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Live Reader Profile: Leona

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"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 1483

Hello my name is Leona and I am an experienced Angel and Tarot card reader using my intuitive abilities to answer your big and small questions. I am a true listener, connecting to you on a deeper level. I have been on one amazing spiritual journey and I cannot wait to assist you with my spiritual abilities. PIN: 1483
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It was like she was inside my head

The reading was really good. Leona gave validation, after validation on how i was feeling and the sequence of events in so much detail, even gave me details on how to develop my own spirituality. I really enjoyed it, however the predictions weren't very clear, but I enjoyed the reading and found some answers that I really needed. Thank you so much Leona
Optimist from London on 06/02/2018

Great reader!!!

I spoke to Leona a while back, and my review showed she was one that I believed to be on the nail - and she is!! Thoroughly enjoyed my latest chat with her and found all validations to be accurate. Thank you so much.
Lynda from Perth on 06/02/2018

Very Good

Picked up on many things happening around me....even the weird events happening in my house!
Gwen from Australia on 25/01/2018

Beautiful reading

Thank you for the reading Leona I ran out of funds but Leona is an amazing reader ... Spot on in so many ways I felt she really connected with me on so many levels and she tells you things just as they are :) I definately felt she picked up on alot and understood myself and the situation on so many levels. Thank you Leona hopefully I can come back for a reading soon !!:-)
from on 17/01/2018

Very positive

Leona thank you for a very positive reading hoping it all unfolds
Ann from Australia on 07/01/2018

Thank you

Sorry I couldn't finish my chat but you have been brilliant , you are an excellent reader who picks up on everything so well thank you for your help
Clare from Right here on 28/12/2017


Very good, no nonsense reading. She helped me to evaluate a situation for which I feel prepared now. There was no lull in the conversation. An interesting and useful reading. Thank you. X
Anon from on 12/12/2017

Lovely chat!

I didn't know where the time go speaking to her. Lovely person,easy to talk to and all she said made sense. She figured some details I did not share, some readers just wait for a hint to jump on... fortunately, this was not the case. Friendly, warm and helpful!
Zee from UK on 29/11/2017


read in to my situation real quick i didnt even need to say what i needed a reading about, very intuitive, naturally gifted reader i would say!
Sandra from Eaton on 29/11/2017


Leona is amazing. I have just come off of a reading and she picked up on my situation straight away, I am amazed, but also shocked. Leona is an extremely positive person and is never judgemental. In addition to this Leona is a one in a million. Ready to show you the truth as to what really is going on. She also does not sugar coat anything. Leona is an earth Angel. Thank-you Leona, ur amazing and absolutely wonderful, I can't thank-you enough!
Charlene from London on 31/10/2017


Hello, leona is so much more than a tarot reader, she speaks wisdom on how to deal with situations in life on a more internal level. Thankyou leona you give me a sense of self awareness in a very big way.
Carol from London on 19/10/2017

Spot on

Leona amazingly got every angle and detail. It was very validating. she picks up things like a fine tooth comb
N from Sydney on 14/09/2017


Amazing lady who was so spot on about my situation. So sorry the line cut off. You picked up on the situation spot on. Thank you and I will surely get back to you. X
Jess from Manchester on 21/08/2017

Very insightful

Good reading I was very happy with it.
Tricia from NSW on 17/08/2017

Very, very good

Picked up situations amazingly well, was very descriptive and accurate about people and events. Truly well connected. I've had gazillions of readings, and this lady is the real deal... so pleased to have had a reading before the world finds out about her and she is not able to be reached.
Lynda from Perth on 12/08/2017

Very Good

Leona is accurate and spot on. I really enjoyed the reading. She picked up a lot of details around my situation. Blessings
D from United states on 10/08/2017


Had a reading with this lady today, she is very down to earth and pleasant everything she said was true I would recommend
Chloe from UK on 29/07/2017


She is a fake and very rude. Uses her replies on your answers. Stay away do nt waste your moey
Alice from London on 21/07/2017

Spot on

An amazing lady, u picked up on my situation and helped me see a positive outlook. Please give this lady a call, she might not have many reviews but she is amazing. I don't tend to leave reviews but speaking to this lady i was totally gobsmacked.
J from Uk on 13/07/2017

Good Reading

This has been my 3rd reading with Lenoa shes amazing she got everything spot on im so glad i had my readings with you very impressed thank u will be calling back soon for my 4th! xx
sara from Kent on 12/07/2017

Very impressed!

I have had 2 readings with her, and she's brilliant! I didn't say much, she just told me everything about my life, who was involved and what the situation was. I was surprised she could see so much detail. Very impressed! Now waiting for predictions to unfold. X
N from Yorkshire on 07/07/2017


Please do not be put off by the fact that Leona is a tarot card reader!!Leona connects with you on a whole different level. My reading was absolutely astounding and in great detail. I now have all the answers to my questions, there is no more confusion...
C from Staffordshire on 30/05/2017


Loved her reading. So glad i rang on the house phone as didnt get cut off. You really helped me today as im very low regarding my long distance ex. Gave good advice and will see what unfolds
Shirley from Antrim on 16/05/2017

Thank You

I really liked her reading, she was nice and help me with my questions. Thanks again
Sandra from London on 12/05/2017


Thank you for helping me last night! you were very kind and supportive you helped me go with what i feel is right in my heart. Love & Light Xxx
Michele from London on 04/05/2017

chnace to speak

shes good but she don't listen or give you a chance to speak ..she goes on non stop and you get fustrated
cathy from edinuburg on 01/05/2017

Very good

Leona was spot on. I was amazed at how intune she was with my situation, it was a little scary because she knew every intricate detail about my past, present and future in relation to two main areas of my life. Can't tell you how impressed I was today, I came off the phone and had a few quiet moments to reflect. Thank you Leona
Anon from U.K. on 24/04/2017

Amazing Reader

Leona is always brilliant and completely spot on. Thank you for being so wonderful and inspirational.
Layla from on 20/04/2017

Wonderful Reader

Thank you so much for your reading. You connected to my situation very quickly and have given me much to think about. Sorry I ran out of time but I will definitely be in touch in future.. Just great!
Sandra from UK on 31/03/2017
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