Oakland on 22/08/2017


Hi Abbey! I just wanted to thank you for your reading this morning regarding the situation with my EX! You connected so well! I really enjoyed your honesty and not giving me false hope with timings! Amazing reader! Defintelt worth a call! One of the best on here!
Luke from Maidstone on 16/08/2017

Brilliant Lady

Abbey is unbelievably accurate and consistent, without asking a single question.Along with being a truly beautiful soul, I have to recommend her as she is quite simply wonderful. Even with the things, you may not want to hear she delivers them with warmth, understanding and positivity. Thank you so much for everything.
Jae from on 14/08/2017

Accurate, connected, genuine and truthful

I waited for you to read for me, ive never spoken to you before but something made me wait patiently to get through to you. When we spoke you explained how you read... and we connected instantly.... as reading thay was so powerful, had there been a witness to this reading they would have been blown away too.... Abbey you must have heard it a million times, even then the gratitude can not be measured for what you have done for me and others like me. You are there relaying messages or informing people of their destiny and whats to come etc good or not so good news, but even then its beyond the information you see. Its the heartfelt support and encouragement and you going the extra miles to ensure that the person you are speaking to is ok and will be ok. I commend you for the work you do and will keep this gratitude in my heart forever and ensure that whenever the opportunity is in my path the recognition is awarded in a way that it will remain in my life as a constant reminder for how you touched my heart and gave me hope when all i could see was despair, in this particular period in my life you have been that beacon of light that i so desperately needed. This will be my way of giving back the gratitude i cannot express in words. Abbey you are an amazing soul. Never let anything negative get you down, like you said you cannot give a yes to everyone as its not in their destiny, but for even after a 100 negative replies, u will be that one positive for that one person like me for whom it would seriously make without a shadow of a doubt ALL the difference!!! Our chat so far is memorable and continue to remain in my mind. ALWAYS KEEP SMILING BECAUSE YOU HAVE A DAMN GOOD REASON FOR IT!!!!!! XXXXX
Jasvinder from Birmingham on 14/08/2017


Better than any reading I've has so far. Was patient and very compassionate as I have a speech impendent. Delivered messages warming and straight down the point. She passed every test I threw her way because I wanted to catch her off guard. Tuned in and give me my confidence back and changed my way of thinking. Thanks, And God Bless you and I will keep u update. xxx
Kathleen from N.I. on 10/08/2017


Spot on & accurate. Lovely reading x
B from England on 09/08/2017


1st reading with abbey. Have had numerous readings since this mess happened. Abbey picked up everything without me saying anything. All made sense and although im not told a happy ending i know what is needed for me
Irish girl from Ireland on 06/08/2017


I come to you in relation to him time and time again yet never manage to leave you a review. Well he's finally done it... told me hes in love with me. You did tell me things would be a lot better in the second half of the year. Hopefully, this is as you've picked up and theres a lot more of a settling period ahead. Thank you so much. Such an exceptional lady xxxxx I also wanted to express here that Abbey is a HUMAN and an EARTH ANGEL...she tells you at the beginning of the call how she reads and connects. So her asking a few questions her and there is fine as shes checking on picking up on the right energy. Some people consider this rude or shes not a real reader...and, of course, write shitty reviews. SHES Amazing in opinion but each have their own...
Ann from London on 05/08/2017


I have had many readings. A friend of mine recommended you from another site. I'm so glad i took her advice! You blown me away. I felt so connected to you. You Completely understood my pain, my struggles, what I needed to do to overcome them. You gave me confidence and reassurance. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, how much it meant, the level you connected with my pain and guided me on my journey ahead. xxxxx You are an Earth Angel and may God Bless you !! I look forward to next time,. Sorry we got cut off, but I reached my limit!! x
P from Oakland on 04/08/2017

Highly recommended!

SHe somehow managed to answer some of my questions whilst was thinking about them which freaked me out a bit. Beacsue i never said a word. Gave me confidence in the future. An excellent reading. 100% accurate. Highly recommended!!!!!!
Haley from Reading on 04/08/2017

Excellent reader

Had a reading from Abbey a few days ago and had asked her a specific question. I wasn't necessarily expecting the answer I received in the reading, but was very happy with it and in fact the very next day, it transpired that what she told me in answer to my question was absolutely correct. I intend to take the advice given within the reading in order for me to attain my goal. Very matter of fact reader, gets straight to the point which I appreciated. Thank you!
Gemma from on 28/07/2017


Amazing! She probably doesn't even know how spot on he was as I asked for a general love reading, no specific questions, but she got every aspect of what I was dealing with and trying to achieve. Loads of brilliant advice, so much detail that I make sure to record the reading to listen back on. My favourite reader by far because she's accurate, delivers her message honestly yet sympathetically and I feel she genuinely does this to help people. Thank you so very much. Highly impressed. Recommended reader. Glad We connected.
Kelly from Austrailia on 24/07/2017

1st Time Reader

The time flew seemed like seconds as opposed to minutes. Very good reading. Description of feelings was accurate with straight talking positives and negatives (Very real) and provided clarity on what I wanted to know and how to approach the situation I've found myself in with better understanding. Thank you, Abbey, I will be back in touch soon.
River from Sydney on 24/07/2017


