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Live Reader Profile: Demi


What People Are Saying About Us

"Trusted Psychics have always given me the most accurate readings on my life. They tell me about events that nobody else could possibly know, events that even I had forgotten about."
Geoff 54
"I call the Trusted Psychics team at least once a month for an in depth reading on my career and the direction to take. I'm always astounded with the accuracy of the information I receive"
Greg 31
"I am astounded at the consistency of information given to me across various readers. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading, the team are all like friends to me."
Diane 42
"Unlike other providers, I find Trusted Psychics to be very honest and upfront with me. They don't just tell you what you want to hear. I need this in order to make my own decisions moving forward in life."
Karis 28

Pin Number: 1085

I have over 20 years of experience reading tarot cards & doing psychic readings. The gift was passed over from my maternal mother. I learnt to read tea leaves at an early age & my abilities increased from then. I can give you as my client a true reading from the cards you choose, assisting you in moving forward with your present situation or we can focus on a general reading or one question reading. The choice is yours. PIN: 1085
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Questions and Answers with Demi

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I used to watch my grandmother making pots of tea and reading the leaves from an early age. I was aware I had something special & my grandmother encouraged me to participate and this opened the door to the gifts I was given. I found out I was good at channeling into other folks energy & surroundings. I was given a set of tarot cards and they went everywhere with me. I was always reading friends and families cards, which I was always encouraged to do. Later on in life I found that I wanted to help strangers who then turned into friends and now I use my cards daily to guide me and my friends & family. I believe that using my cards and doing psychic readings helps change people's path for the better and I just want to share my gift and improve the lives of the open minded.

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Had a reading a few months ago and waits to see if you were correct. Yes you were, down to the very last detail. So glad I got through to you. You’ve helped me save my marriage by not listening to gossip but to watch and listen. Everything you said has shown itself so thank you Demi. You are the real deal.
Gerry from France on 13/02/2018

She is accurate

Demi has always been accurate on picking up about the current situation. And she is right, the rest is up to us, whichever we decide to do. I will get back in touch if predictions come to pass as she said. Thanks Demi, I am the one that is similar to yourself x
Bibi from London on 11/02/2018


After reading all the lovely feedback about Demi I have waited ages to get though to her and I did yesterday 08/02/18 and I was not disappointed. She was very nice and clearly knows her job as she picked up on my situation and gave clear and correct information so I knew she was genuine. She confirmed details that only my family and I would have known. Her expert advice and information given by her guides was phenomenal and I have already received the contact as she predicted I would. I was a bit surprised she never asked me to leave a review like everyone else on this site but I offered and her reply was, “ don’t waste your time on me, get working on what I’ve told you and get the connection back”. However I thought I should as she is lovely, direct and definitely knows her stuff. Thanks Demi until I eventually get back through. One thing she did say was if you don’t get through to me it’s because you don’t really need to talk to me so when you do it’s because you need to. So very sincere and an asset to this company.
Chris from America on 09/02/2018

Fabulous reading after waiting neary 3 month to get through to her but definitely worth the wait. Reading is so accurate and she is so funny and direct. Demi will definitely find you the answers. Recommend her. Top reader especially the psychic links wow xx
Sophie from Lanark on 08/02/2018

Had another Reading with Demi last week and she told me exactly as it is. She told me to contact my ex & I did send that text after we spoke & after 9 months of no contact I was afraid of rejection and you reassured me I would get a response and I did. He replied to me as you said he would and he hadn’t moved on as you also predicted. You are the real deal.! Thank you so much. Sending you lots of hugs xx
Margaret from Texas on 06/02/2018


Demi is so good she told me what to do and it worked . Thank you so much Demi for talking straight to me . It's what I needed. Everything back on track now . Lots of love to you xxx
Jackie from Buckinghamshire on 03/02/2018

First time caller

I was really confused and depressed until I had this wonderful reading with Demi. She could see my ex and the issues we were having & told me exactly as it was. She reassured me in every way Thanks for the help Demi. I feel great and will call you back.
Emma from Essex on 03/02/2018

I Asked Demi for a general reading and she immediately picked up on how I was feeling and without asking any questions. Straight away she knew what my confusion and stress was about. She is so amazing and tells the truth. She truly has wonderful gifts. I felt much better after speaking with her and look forward to my future x
Christina from Canada on 30/01/2018

