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Live Reader Profile: Anubis


What People Are Saying About Us

"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 1445

Hi my name is Anubis my pin number is 1445. I am a good listener who is non judgmental and compassionate have 22 years experience with tarot and crystal ball readings and have on occasion received spirit messages. I am here to provide a professional tarot reading, answering your questions. PIN: 1445
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It took Anubis 4.5 minutes to tell me everything I needed to know and she did not keep me on and wasting minutes. I like her honesty as a reader and her way of presenting a reading is very compassionate. Would come back here. x
from Scotland on 06/02/2018

Great again

This lovely lady is lovely
from on 12/01/2018

Call her!

Lovely, warm woman who has been very accurate each time I’ve spoken to her. Doesn’t ask questions, just picks up on the situation and the people involved very quickly. Straight talking in a calm and understanding way. Highly recommended. Thank you x
Sonya from Oxon on 09/01/2018


I had such a wonderful reading with Anubis, she was straight to the point and picked up on my situation straight away! She was a also great listener and I look forward to hopefully having her predictions come to life! I would recommend her 100%
Kristy from Australia on 09/01/2018

Clear, accurate and insightful

So pleased to have had the opportunity to speak to Anubis. Really great insight and valuable help - thank you - loved our chat and appreciate the wise words of reassurance that integrity will be involved now.
Lynda from Perth on 01/01/2018

Great insight!

Lovely and accurate reading! Will definitely call again
Debbie from NEW YORK on 26/12/2017


I had my first reading with Anubis and she is and absolutely wonderful and accurate. I will definitely be contacting her again. Thank you xxxx
Sara from England on 25/12/2017

This Lady is fantastic!!

Accurate and straight to the point. Told me exactly what had happened and how things would go forward. I think she is fab, no time wasting just gives it to you without racking up the minutes.. Highly recommend!! Thank you Anubis x
Sandra from UK on 24/12/2017


So Iv spoken to many psychics but this talented lady picks up the situation and details straight away, she tamed my fears and provided me insight into what's going on. I called based On the previous reviews and so it's fair you all reading this know that Anubis is reliable and accurate with what she picks up. She's predicted (very confidently) constantly over a few readings that I should expect contact from my ex before Christmas holiday.. I'm massively sceptical but I shall keep you posted, hopeful! X X X
SamX from West midlands on 20/12/2017

Anubis picked up my predicament surrounding my ex's stanly and has given me a time frame of contact before Xmas., I'm a sceptic- worried about this lol, will post on the outcome x
SM from W.mids on 17/12/2017

Just lovely and so positive!

As all previous comments, Anubis truly has a gift. She tuned into to me picking up exact facts and information without me saying anything. Anubis has this incredible calming voice and at the same time a sureness that in turn gives you absolutely every reason to believe! Thankyou! I'm excited as 2017 ends and 2018 begins! X
Deb from Alice Springs Australia on 17/12/2017


Exceptional profound intuitive reading I will inform once all predictions come to fruition Many thanks for your amazing insight God Bless Helena. Reading on 12.12.17
Helena from North East UK on 16/12/2017


I really like her ,you could just feel she was saying a truth which related and made sense. I am psychic myself and i find it hard to "believe" what some readers are telling me but i would absolutely go back to her for another reading. what i really liked was when i asked near the end if she could pick up on anything else she said no,rather than blurb on about any old shit she was honest. thankyou
tracey from south on 14/12/2017


I know within the first 60 seconds if a reader is genuinely gifted and Anubis is . She was quick to the point ,detailed precise in depth accurate no guesswork or fishing just clear cut spoken as seen . Tried many times to get through and pleased I finally did because this lady gave me my direction back my belief and hope my long journey will reach the end soon . If you want to hear the truth and have a genuine in depth insightful accurate reading then Anubis will provide that for you she's an amazing person Thank you Anubis God Bless Helena 12.12.17
Helena from North East UK on 12/12/2017


I really enjoyed your reading. Spot on with details of the situation and the person in question. I was in shocked of how much she knew about it. Thanks for the reading. Blessings
from Usa on 09/12/2017


This woman is amazing!!! She was able to pick up on details that shocked me!! I really enjoyed the reading and I will definitely come back! Thanks again. Blessings
D from USA on 07/12/2017

100 % - SPOT ON

I have juts come off of the phone to Anubis. She has amazing insight. I am shocked as to the accuracy of her reading. I definitely recommend Annubis 100% for her reading and I wish her the very best in helping out other people in all of their endeavours. She is the brightest of the stars. Thank-you Annubis you have a true and wonderful spirit.
Charlene from London on 06/12/2017


