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Live Reader Profile: Labihah

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"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 1266

I'm a Psychic healer and experienced Clairvoyant. I have over 20 years worth of experience, reading for all types of people. My spirits and angel guides help me with all of my readings and I am a non judgemental and caring person. I specialize in matters of the heart and I am ready to assist anyone with a relationship problem. PIN: 1266
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She is the best by far -Shame I had only had 30 minutes /could have talked for days with her- She’s always busy and vertically impossible to get through - you have to be lucky to get her and it’s an honour to talk to her
Alex from Melbourne on 10/02/2018

Hate given good reference

Because the reader gets busy but she’s the best reader on the line
Alexander from Melbourne on 06/02/2018


I’ve had many many readings on trusted and I would say I know which readers are genuine which readers are not. Labihah given me validations and predictions same as what Raz on here given me. I’ve had readings from Raz months back and she gave validations and Labihah just confirmed everything is on track and reassured me. I was amazed on how accurate these two readers are. I would highly recommend if you want accurate and true readings get your readings from Raz, Labihah, Vintage Rose and Charlie. Honestly Raz and Labihah goes into details on a situation. Don’t waste your money on readers that are not consistent. These four readers I highly recommend Raz, Labihah, Vintage Rose and Charlie...
G from West Midlands on 30/01/2018

Top Reader

I can’t believe I’ve been on the phone Labihah past 3 hours and after going through hell over the weekend with next reading, now I can finally relax. I really needed this reading it was destine to get through to her as normally it’s impossible to get hold of her as she’s a top reader... I really wish everything happens according... I know it will she told me a lot of stuffs that only the person in question and I would know...
G from West Midlands on 29/01/2018

Amazing :)

What can I say about Labihah, she’s just an amazing reader. I can’t recommend anyone better then her to get readings from however she’s so busy that sometimes it’s hard to get hold of her. And it’s hard to find out what times she logs on. I really need to speak to you. Something happened over the weekend that has left me upset and hurt. I really need your guidance and help to go through this hard time. I hope to speak to you soon x
G from West Midlands on 28/01/2018


Labihah is one of the true psychic on trusted. I had a reading from her over a year ago and have been trying to get hold of since she has been coming on here. However never was able to get through luckily on Tuesday 23/1 I was able to and after a year she finally and she still recognised me and picked up what she did last year. Waiting for predictions to unfold I hope they do. I’m sure they will just need to have patience. Very hard to get hold of but honestly one of the best on here.
G from West Midlands on 26/01/2018

Angel and no doubt gifted

This lady is a true psychic and angel. she advised that i was psychic and told me certain things that i have been told by my spirit guides. She advised me to do certain practises to protect myself with this ability and truly am blessed to have spoken to her. She brought up a situation regarding a conniving friend and i have known this from my own ability. She advised of the spirits and angels she could see around me. Wish she was online more often. If another reader can see my psychic ability is when i know they have tuned in well.
Amazed from on 23/01/2018


I called in for a general reading but she picked up what my mind was Sayong straight away. She validated the situation and confirmed far more than what any person could have known. She put my gears to rest and provided me with spiritual guidance- she picked up on my clairvoyant energy which Iv only just established is around.. Someone who knows my religious/spiritual side and had been able to guide me effectively. I'll follow your advice Hun and keep you posted! I came through to you by mistake but clearly it was the universe answering my cry for help. 21 days meditation begins! I'll keep you guys posted! Don't let this one go! Get hold of her when you can! I hope I can when I come to review this xxx
from on 21/01/2018


She really good, picked up all the situation and was able to guide. Hope the predictions happens
from West Midlands on 17/01/2018

Loved her, she has picked up on all sort of issues I was having in my life. Didn't want to finish talking with her. Amazing
from on 16/01/2018


This lady blew me away with her accuracy of my situation. Could have spoke to her for hours. Beautiful Soul will update with predictions xx
Anon from Uk on 14/01/2018

She is amazing!

She is lovely!
Ram from London on 11/01/2018

Spot on

Seems spot on will update on predictions as that is what matters
from on 09/01/2018

Absolutely phenemonal!!!