Outstanding reader! Didnt have to say a word and she picked up on my situation right away. Now, thats whats I call a gift! No cards that she explained and I am so thankful you were recommended to me. I will ONLY be coming to you from now on. A fantastic non-judgmental and compassionate reader. Worth every cent! You've found a follower in me! Thanks for keeping it real x
Anton from on 21/07/2017

all these people defending abbey

People may find abbey great and some people may find her rude and opinionated -everyone has an opinion-she may have had an off day when she talked to me-I'm not stopping people from ringing her -
Alex from Melbourne on 19/07/2017

You've gota be kidding me

Abbey works on energy and vibrations through the callers' energy. Take a look at your own energy before u claim her to be rude. FAR from it! I hate when I read bad reviews from honest hard working sincere readers. If you don't like what they have to say then you didn't connect. Simple. MAYBE you are seeing her to be rude because she's picking up on ur energy! Jeezuz. This lady has Literally saved my relationship and guided me through some very tough times. Also, ABBEY I THINK YOU SHOULD REPLY TO YOUR HATERS AND LOVERS of course! Please stay true to you and your gift. Lots of love xx
from international on 18/07/2017

Bet they wont publish this

FINALLY, I had a reading with Abbey, I would say she is one of the most accurate readers on social psychics, she started the reading and she just gave and gave more validations for me without any talking from me, she just flowed with information. Not sure why such hate she is not rude at all! can't please everyone eh! Predictions have unfolded as you said and said things word by word exactly about the person in question. It was like I was talking to him!! Thank you love you are BRILLIANT!Thank you for an uplifting reading. Talk soon xx
Anon from Queens on 18/07/2017

Shocked and I am sooo sorry

Dear "ANON" -(same person again, and again) We both know who you are. You actually turn everything around and twist things with most the readers on here! Abbey does have a sarcastic sense of humour and she alway clarifies. I believe Abbey has to clarify things to people as they don't like what she has the say...the truth with no sugar coating. So many readers get bad reviews because people who call expect them to fall at their feet. So quick to call her rude when that's the perspective you can only focus on. How do I know this? Because I KNOW who you are! I'm so sorry to all the readers on here that I got this ANON to this line. Abbey remember what you told me 'haters are your motivators' - These are cheap people and you don't talk cheap so they can handle an educated and a gifted person. She is NOT rude but will not take rubbish either. Perhaps you find her response rude. That's not what she's here for. She works on vibrations and energy. Having said that, I had another amazing reading today and again really hard to get a hold of. SocialPsychics are lucky to have some amazing readers but no one is perfect. EXCELLENT reading again Abbey and for all the naysayers...remember you don't have to put up with verbal abuse from them. They have come to you for help. Keep your head up and strong as your word is golden! I hope you are doing well on your book. I'm sorry, we got cut off before I could ask.
Kelly from Anon on 18/07/2017

They won't publish this

She is a very rude lady. The way she talks if you clarify or question her is absolutely horrible.
Anon from London on 17/07/2017


Rude and sarcastic at one point she said she's giving me her opinion I said I don't want that I want a reading. Don't believe she's a psychic at all. Very judgemental ended up hanging up on her. Don't waste your minutes unless you want to more confused.
Anon from Anon on 15/07/2017

Blown away once again

1st) These two people calling you names and insulting abbeys gift is not acceptable. For instance, ANON ( hmm ) why call Abbey again if she was so rude to you in the first place? You see someone's review and later decide you will now write one too. Pathetic. Why waste money if she was os bad in the first place. Makes zero sense. 2) The lady who said rude and rubbish - guessing she didn't like what she had to hear. Not sure, but she's not rude at all. Remember this is a service is for entertainment purposes only!!! Take it with a pinch of salt, remember you come here for guidance! They are all here for help. Take in mind there are here to help. You go in with a negative attitude isn't their fault. Abbey as the majority have spoken I agree that you are by far one of the best readers I've come through. No wonder you're writing that book!! People need to hear what you can say and help! So very helpful, uplifting, compassionate and non-judgmental. Predictions have come to pass and in my favor! Like you said!! You rock! Thanks for tthe inspiration!
Angie from on 11/07/2017

A real love and relationship Guru...

Well! I put my situation and feelings into Abbey's "sieve" and after she shook it a few times only the finer matter came out- the lumps stayed behind!What a phenomenal reader as well as a beautiful person. She is worth the wait if you want to know where uou are in uour life! Thank you Abbey. ronnieslade.. .
Ronnie from Milton Keynes on 09/07/2017

So rude

Agree with flower, had a reading in April sooooo rude! Had an other reading today , don't know why ...she is even more rude and guess work all the way , as if she could not Be bothered!!
from on 08/07/2017


Abbey is really good... some spot on comments and very inuitive.... Also kind and helpful. Thanks very much!
eve from northampton on 07/07/2017

So nice to see you finally come back!