Demi always makes me feel happy and worthwhile whenever I call her and has helped me through many difficult times. She always helps me look at things in an empowering way and has always been correct with her readings . Thank you Demelza for all the support. You always bring a smile to my face no matter what the outcome. You are a very sincere uplifting spirit and I’m delighted to say you are a friend as well as my saviour
Mickey from UK on 29/01/2018

Amazing & a friend

Demi was 100% accurate with my information , we connect very well and she will always tell you the truth , very honest! thank you so much for the clarity and i will get back in touch soon! Thanks again ! :)
Anisha from london on 26/01/2018

Best Reader

Demi put me at ease and it was clear that she knew exactly what she was talking about. She reassured me, and was very wise and quick with her answers to questions. She picked up the situation very well. I didn't want to put the phone down as she was so good! :)
Verity from Kent on 25/01/2018


I am a reader myself and had a reading with Demi a few days ago, and now just getting around to writing the review. This girl is amazing, truly & properly spiritually connected. She always tells you the truth and her visions are always clear and precise. It helps that she has a gorgeous scottish accent, but honestly give her a try, you will not be disappointed! As a reader myself, I normally avoid psychic links, but this girl is so gifted and connected, clearly only uses her gifts for good. Her insights come from source (the guides) that's for sure! Thanks Demi for the amazing reading! Love and light to you and keep being amazing at what you do
Babs from St Orlean's on 23/01/2018

Thank you

Demi is a very good, clear & calm reader who quickly knows how to put you at ease. I have never had a reading before but chose Demi as I liked her eyes and I got through to her first time. I didn’t really know what l wanted my reading on but Demi explained it was my reading and I was the one to choose so we covered work, love, finances, travel and loads more. I would like to point out that some of what we spoke about in my reading has come to light. I will definitely be coming back in a few months for an update. God bless you Demi.
Jessica from Europe on 21/01/2018

Worth the wait

I have waited for ages to get through to Demi and boy I wasn’t disappointed. I have spoken to her before and connected straight away. I have had loads reading from others but found Demi’s to be the most honest and natural. She dealt with my situation so carefully and delicately. I've had many problems which are close to my heart and I’ve felt a lot of pain because of them and she has been so sensitive about these things but at the same time never gave me any fantasy stories like a lot of others. She didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear but the truth and was direct about it but in a nice, caring and gentle manner. I now understand what I have to do and what direction to head in. Also I know now why she is so popular. Thank you for being so understand and truthful, thus pointing me on the right road.
Anthony from Watford on 19/01/2018

Wish I hadn’t got disconnected

Demi was amazing, unfortunately got disconnected. Will try again as there is so much I want to explore. Hope I can get through. Tried today and just couldn’t!!
Layla from on 18/01/2018

Reading 01/01/2018

I had an amazing reading with Dems. I just couldn't believe she could delve into my situation and help me with her visions and insight. I had an issue with an ex and Dems said that I should give the situation time, that we would resolve everything within 2 days . I couldn't believe it,as two days later after the reading things started looking a bit more positive and we are now happy again. Thank-you so much for pointing me in the right direction Dems and not wasting my time on something else. Ur the best!!
Jagged from slough on 18/01/2018

Top rate reader

Demi is a wonderful reader & psychic. All I can say is wow! She always picks up on my situations and delivers her news in a caring, compassionate way although she is direct she never says anything to upset me. She gives very clear and precise details and her advise has never let me down. She is the only reader I know that doesn’t bring her opinions into the readings unless you ask her and she never judges whatever the situation is. One in a million. She shines very bright in my world.
John from Northern Ireland on 16/01/2018


Fabulous reader. Straight to the point. Perfect information. Doesn’t waffle. Very sincere. Thank you
Danni from Sydney Australia on 12/01/2018

Can this woman get any better. Just read some of the reviews and I can testify she is amazing. Not once but several times she has put me back on the right track. I use Demi as my life coach and always ask for direction. She is lovely and caring and shows genuine empathy. Whatever my situation I know that Dems will put me right. Thank you again flower as that’s what you call me xx
JOSIE from on 09/01/2018

Demi is my angel

I wasn’t surprised when I saw all the good reviews for Demi as she is totally amazing. She is completely amazing and always deliveres. She doesn't beat around the bush, she says it how it is. I believe she always uses my minutes in the best way and never wastes any of my time at all. She always sees the whole situation and gives new hope. I will definitely be calling back as usual. Thank you so much for a wonderful and insightful reading
Maria from East London on 06/01/2018