Labihah is a wonderful, amazing psychic to speak to. Her accuracy blows me away. There were so many things Labihah said to me in the past that I did not think were possible, but everything she said was actually the truth. She can pinpoint every detail and she marks it with full on accuracy. Labihah is a pleasure to speak to, she is an earth angel! Always makes me feel uplifted and light and postive, she knows a lot, almost like shes watching your life on a television screen, she never fails to amaze me. Thank you very much Labihah. Keep it up!!! Xxxx
A from UK on 16/10/2017

Thank you

Sorry we fit disconnected. Thank you for the positive reading and encouraging words. I can't wait for things to unfold. Good bless and I will keep you updated xxx.
B from UK on 07/10/2017

One word

Alex from Melbourne on 07/10/2017

Awesome Reader

I spoke to you once last year and you were right. Please let us know what days you login so i can call and speak to you again .Please Please Thank you
gia from Australia on 25/09/2017

Labibah please log on again soon

Labibah I'm so sorry we got got off I was looking forward to our reading but then we got cut off. Please log on soon .. I need to speak with you .. great to hear from you again. You are one of the geniune psychics on here and that's hard to find. Xox
Jessica from Australia on 06/09/2017


Thanks Labihah. U have been accurate and very helpful. Sorry for cutting off. Ran out of credit. Will come back again.
Vivienne from NSW on 18/06/2017


You knew what so many did not see . I want to thank you for your Gift of sight to help my situation your guidance and knowledge will be invaluable . Do not be afraid to contact Labihah you will receive the true directions your path is meant to take . Helena. 20.04.17. God Bless
Helena from North East UK on 20/04/2017

Amazing Reader

After a slow start she really got into her stride. Told me things that where spot on. I now have some clarity that my current misery won't continue for ever
Scotty from Nottingham on 19/04/2017

Blown away

After a slow start she really got into her stride and saw things about me that simply blew me away. I really hope all that all comes true that she has predicted. X
Scott Conroy from Nottingham on 18/04/2017


Her talent so good, you don't have to tell her ANYTHING! she pick up on everything. Everything she said was on point & accurate it was scary lol. She's really good. Funny welcoming personality!!! One of the greatest I've seen in a long time!!! Wish she was on here ALL THE TIME !
Brookè from Chicago on 09/04/2017

Sorry we got cut off

Im so glad i spoke to you today.
Ali from Uk on 07/04/2017


Wow! You are amazing!! This is such a sweet lady! She is an excellent reader! She was spot on and picked up everything from the first moment I called. I am impressed by how accurate and detailed you are. I feel grateful and I will definitely call you again :) thank you and God bless you
Diane from New York on 30/10/2016


Thank you so much Labihah, an amazing reading w such clarity and information, called to ask for an understanding of a work situation and relationship issue and received so much more. Had a few readings from this site, and all readers are fantastic within their own rights, but this lady was spot on, very quick, very detailed with great insight and accuracy. Thank you Labihah, yes you did answer every question and I am very grateful...
SL Aust from Australia on 24/10/2016


Thank you Labiha sorry I got cut off. As what you told me last year have come to pass, I'm quite certain that the rest will also come true.
Bibi from London on 01/10/2016

Trackback Prt#Iiiy&#

Trackback Prt#Iiiy…r&o8217;ll right away seize your rss feed as I can’t to find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please allow me recognise in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks….
Kenisha from W6P8wpbdeU on 30/06/2016

A truly gifted reader!!

Talking to you was absolutely meant to be. Thankyou:-) I am still smiling with joy at the information you shared. You just picked up on energy and descriptions without me saying anything!! I will definately talk with you soon. Watching the next few months:-) xo
Deb from Alice Springs, Australia. on 17/06/2016

So detailed and comforting

Thank you Labihah You gave me so much info tonight and helped me so much. I have been on a journey seeking guidance and have done so for a long time. The details you shared gave peace to my soul as I know my path has and is changing in such a wonderful way. I am grateful for your guidance, thank you. Now its time to allow it all to unfold and I will. Much love S
S from on 07/06/2016

She really is amazing

Labihah tuned in quickly and gave me accurate details on the people and circumstances around me. Thanks for your loving support and for giving me peace of mind on a few matters. Will be back for more. xx
Linda from London on 11/05/2016


Amazing,brilliant reading.Everything was accurate Thank you very much
Brenda from London on 26/04/2016


Amazing,brilliant reading.Everything was accurate Thank you very much
Brenda from London on 26/04/2016

Firm favorite wonderful accurate and the real deal

Labihah I have had a few readings with you and I have to say you are definitely my firm favorite you are so accurate in your readings and you know what's going on you read me like a book! Can't thank you enough for always giving me the strength to carry on when I have been so depressed and emotional this past year! Your my life saver thanks again for all the clarity and for giving me the hope I so needed knowing that things will start to look up for me love J talk to you again soon xxoo
J from A on 22/04/2016

super talented reader

I had a reading with her yesterday. After I said "hello" to her she started telling me about my problem and everything that has been happening in life. I never uttered a single word. The information was just flowing non stop. She also gave me important and valuable information on how to solve the problem with the help of her guides. She has alerted me in the right time. I believe that with her valuable insight to my problem will help me come out of it soon. Many many thanks for your reading. I am feeling very optimistic about coming out of my messy situation.
Nisha from london on 21/04/2016

Amazing, brilliant, marvellous, lot of information flowing this lady is amazing...the best reader I have come across. I cannot say thank you enough. This lady is brilliant. XXXX
from on 19/04/2016


WOW such an amazing psychic!!! gave me so much information and detail, she is definitely one of my favorite readers. :-)xx
Michelle from Cheshire on 05/04/2016


Excellent reader. Is spot on, knows what she's talking about. Highly recommend her. Thanks for the reading earlier today.
Bell from London on 26/03/2016

Completely Blown Away!!!!