Somethin ive noticed. people call and look for god talking to them. So many people come in with baggage and negativity that each reader absorbs. Tere are people who go from one the next and next and next until they hear what they WANT TI HEAR. I did it myself. Asking the same question over and over and getting the answer frustrates people.How are they suppose too give you the same answer in different ways? I am a reader myself so I know how it feels. Abbey was recommended to me from another site and I will refer them to her as well. For the price, this is the best value!! I feel sorry for the readers bc people are more likely to leave a bad review than a good one. I've never felt she's being rude, sometimes fires back with a question, but I learned it's because I already knew the answer and she taught me to listen to my instincts!. Some don't like to be challenged I guess, but Abbey isn't just an ordinary reader, so she won't be for all. She will only tell you the truth good or bad, and even says I see something not good, would you like me to tell you...she offers and asks before considering feelings! Compassion! Caring and REAL. So those who slag readers off remember you came to them!! They are here to help you can take it or leave it but stop with the bitchiness!! Anyway, so glad you are back Abbey, I know its been hard for you and gong through a hard time but I saltue you for coming on to helps even those ungrateful! Love and Peace <3 <3 Till next time
Anon from Anon on 07/07/2017

absolutely rabish and rude
flower from Cardiff on 05/07/2017

thank u

abbey was brilliant! she gave a lovely reading and explained what each element meant. made me see things from another point of view which I never thought about. very uplifting and such a motivator!! I've been waiting forever to get a reading from her bc she's been recommended by friends and they were right, I wasn't disappointed and she's a fabulous reader and compassionate and doesn't sugar coat. Bless her soul as she kept saying 'i'm sorry I don't mean this in a bad way but" .... she was being real!! And so kind and compassionate! suppose she's had some idiots who don't like what they need to hear! Thank you so much for the positivity and encouragement! I will take the wonderful advice!!
taj from on 30/06/2017


This reading was by far the best reading i have ever had. She zoned in right away and blew my mind. Nailed everything then explained in detail what to expect. Some of it already happened. Told me things no on else would ever know. Gave me a detailed description without me saying a word!! Kind, compassionate and caring was just a PLUS! Abbey nailed this reading and from now I will only go to her. Her psychology skills were an added bonus. I felt uplifted and empowered. I can't Thank you enough. You changed my life literally!! Should be on TV or radio or something! Thank you! God Bless. Talk soon take care xx
Martha from on 13/06/2017

Thank you

Thank you for your insight Abbey. I am sorry we got cut off... What you have said makes sense to me.
Donatella from Australia on 16/05/2017

Scarily spot on!!

Avni is one of my favourite readers. She predicted the outcome of something which was bothering me last week, and luckily her prediction went in my favour. Did not hesitate and was very sure of the outcome, so I immediately felt at ease. Thank you, soo much for coming on more on here for me. You kept your promise! You are brilliant! Thank you, Abbey! Highly recommended!!!
Yvie from UK on 30/04/2017

Predictions came to

Hey Guys This lady is amazing. You wont believe everything she predicted happen within 2 days, I not only got a message from guy, but he wanted my number and to come over as well..which I played kool like she explained hahah and yes his still at my back. But she also explains what he feels how he feels and what his move will be next and she gives you advice or predictions what to do..Omg shes amazing and worth your money and time..Abbey tunes in very quickly which you will be surprised and I would rate her a 10/10 Abbey predicted my easter weekend to be fun and he would be in my face all weekend hahah I had a jolly good time watching exactly that and how he was tryng so hard to get my attention 24/7 Thank you and will keep you posted.. caroline
Caroline from Edinburgh on 30/04/2017

Today I had a reading with Abbey, I would say she is one of the most accurate readers on social psychics, she started the reading and she just gave and gave more validations for me without any talking from me, she just flowed with information and gave me some sound advice also. Which I appreciate I will definitely be calling her again! She's fantastic! Mary
Mary from Oz on 29/04/2017


Thank you so much for my amazing reading Abbey! I always feel blessed to have spoken to you as your in high demand!! I am always uplifted and feel healed after talking to you, my earth Angel
Serena from Perth on 28/04/2017

Definately honest and certainly resonated

Yes a few (not many) questions were asked but this reading definately resonated and was not what I wanted to hear, that said it certainly wasn't a negative reading. It's very refreshing to hear it how it is, after all life is often not a bowl of cherries. So mote it be.
Phil from South West on 25/04/2017

Never mind

Has a reading with this lady about 3/4 weeks ago, she said there would be contact with my ex within 2 weeks and that didn't happen, also said he would come back and it would be my choice to take him back or not, never happened. And I know for certain it won't happen. It's not just this lady, I've had numerous readings on here and not once has it happened as they say it will. Think it's time to call it quits
Bliss from Oxford on 24/04/2017

Trust this gifted lady!

This is the second time that I have spoken to Abbey. This lady will be all over you from the get go! Listen to her and act on her findings.You will not go wrong. Truly spiritual, truly insightful and truly gifted.
Ronnie from Berkshire on 16/04/2017

A true a master !!