Always good readings

Had a few great reading with Demi, she gives me guidance and advice passed on to her from her guides. Her predictions always happen. I have rang a few readers now and they aren’t on the same level as Demi. She is always polite to me. She is straightforward and does not sugar coat and I really appreciate her for that. I would not pay money to be lied to and totally trust Demi for telling me what she sees and not what I want to hear. Thanks for your hard work Demi. Hence I keep coming back to her.
Lydia from Ireland on 06/01/2018

Top reader

Thank you Demi, really appreciated your kind words today. The one about the psycho mother.
from on 06/01/2018


Hey Demi, we got cut off earlier sorry i couldn't say goodbye and thank you for my reading. The reading Demi gave me today was so spot on, not just with the other person in question but she also made me open my eyes to myself and what was going on with me. I will definitely call back to speak to you when the predictions unfold. You are such a lovely woman thank you for your advice too. T x
Tara from Sussex on 05/01/2018

Connected with my son

This woman helped me communicate with my son who passed away recently. She was very genuine, caring and sincere. She showed empathy and reassured me by communicating only details that myself and son would know. Her ways are so surreal. I'm so glad I got through to her. If you haven't had a reading before with her then please try her as she is so good. Thank you Demi
John Jo from USA on 04/01/2018

Thank you dear

Thank you so much Demi for your kindness and compassion. The mannerisms you have are so inviting I felt at ease with you. You were on top of my situation and read it very well and made me feel at ease. I trusted you completely & will definitely be calling you back.
Marie from England on 04/01/2018

100% reading

One of the best readings I’ve had! I called Demi for help regarding an old relationship and everything she has mentioned our connection and how we met was 100% spot on. Demi has a beautiful soul. I felt very comfortable and positive throughout the reading.she was insightful, friendly, genuine and told me what I needed to know. Thank you Demi for a great reading
Jasmine from South Wales on 03/01/2018

Brilliant as always

Demi you literally are the best . So sorry I didn’t get chance to say goodbye this evening. Thanks for the reading and I will remain calm and positive xxx
Hayley from Manchester on 31/12/2017


Demi has a brilliant nature,manner and is so direct it is so funny. she is very professional in her readings. She gives lots of information relevant to you. She is Very kind and compassionate she's the only one on here to speak the truth and use her gifts for the good. Demi doesn’t rush you and will cover every aspect in her readings that you go off thinking wow. Thanks doll xx
Gavin from on 27/12/2017

Recommend 100%

Had few readings with Demi and every detail has come true. Couldn’t believe it so I keep coming back. Her readings are very detailed and her visions are so surreal. Glad I connected with her. Thank you Demi xxx
Lorna from East Anglia on 27/12/2017

Sorry we got cut off!

I was having a good, long reading with Demi when we unexpectedly got cut off! Demi connected with me immediately and told me things/gave me clarity on my situation which I had no idea about. It was amazing to hear that my own intuition about my current situation is correct and that I shouldn’t second guess myself! Thank you for all of your advice and your patience listening to me Demi, I truly enjoyed speaking to you and I will 100% be contacting you again in the near future to give you an update of what’s happening. I’m so happy to hear that I’m not going crazy after all and that I genuinely do have a strong connection with another certain individual :) thank you again Demi, absolutely gutted we got cut off! Will hopefully speak to you again soon! X
Zita from South Yorkshire on 27/12/2017


Explained everything i was feeling and mad sence to me about my situation thank you Demi i am researching Twin Flame telepathy you helped me so Much.
Michele from London on 27/12/2017

Brilliant as always

Sorry Demi, accidentally pressed the wrong button and got cut off.. I love your readings. You are so spot on every time! Have a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year! x
Sandra from Scotland on 24/12/2017

I was a bit sceptical when I spoke to Demi but she quickly turned my beliefs around. I’ve spoken to loads different Psychics and been told different things but this lady gave it to me straight. My god she got it right. I’m back in the house and on better terms with my partner Kevin. She was so exact. Thanks Demi. Sorry can’t tell you but can’t get through to you. Have a lovely Christmas and brilliant new year.
David from Portsmouth on 21/12/2017