If you want truth and clarity Labihah is your lady! So Amazing and easy to speak to!!! 100/10!!!!!...Thankyou Labihah I truly appreciate your gift and energy to humanity. God bless you always! xxxx
N from London on 28/02/2016


Just love Labibah, best psychic I have ever spoken to. Have spoken to her several times and always tells me it like it is and gives me the truth. Can't wait for things to unfold the way you said they will, thank you so much.
Claire from Edinburgh on 27/02/2016

Most amazing reader

This lady is so blessed and gifted, non judgemental and caring. Very accurate and very nice to speak with. I could speak to her for hours. She gave names of people around me without me saying anything... She is truly gifted and her guides very accurate... Amazingly amazed. Will be calling again she is great... Try her for yourself. Thank you Labihah xxx
Kee from London on 09/01/2016

Boxing Day 2015

I can't believe how accurate and spot on and easy she finds to give you a reading !!!! Everything every one else has said is spot on !!! She is truly gifted asks nothin but tells u everything goin on !
Carol from UK on 26/12/2015


A big thank you Labihah your a beautiful person can't thank you enough for your guidance, am so glad I found you on here, your a very honest, caring and insightful reader God Bless you xxoo
J from a on 21/12/2015

Spot on

Labihah have spoken to you a few times now and what can I say your spot on with what you pick up! A true psychic waiting on the major prediction definitely talk to you soon xxoo
J from A on 20/12/2015

First Class Reading

Spoke to Labihah for the first time today and the accuracy picked up without any tools was mind blowing. I would highly recommend a reading with Labihah, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much for your lovely, friendly and insightful reading. X
Jesd from London on 19/12/2015


Her predictions have come to pass. I can't believe how spot on she was. She is great.. Omg amazing, unbelievable .....
B.R. from London on 10/12/2015

Lovely Reading

Thanks so much Labihah for a lovely Reading you picked up on what's troubling me and your Spirit Guides were correct on a lot of things! So glad I got to speak to you will talk again hopefully if I can get through God Bless xxoo
J from A on 03/12/2015

omg omg omg omg wowwww

What an amazing reader what a gift not many readers can pick up on twin flame soul connection but you did omg what can i say everything you said also picked up on my father in spirit and my karma and spirituality. No one on this psychic line has picked up on the whole package. God bless you for having this amazing gift !!!!!!xx
rc from melbourne australia on 02/12/2015

omg omg omg omg wowwww

What an amazing reader what a gift not many readers can pick up on twin flame soul connection but you did omg what can i say everything you said also picked up on my father in spirit and my karma and spirituality. No one on this psychic line has picked up on the whole package. God bless you for having this amazing gift !!!!!!xx
rc from melbourne australia on 02/12/2015


I had few readings with this wonderful women.. She always picked up my situation and helped me through with advise.. Am waiting to speak to u again Labihah but ur line is always busy ????.... I can't wait to speak to u... ????????????X
S.S from London on 30/11/2015


She is the best reader on trusted psychic, she is blessed with a gift, that helps others and she tells it as it is , very truthfull and all her timings are spot on. Thankyou for helping me in my hard times. You are the best.
anonymous from cardiff on 30/11/2015


I have had a few readings with this women, she is amazing and has been gifted in many ways thank you so much for your reading and most importantly honesty that comes through when you have spoken with me!!! cant wait to speak with you again!!!! 10/10 marks!!!! xxxxx
SB from Birmingham on 26/11/2015


Wow... Without asking any questions she connected with me via my guardian angel and got straight into the reading... She picked up on how I was feeling, current situation, my environment and provided positive guidance on the future... Such a talented, positive and caring reader... Highly recommended!!
Sonia from Melbourne on 24/11/2015


What an amazing reader. Straight away picked up on situation and picked up on names of the people in question around me. Great advice and a bright future I am looking forward to. Much hope given and just felt like I was talking to a person who you can trust and cares. First time I truly believed!!!!
Julie from Australia on 22/11/2015


Fantastic reading. Everything was spot on. Thank you and now looking forward to 2016 x
M A from Surrey on 21/11/2015

spot on

what can i say but amazeing the hole reading thank you so much
wayne h from kent on 16/11/2015


An amazing read , right from the get go , she picked up on things thank you so so very much :)
Claire from London on 09/11/2015
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