On a scale of 1 – 10, the reading was a 110!! My reading with you was awesome and you zeroed in precisely on what I was going on And every person involved! You were masterful at recognizing my symptoms and recommending the appropriate methods to alleviate my discomfort in this whole mess! On a scale of 1­ to 10 the reading was a more than what I ever expected! 100000 Outstanding! I want to Thank You so much! Everything is happening just as you said. You are my Angel xox ~ Elizabeth, California, USA
Eli from Usa on 10/04/2017

spot on!

everything you said was spot on!!! v happy with your reading and will stick with you and i'll be back! thanks abby!
k from on 06/04/2017


Absolutely brilliant! Spot on! Predictions have come to pass and has nailed every reading. Love u abbey!
Jeff from on 05/04/2017

Top Marks

Clinton from on 04/04/2017


I've had loads of readings and each reader have different gifts and deliver differently. I've seen most reviews and WOW... Why do people think its okay to trash talk readers if they aren't told what they want to hear, esp time frames! Abbey tells people right off about time frames and how they work. I know this from my experience and from people I have referred to her. I've written this before on another readers profile. Don't ask for timelines because it is not guaranteed considering it does not exist in the spiritual world. People who complain about waste of money - this is the CHEAPEST ONLINE if you do your research, you'll notice that many psychics have negative reviews written including with people moaning about their predictions not happening on time. THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES! No one is perfect! Abbey is one of the best on here!
from London on 02/04/2017

01/04/17 - Lovely accurate reader

Was on the phone for over an hr
Amanda from on 01/04/2017


le from uk on 31/03/2017

Love life

Absolutely spot on with everything, got everything right, can't wait to speak to her in the future 100/100, thank you for your help, Amanda x
Amanda from Grimsby england on 29/03/2017

Predictions came true

Spoke with Abbey last week and she told me me so called ex will be in touch within a few days to weeks. Spoke with Abbey on Sunday and he called Monday - JUST AS SHE SAID! He came back just the way she said. Word by word. Had a wonderful and uplifting reading today again today and she was clear, precise and spot on it again. Very kind, compassionate and genuine. I will be back!! Thank you it was a pleasure x
Julie from Australia on 29/03/2017


I was using a different service and paying so much more for a reading. A friend referred me to Trusted Psychics telling me is was so much cheaper and told me to go to Abbey. I was hesitant as first because this service is so cheap compared to others around. So, I basically called to test Abbey ( lol Abbey I did confess ) being in my job profession I know when someone is lying or not I work in the police Dep as a detective. My verdict. Pros - Humble. Honest. Compassionate. Kind. Sincere. Eerily correct. Connected easily. On point. Passed my trick question. Genuine caring reader. Gifted. Not a time waster. Cons - Extremely difficult to get ahold of. The intro is too long.( if you don't get through after the intro, you lose mins) but to be fair it's a cheap service so can't complain. Conclusion - Well worth the wait and went far and beyond my expectations! An asset to this service as other services charge much higher rates. Abbey was the best I've had so far and I purposely made it difficult for it!! You passed with flying colors Abby! Keep up the good work! Will only use this service now and recommend you to others. God bless Tessa
Tess - Police Detective from Litchfield on 28/03/2017

Thank you

just wanted to thank you for the insightful reading. it confirmed my feelings and i feel much better after talking to you. you got the heart of things and certainly my heart being it was a v meaningful reading. i could have gone on and on but was low of credit. SocialPsychics has reasonable rates compared to the sky high rocket amounts other sites have. So glad I found you.def worth the money and will def be back. Thanks again. greatly recommened!
Emma from on 27/03/2017

Not for me, she disregarded my intuitive thoughts on the matter and insisted what she was telling me was correct. Maybe its the way she delivers the message if its negative its great to hear the truth just felt she was exaggerating slightly i know because i am a also a empath
Dee from Uk on 25/03/2017

A real gem!

Abbey has just helped me understand my NDE (near death experience). This lady should on the TV! She is golden and so sincere. You just know that she is tuned into a mother! We'll talk again Abbey. Thank you, Ronnie.
Ronnie from Berkshire on 25/03/2017


A fabulous reader! Got everything down be detail to detail. Went right into reading and picked up on all the things i called for without me asking. Left uplifted and great !! Predictions seem to be realistic and some already happened!
Coco from Wales on 23/03/2017

don't normally leave revI views but I felt that I really had to for this earth angel

I don't normally leave reviews but I felt that I really had to because of how horrid some people can be. Abbey is a honest reader and anyone who questions that shouldnt be calling this service. She tells you the truth and if she cant pick up on anything particular issue she tells you. For me personally, She is an Earth Angel and a beautiful accurate reader with a bright soul.
from on 22/03/2017


She is superb, always pleasure to speak with! Please if you are reading this so not allow this review by HN from UK on 19/03/2017 - discourage you. We all have our opinions and we don't always connect with some readers. HN from UK on 19/03/2017 is out of order attacking Abbey like this! I'm shocked that she questioned Abbey being a reader because its evident that Abbey is very popular! I've had many readings with her as well as others and all have been great! Abbey is exceptional and I'm surprised at admin for allowing that review considering this is a physic line! It's shocking and unsettling!!!
Vic from Austraila on 21/03/2017