Thanks Anubis. Wonderful reading, lovely lady. So accurate, picked up on my situation straight away.
M from Australia on 05/12/2017

Very good

Connected to Anubis and she got my situation spot on. Very good and will definitely try to speak to her again
Tracie from on 03/12/2017

Had a few readings with this lovely lady and has always been spot on every time gets straight to the point no messing or wasting time or money would make her your first port of call she is no 1 xx
Mario from England - Northamptonshire on 05/11/2017

Accurate Readings

Mind blowing predictions this lady gave me in to my relationships family and my love life. My career was something that i was having lots of issues with and some of my work colleges, thanks to a little clear guidance with these readings , she has helped me find the right path in life and now i feel so much more positive in every area of my life
Eva from Hampshire on 02/11/2017

Very very good

Lovely lady very calming way about her picked up very quickly with no questions asked,Lovely accent...lets see what happens ..positive reading though ...thank you Xx
Michelle from Norwich on 01/11/2017

spot on

Really enjoyed my reading. Quick connection with detailed information that was very accurate. Will definitely call back.Feeling hopefull. Thank you xx
Sandra from UK on 28/10/2017 on

This lady is truly amazing. I had been blocked on phone by ex & I lost all hope. She told me that I would be unblocked within the next 24 hrs & she said it was 100% going to happen. I kept saying but if it doesn't what then, but she kept saying it will. Well it did as predicted, that's what I all true physic. I was unblocked today, never thought this would happen. Very good physic & lovely to speak with, made me feel so much better about everything. Only spoke to this lady last night. Thank you for being amazing
Donna from London on 26/10/2017


Had a few readings with this lovely lady,she's spot on.She described my love situation exactly how it is.Also very consistent.Big thank you
A from Uk on 24/10/2017


Lovely lady. Very accurate concerning a certain someone. Knew everything. Confirmed what other readers have said. Looking forward to next few months now
Anon from Uk on 21/10/2017

Very on point!

She picked up on my work, my ex and what happened between us, how he is feeling right now and what will happen as a prediction for the near future. She was on point with everything. So I'm really happy to have found another great reader on this line. I'll definitely call her again. Thanks again.
Jessica from Australia on 02/10/2017


2nd reading and sooooo good picked him up very well. Lets hope predictions happen. Thank u annubis and again love the accent
S from Ireland on 24/09/2017


The reading was unreal ... and since speaking to you 2 days ago things I doubted came to light... he is going through court like you said which I didn't know at the time he has moved away and everything like you said ... I said to you he had responded to the message a few days ago but then remembered I sent him a message the same day I spoke to you which I didn't get a reply to sorry I didn't realise at the time! Absolutely fantastic reading I believe everything you have said now! Love and light xxxx
B from We. Yorks on 24/09/2017

Love question

e questionThis lady was amazing at the start of my reading she picked up things without us spoke two words she didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear but she told me The truth around the situation She is very caring and compassionate for out the reading and I would definitely recommend her to anybody she truly has a special gift and I will definitely be getting a reading from her again very soon
Chelsea from London on 22/09/2017


Unbelievable accurate cannot be live how it all came through and worked out excellent advice will call again .Thank you Anubis
Barbara from Merseyside on 22/09/2017

very good

Picked up on person in question with out any questions no messing around straight to the point. Amazingly accurate and lovely to talk to will definitely call back ...thank you xx
ann from n Ireland on 16/09/2017

Very good! Spot on!

This lady she's amazing ! She was so spot on on my situation . Very clear and st the point! She knew everything about my man and even she said that the man in question was talking to his best friend about me ,a thing that only I knew about ! I recommend Anubis she's a genuine reader! Thank you Anubis!
Maria from London on 14/09/2017

Lovely lady

1st reading with annubis. I love the scottish accent so could listen to her all day. Picked mu ex up very well. Hope her predictions come through
S from Ireland on 10/09/2017

So accurate!!

This lovely woman connected with me immediately. Gave a very detailed description of my situation and offered reassurance. Very impressed, give her a call.
Lesley from Glasgow on 09/09/2017

Lovely Reader

Lovely reader..Does not just tell you what you want to hear..Anubis gave great validations and an accurate description of what is going on around me..Will update when predictions happen..This lady will become very busy..
Alison from Yorkshire on 28/08/2017

Annubis is spot on. This woman is 100% genuine. Didn't waste time and gave me insight without any info from me. I have received a lot of readings from many readers over the past few months and would put Anubis at the top. Thank you X
Claire from on 26/08/2017

Very detailed

Wonderful reader.. Made a lot of sense in relation to my situation. I will call again with an update. Thank you!
Sandra from UK on 25/08/2017
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