Thank You

Just spent 2 hours on the call to Demi and she has got me so right. Her insight was so good and she even gave me info that no one else would know except me to prove that her abilities were true. Her gifts are amazing and I am glad I got to eventually speak to her. I cannot praise this woman enough. Wow just wow is all I can really say. Demi is not selfish with her time and said I could take as long as needed as she wasn't going anywhere,and even said if I cannot get through to her in future that anyone of her colleagues can help me. What a very nice woman she is. Thank you very much xx
Karen from England on 19/12/2017


After my reading with you i read your reviews and seen how your predictions have come through 20plus times. Im hoping ill be one to update with mine even if its not until March. Lovely lady, funny and a young granny. Have a lovely christmas with the crazy cat ha
S from .... on 18/12/2017

Good reader & psychic

Thanks Demi. You’re one of the good readers on here. You told me as it is without being nasty or giving your opinion. Definitely recommend you
Selena from Belfast on 18/12/2017

My gypsy angel

I am a regular with this angel and her predictions have always come to pass. I have never left feedback before but was overwhelmed reading the feedback left by others. She is a genuine lady with awesome gifts and does zone into you very easily. Demi has a lovely manner and an easy way with her. She is very truthful and will not make anything up as that goes against her belief. Her gypsy background makes her a very clever asset to this line also gives her a very clear understanding of my situation. Thank you my angel
Samira from York on 14/12/2017

Demi was spot on and was very quick accurate. She answered the questions I asked and wow I’ve waited until now to see if she was right and she was. Definitely recommend this lady. Thank you
Samira from on 13/12/2017

Thank you

Thank you Demi, everything you said made perfect sense and was 100% accurate. It's helped me a lot to know the way forward. Sorry we got cut off. I really appreciate the insight you gave me. I know in my heart that it is the truth and it's given me a lot of clarity, peace and understanding.
Lisa from Uk on 13/12/2017

Demi is the best. Spoke to her several times and she has always told me how it is. Her in-depth reading are always correct. One in a million Thank you
Dana from Wales on 13/12/2017

A reader I would actually recommend

Demi really connected with me on all levels and she has given me hope and deep insight on my problems. She gave very indepth and accurate information. The things she told me took me by surprise but low and behold she was right. So as a thank you this is my review, thank you Demi.
Billy from Coatbridge on 08/12/2017

So detailed and precise. Sorry ran out of credit but will be back. Thank you for reading number 5. First time leaving review. thank you
Eddie from Lincs on 06/12/2017


This is the second time I spoke to Dems & the reason why I wanted her to do my second reading was because my first reading was so incredible. I initially checked everyones reviews & took things from there & I wasn't disappointed, her manner of understanding & general sincerity was truly overwhelming. Dems gift are amazing her whole insight to me made my reading really special. Thanxs girly xx
Sue from Canada on 05/12/2017

Very funny & truthful

Demi is so funny and direct with her readings she has always been honest with me. I’m a regular and can say every detail Demi has given me has materialised. Only issue I have is getting through to her but definitely worth the wait.
Nancy from Eastbourne on 02/12/2017

Non judgmental, very precise & true

Demi was very quick in understanding the situation well with no prompting or questions . Very down to earth person easy and calming to talk to She made me feel like I was talking to an old friend although we have spoken on several occasions. She explains things well and clear. Demi has never judged me in my predicament but helped me see it from both sides. She’s so precise & her details are accurate. Everything we have spoken to has happened hence I keep coming back. Thanks Dems.
Jazz from Stratford on 01/12/2017


This reader is so precise. I was sceptical until I spoke to Demi. I had a reading a few month ago. Everything she confirmed has occurred even down to my ex coming back after 5 years. So thank you for that. It is very difficult to actually get to speak to you so I’m so happy. Thank you very much.
Cathy from Essex on 30/11/2017

Fabulous reading

Thank you Demi, your reading was fabulous & so spot on. You are always direct but nice with it. You’ve always told me how it is and I appreciate it. Sending love from Australia Keep up the good work.
Anne from Australia on 30/11/2017


Thank you Demi for the lovely readings you give me. You have never disappointed in your readings and have always gave me direction but never in a nasty way although you are direct but thats what I like about you. You always answer my questions and have never waffled or mislead me. That is why I keep coming back however saying that I struggle to get through to you although I put your number in but not to worry you never disappoint and that is the main thing. Thank you honey
Janice from Notts on 23/11/2017