This is a reply to the last review by HN who wants just wants to be rude! I mean when you go shopping I'm sure you have questions of what youre buying ( ie reading your SIZE maybe tring on a clothng etc) - THIS IS NO DIFFERENT. HOW DARE YOU!? I'd like to answer your question. YES ABBEY IS A READER and not only is she a reader she is incredible and a GIFTED READER! I suggest you read her profile and if you have any understanding of her gifts its about vibes and enegeries, so it would be normal for her to ask questions to make sure she gets the correct vibration and energy. I think is disgusting that people like yourself expect these readers to be GOD - YOU came to HERE!! That too Trusted is the cheapest service online with REAL READERS! Just because she asked you questions does mean you have to discredit her and question her gift! I mean REALLY? Take a look at all the others who have left reviews NONE have questioned her reading ability! I mean how would YOU like it if someone personally attacked you in your work place or of any skill you have? READ THE DISCLAIMER "HN" - UK - THIS SERVICE IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! It annoys the hell out of me and I know some of us others who are thankful and greatful for her humble reading. I am a regular and have been for over a year with Abbey ahve have two other readers when I cant get her. ALL have different ways of reading. How about make sure you know you are perfect before yo point fingers at others. Remember YOU CAME TO TRUSTED! What a disgrace and disrespectful you are! Get of your high horse and make sure YOU are perfect! How dare you personally attack someone!?- ABBEY dont let petty peoples mind get to you. YOU have a lot of followers and not all will connect. You carry on as you do and please dont allow negative people in- you've also been on point with my readings and thats why I keep coming back.
Jem from Birmingham on 21/03/2017

Well worth!

Finally, accurate could have talked all night very powerful advice on how to approach future communication with this person. Predictions have come to glad I finally got through to you!!!!!!...thank- you so much Abbey
Phil from on 20/03/2017

she's terrible

asked so many questions and complete guesswork. and you call yourself a reader??
HN from UK on 19/03/2017

Highly Recommened! 5*****

For me it was like I was talking to a close friend. Very understanding and certainly compassionate. Zoned right into my situation and people involved. I had two main concerns, love and career. Spot on with both. Very well balanced and very well articulated. She confirmed many things and her predictions are unfolding as we speak! ( A little eariler than she said, but she did say timing is not always correct but she tried and was right on point in the predictions). I felt calmer and much ligter and uplifted after talking to her. I feel bad for all the energies she has to pick up, it cant be easy! I was very happy with my reading and I will keep her as my fav and will be back! Cheers!
K from Sydney on 18/03/2017

An amazing reading!

Comforting. Positive. Accurate. Picked up exactly without me saying anything! Encouraging and reassuring. I have no doubts. I look forward to calling you soon with an update. Thankyou xx
Deb from Alice Springs Australia on 15/03/2017

Highly Recommened!!

I have to say I have waited weeks for ABBEY! Far from patronising AT ALL (@C, London) .. she was sooooo worth the wait and worth every single penny and every second!!! She didnt waste any time and got right into the reading and picked up on my situation without any promoting. AMAZING!! Made me see things and gave me clarity. This reading was beyond my expectations and I had to keep topping up! If I wasnt poor I would be still talking to you ABBEY! Key points you hit on and descriptions down to a T! You compassion and understanding skills are outstanding and I walked away feeling so much lighter and felt I made a friend for life!! I will certainly be back but I do hope it doesnt take me weeks, but well worth the wait!!!!! Thank you Abbey!! God Bless!
Iva from Perth on 10/03/2017


Abbey, I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to thank you for tuning in so well to me (We got cut off). Thanks for all the great information and advice. I'll let you know how it goes. Karen (re: beautiful guy who's pushing away true feelings). Was really interesting talking to you. Thank you Abbey.
Karen from on 07/03/2017

Abby was 100 percent spot on

Thank you so much Abby. You literally plucked words and thoughts out of my mind. I had spokrn to a friend regarding my situation and you actually said the same things to me as i had said to my friend. It was exactly word for word on more than one occasion during my reading. You picked up on my vibe and the vibe of the other person concerned and described him and his character to a tee. 100 per cent spot on and i will definitely call on you again. Natasha 06/03/2017
Natasha from Australia on 06/03/2017


Loved the reading - good validations, and clear predictions. Forewarned is forearmed and I appreciate the tips to cope with the future. Great reader...
Lyn from Perth on 06/03/2017


I'm very thankful for your honesty Abbey. I never liked what you had to say but sadly for me i know what you picked up on was correct. I've been holding onto something that just ain't going to happen. Deep down I've known it but I also have been keeping onto the hope he will be back. I found out today and got confirmation on everything you said. His moved on and is getting married to that girl. I'm sad things didn't work out but at least I can move on now and I got the closure and clarity from you. I didn't want to believe you but I want to Thaank you for your honesty and not telling me what I wanted to hear and have me call back again and again. That makes you true to your gift. Never kept me in the phone forever and told me straight. Thank you God bless!
Vicki from Coventry on 04/03/2017


Abbey definitely has a gift. But I found her to be slightly patronising.She kept saying I didn't understand. I was surprised at the lack of empathy.I didn't expect nothing but the truth, and the outcome sounds good but it's the way she seems to think you can't think for yourself. I had to end the call. Disappointed.
C from London on 04/03/2017


just wow! Thank you ever so much! Highly recommened!
Em from on 25/02/2017

Fabulous - real reader

Just fabulous, nothing else to say but highly recommend. x
from Scotland on 19/02/2017


Clair from on 19/02/2017


Came true - contact made in 3 days! I'll be back to update on what future holds!
from Australia on 19/02/2017


Abbbey is brilliant! Everything she said has come true just the way she said it would. She got all the personailities correct and it was like she knew them and shes never even met them. I keep coming back with questions and Abbey thanks for being so patience and compassionate with me, but you always make me feel better and safer. You are the only one that can calm me down and I trust in everything you say because you havent failed me, not once! Dont ever leave here bc i'll be lost without you! We've become friends now and I can tell you anything without any judgement which is rare and you are always always right with my predictions and traits of people! Love you Abbey Dont ever change!!
Niki from bham on 15/02/2017


She is very balanced. At first I wasnt sure about Abbey, but as she started hitting on key points I was taken. The last review is right in some sense that Abbey is a great Psychic and def uses it, in my case she did and after offered the physcholgy part of thing. For me that was TWO IN ONE kinda Deal. It really made me understand what was happening and why it was happening. Her predictions have unfolded in the past as they are doing now. She never beats around the bush and gives it to you like it is. It was lovely talking to her as it felt like talking to a mate not patronising at all! More compassionate and understanding. She def made me think outside the box and I was a total mess when I came to her and she was the only one I clicked with and managed to calm me down. Abbey's paitence is outstanding and I'll take that wisdom anytime and I just see it as a pluss!! Def get more than my moneys worth with this reader as well as two others. Her Psychic side is very strong and on point even when giving bad news, she doesnt leave you hanging. Everyone s different with good points and bad. Her only downside is that shes hard to get ahold of!!! I'd pay a lot more for readers like Abbey!! I personally want to thank you through my hard time and being honest with me and also not sugar coating. Your predictions have and are unfolding exactly like you said. It' all happening and now Im more prepared!! Cheers Abbey!
Sue from London on 14/02/2017

Practical reader...this is a balanced review

Accurate, psychic, picks up on everything. But she can be patronising. Dont know if this is a real issue cos every reader is different. Works for some i guess. I would prefer if she trusts in my own wisdom but sticks to psychic info which she is good at. Can't have everything tho there are some mega amazing readers on here and heal and encourage, and at the same time stick to their psychic abilities. But guess sometimes we need the practical and relity check that she offers. some dire ones on here who ask questions then make you feel bad. She's not like that. So id say shes good for a psychic reading but feel brave to tell her that you don't want the advice and psychology if its not your thing. She will respect that
from on 11/02/2017

Thank you

Thank you for an honest reading.
Simone from U.K. on 07/02/2017

Keeps unfolding just like she said...

More of Abbey's predictions are unfolding for me exactly as she said they would. She has been so calming and helpful throughout my situation and has helped me to grow and develop as a person which wasn't something I was expecting when ringing a psychic line. I started talking to her in October and my patience and her advice are starting to pay off. Thank you Abbey, you're a star!
Leanne from Watford on 06/02/2017


Before I said a single word she picked up right away WITHOUT A SINGLE WORD. Every word after she said blasted me away. I mean I never said a word!!!!!! She told me things no one ever would have ever known. Abbey told me to check on a few things and lord and behold she right bang on!!! Thank you so much I found out a lot more!!!! Thanks for being patient and I had to keep topping up ! Could have spoken to you foevere. REALLY AMAZING!
Jill from London on 06/02/2017


A review is exactly that...An individual review on experience. Yes sometimes connection is not possible, why is it a problem when someone who paid good money, left a review to say that the reader couldn't connect or was wrong. It's also possible the readers energy was also off. She is not God, but a human who has good and bad days. No one personally attacked her. They merely stated their personal experience. With me she stated that an individuals Mother was gravely ill, after speaking to him. I found this not too be the case. There is nothing wrong with my energy, shame on those that don't allow other paying customers to freely express themselves. It's wonderful her predictions and connection with you worked. And it's also a good thing that people know no psychic is perfect, and sometimes connection is not guarenteed.
Linda from London on 02/02/2017


Yeal from Aust on 02/02/2017


Woooza is all I gotta say to these crappy reviews! Abbey states she works on enegeries and vibrations so it could be that these peoples' were crappy OR she couldnt pick it up! FFS people for the price you pay and still complain - sham on you! For all your infomation Abbey's only con is that shes hard to get!!! But once i get here I keep her for as log as I can! Abbey your Validations are alllll unfolding as you said they would and your were right now im eve more confused!!! please please come on i need a reading!! You've got a terrfic way with would and you know how to calm me down when im having my meltdowns. I'm entitled to an opinion, and I've given an honest review based on my experience with ABBEY - but jjeeze some people want crap for free!!! If you got nothng good to say dont say it at all....after all U came *here*!! Can never please some people but ypoure my Angel Abbey and personally think you are worth much more!!!!! Keep up the loving and postive vibes !!! Love ya!
Anna from S on 31/01/2017


Surprised at these hostile reviews!!! Abbey doesn't tell you what you want to hear but what she feel. I've had readings from her many times and have be meaning to write a review and haven't got the chance. She has helped me through ALOT of my issues and has always been on point in picking things up withOut me prompting her. I've tested Abbey (lol abbbey) and she's come through even when I never liked what I've heard. You don't connect with everyone and haters gonna hate REF Clare- ever thought of maybe this guy isn't gonna be around in next few months which is why not gonna be 2- 3 years?! THIS reader is 5**** !!! Don't be discouraged by these crappy reviews... she's a reader not GOD! EVERYTHING Abbey has said to me has unfolded (timing a little here and there) but she's nailed it EVERYTIME!!! She's picked up on on people's traits to a T!!! No hinting to her and she's never even met them but been on point with every situation!!! AMAZING AND WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY unlike other sites that charge you a fortune!!!! STAY WITH TRUSTED!!!!YOU ROCK!!!!!
Emma from on 30/01/2017

Not good

This lady said her readings only covered 3-6 months and she couldn't go any further than that but she contradicted herself by saying that the guy I was calling about would not be around for another 2-3 years!
Clare from **** on 28/01/2017


No validations at all, contradicted herself, I left the reading feeling even more confused which is a shame, probably good for other people but not right for me
Lyn from London on 24/01/2017


Firstly the line was very bad, no validations on person I asked about. Kept on repeating the same thing. No connection made. Very disappointed, from the reviews I thought she would be better. For people wanting to respond to my review. I'm entitled to an opinion, and I've given an honest review based on my experience with her.
Linda from London on 24/01/2017


So very pleased I was able to get a reading with Abbey - what a gift! The connection was terrific, details spot on, and the predictions very realistic indeed. Loved chatting with you Abbey, I gained some valuable guidance and look forward to being able to chat again and tell of great strides. Thank you - my luck was in....
Lyn from Oz on 17/01/2017

Always fantastic!

I have spoken to Abbey many times over the last few months and she has always been great. She has a calming manner and she will give it to you straight, there's no airy fairy maybes with her. I'm surprised by the negative reviews here as she has known things about my situation that I didn't even know at the time. I always trust her to help me find the right path when I'm lost. She's honest, funny and friendly. I'd highly recommend!!!
Leanne from Watford on 16/01/2017

Lately on Livelines

I have had many readings from day to day from different readers. Some connect right away and some take time while others I just don't connect with. I read through the reviews first and then decide. Abbey, does work differently to the traditional card readers but has ALWAYS BEEN CONSISTENT with her readings and also with other readers. She asks questions as she will will tell you because she works with vibes and enegeries and not just cards. To pick up the correct enegerries she has to know if she's picking up the correct ones. Sorry I feel I need to even write this review because at the low cost rate Livelines give s she is EXCEPTIONAL as well are some others but whom also get backlashes like the niki and m above have. The reviews are just mean and uncalled for just bc you don't get what you want to hear! I've seen at least 3 readers ( top readers being bashed by people because a reader has 'asked a question or the time frame was wrong) they are not perfect and nor are you! Abbey is hard to get a hold of but I agree with the majority that she is worth every penny! She won't tell you want you want to hear and even says sorry when it's not good news. Don't let these peipl discourage you Abbey bc you have a lot of followers. Like you say to me stay true to yourself! You have a wonderful gift and the people who cant appreciate it should go somewhere else! Lord knows how patient you have been with me and convinced me I'm not crazy and your predictions have are are coming to pass.
Mira from Birmingham on 16/01/2017

Not a psychic. Just a psychologist

Agree with Nikki, she asked too many questions the. Make assumptions. She's just a psychologist not a psychic
M from USA on 15/01/2017


Last chick was RUDE! Abbey is also honest even when u dont wanna here it! Her advise is flawless and precitions have come to pass....time is a but iffy sometimes but she never claims perfection on tim frames. In my case i thought it was hopeless. She guided me and said things i never throught were possible but it all came true and in time frames! Shes one of THE BEST readers on here. EVeryone has their own way on here and if she didnt work for you try another! No one is GOD here and she is the REAL DEAL hense the reviews! Every peny worth it Abbey keep it up. YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST!!! Pls continue and help us! Thank you!
Jemma from on 15/01/2017


I'm surprised with the good reviews she has because I don't see it as being natural seeing as she asked me a lot of questions and then obviously made an assumption on it. Line was bad also. Kept breaking in between. Not for me
Nikki from London on 11/01/2017

Finally got through on phone line

Liked Lucy. Hope it all comes about.
jacinth from France on 04/01/2017


Abbey was amazing! She puts things into prospective. My situation with the person in concern was spot on!
Cara from London on 02/01/2017


Abbey is a brill reader.! Very honest and open. Felt very comfortable talking to her. Lifted my spirits and confidence as a person and allowed me to look at a higher perspective of life, situations. can talk to her all day. very impressed. will defo speak soon. x
Nicky from UK on 20/12/2016

Lovely lady

I called abbey today and i was feeling very upset....i cant believe how quickly she picked up my problem.....i now feel alot better talking to her as shes such understanding feeling really relaxed n positive....thanks abbey xxx
Sophie from Uk on 07/12/2016

Thank you

Thank you for a great reading. I'll continue to work on myself, and I have victory, happiness and success is the end result as you predicted. Will call in again soon.
Mina from Australia on 03/12/2016

Thanks for understanding

She understood where I came from and encouraged me to stay in that place. Could have kept talking but got cut off really easy to talk to. Will certainly touch base and yes I will stay in the mindset of unconditional love and be PATIENT as he is worth wishes you deserve happy too and so do I thanks for your kind words and for helping me to remember that positive is the key as is timing. Many blessings and much happiness to you xx
Julie from Aistralia on 30/11/2016

Abbey had been so accurate from the first time I spoke to her. Everything she has predicted continues to unfold as she said it would. Her readings are always fantastic and I come away feeling lighter.
Leanne from Watford on 28/11/2016


Description of the man and situation was so accurate. She's amazing. Gave me sound advice and will follow up on it!
K from London on 28/11/2016


Thankyou for such a lovely reading you were spot on with what has been going on in my life in many ways. I will be in contact with you soon with a update to how things turn out, thank you
Sharon from London on 27/11/2016


Thank you Abbey for one of the most warmest and true readings regarding my love interest.....I am looking forward to confirming all you told me in December. Love and light my friend xx
marian from cumbria on 26/11/2016

Spot on

Abbey connected straight away.
Gary from Sydney on 22/11/2016

Thankyou for hart in your hand

Will tell you how it is wow Spot on Thankyou
Ann from Australia on 17/11/2016


Abbey's predictions continue to unfold exactly as she said they would. She really gets to the point without sugar coating anything. She will tell you the complete truth and steer you down the right path. Thanks again Abbey, I will keep you posted!
Leanne from Watford on 14/11/2016

A true medium!

Abbey was amazing. She picked my situation with a man that's oversea without even cutting the cards! She described him like she knew him! Will keep you updated
K. from London on 14/11/2016


Thank you for a spot I'm reading.. And hitting the nail to my head for me to realise! No reader has been as honest as you have been with me! Thank you for your guidance! Will call you soon to update you on what's happening !
Joy from Australia on 12/11/2016

Fantastic reading

If you want an honest reading then Abbey is the lady for you. Abbey picked up on my situation without any prompting from myself, described the characters of the people involved and how things would unfold. There was no waffling and no just telling you what she thought you wanted to hear. If you can handle the truth and you want to be told it like it is then give Abbey a call. She's also very friendly and easy to talk to, thanks Abbey I will update you as things unfold ????
Jacqueline from U.K. on 11/11/2016

Spot on!

Thanks Abbey, I'll be in touch. You were so accurate.
Lia from Australia on 08/11/2016

EXCELLENT!!!!! Earth angel xxx

Abbey is a genuine psychic and tunes into your life and situation straight away. She is honest and will give you a genuine reading.xxxx
Sharon from Ireland on 08/11/2016

Great insightful reader

What an amazing compassionate person. Picked up on my situation without input. Not only a tatented reader Abbey has outstanding counselling abilities. Thank you for giving me the clarity i was searching for and the sound advice alongside. Definitely will call again in the near future. God bless
Ross from Australia on 08/11/2016

Abbey really knows her stuff! Her predictions regarding my situation are starting to unfold exactly as she said they would. Feeling much calmer about things now.
Leanne from Watford on 06/11/2016

Feel so much lighter and armed with insight and solutions. Thank you. Very psychic xx
Eva from on 06/11/2016

Fantastic Reading

I'm very happy with my reading. Abbey, picked up on my energy straight away and was able to guide me on my journey. Thank you so much Abbey. I look forward to more readings
Tanya Hinds from London on 04/11/2016


Abbey is fantastic. She gets to the root of the issue and offers great advice. I really hope she's right about my situation. She's a very popular reader, been trying to get a reading but she's always busy
Leanne from Watford on 01/11/2016

True to each word Very indepth very happy with my reading Wii call again Thankyou Abbey
Ann from Australia on 01/11/2016

Spot on!

I had a reading from Abbey, spot on, no nonsense, no sugar coating just clear and straightforward perfect guidance. Speaking to Abbey was like speaking to a close friend of many years, so easy and effortless. Would certainly recommend to everyone and will be certainly back for more when times require. Thank you !!!!
Aneta from London on 30/10/2016

One of a kind THANK YOU SO MUCH

I've had loads of reading but never one like this before!!! Everything she said was on point without me saying anything!!! Gave me predictions that have unfolded exactly like she said!! The life coaching And the physiotherapy gave me sio much insight and clarity to all my situations!! Def got more than my monies worth and kept having to top up!! I did feel soooo much lighter after the call and then after the excersisess you told me to I feel strong now within myself and my future!!!! THANK YOU ABBEY PLEASE STAY ON LIVELINES SO I CAN REACH YOU!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
Ry from Australia on 29/10/2016

Thank you

Abbey thank you for your guidence You are spot on
L from Australia on 29/10/2016

Time will tell

Thank you so much for the wonderful chat we had last night. I feel so much better after talking to you. I soo hope that you are accurate! Time will tell. I hope I'm not waiting too long to find out and get clarity and answers. I have to say though, you really made sense and were accurate in your descriptions. xo
Frances from Australia on 27/10/2016


A lovely down to earth, compassionate lady. So understood and tuned in right away. Some amazing insight!! This lady is different from all others! Glad I got you! I know you will be hard to get ahold of soon!! Thank you! Will be back with an updated!!!
Fran from Australia on 26/10/2016

Picked up

Picked up my situation rite away! Sorry got cut off cud have spoken forever!! Thanks for the insight and guidance! U were spot in and gave me some clarity. I feel like it was talking to a mate! Surprised u dont have more reviews!!? Speak soon!! xoxo
TYen from on 24/10/2016
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