The best

Wow Demi is so brilliant. First time speaking to her after a long time as I’d been told to call her but she was hard to get through too. She told me very accurate info on my situation that no one else knew. Some of the visions Demi saw have already shown true so definitely the real deal. Definitely the best on here. Thank you Demi I’m so glad you’re now in my life & looking forward to hearing more of my circle.
Jane from Canada on 23/11/2017

Awesome reader

Can't belive how awesome this girl is. She is so spot on with her answers and direction. I have called loads of times for help and Demi hasnever let me down. She has always gave me the answers I need and pointed me in the correct direction. Needless to say my marriage is back on track. Thanks Demi, you are a credit to this line
Geoff from Somerset on 14/11/2017

So good & true

Demi Demi Demi glad to see I got through to you earlier. You’ve guided me the last 8 months & helped me stay on my journey. You’re an angel and I cannot thank you enough. I’m Happy to see you’re back online The world is a better place with you in it. Speak soon.
Mohammad from Usa on 08/11/2017

your the best

Dememlza yes you're back yaaa. Well I wanted to say ta, as i'm back home with the bf. No more drama. Its been about 6 weeks from you and I spoke. Davie and I are better than we were. Thank you so much for the advise and guidance. You have been my rock. ta doll xx
Jade from England on 03/11/2017


Fabulous reading with this lady. Was told to try her and I wasn’t disappointed. She Only asked basic questions- name of woman and when we last spoke. She described her down to her small feet which we had a good laugh about. I’m disabled and believed that Angela wouldn’t come back due to my mood swings but Demi girl you were right She’s here beside me helping me write this as I still don’t have the use of my hand although I’m a lot better. To all those sceptics out there and want to be psychics. Speak to Demi she will guide you with her help you’re not alone. Thank you my guardian angel. We send you love & joy from us both. Xxxx
Jon Joe from Belfast on 01/11/2017

Demi my angel

Demi has read for me several times along with others on here and to be honest she is the only one I believe and trust. Every detail she has given me has been accurate and we have had a lot of laughter with the way in which she describes details. To quote her “ too much information “. I like many on here call for an insight and guidance and I have never been let down by this woman. The only questions she has ever asked me was the name of the person I wanted help with and when we last had contact. She is awesome and I would be very sad to see her leave as she is the real deal. Just look at all these lovely reviews and the best of it is this woman has no idea how good she is or how good these reviews are. Maybe we should all tell her when we call her that’s if you’re lucky enough to get through to her.
Maria from on 01/11/2017


I’ve had loads readings from Demi and can confirm the questions she asks are clarification to know who to look for & how far back she needs to look. She doesn’t ask invasive questions like some on here & as I’m a regular we pick up where we left off in terms of readings. She’s a friend to a lot and her genuine caring nature shines through. Demi has very clear visions and has helped me in my everyday life. So I’ve no idea why Karen mentions questions as they’re few and far between. Thanks Demi keep shining.
Jayne from Canada on 01/11/2017

My reading with Demi

Had a good reading with Demi .however she did ask a few questions but I'm guessing that was for validation.Demi has some awesome reviews regarding her predictions coming to pass for other clients .due to how low I feel because of my present situation.i pray to god that yr predictions come true for me too x
Karen from West Yorkshire on 29/10/2017

Thank you

So happy to see you are back on line. I have missed you. I have tried to get through to you but you are always busy. Anyway I wanted to tell you that I got the job and the payrise and yes Stu did pop the question so we are engaged. Thank you so much for your time and advice. I will try and get though during the week. Please can someone tell Demi this message as I know she does not see her feedback as always too busy.
Veronica from Salsbury on 27/10/2017

Beautiful person

Thanks Demi you were correct about my boyfriend cheating. Kicked him to the kerb and now enjoying life again. Yes I did meet the guy with the initial “D”. It was David. We’ve been together 6 month now. Thank you so much angel xx
Paula from USA on 27/10/2017

So good to see you are back. Pity I can not get through to you as too busy. Just wanted to let you know that you were correct. My wife and I are back together and she is pregnant. Thank you so much.
John T from Australia on 26/10/2017


Demi I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful connection yesterday and for sharing such a moving a loving experience with me as loved ones came through to pass on messages to me.You are such a loving person and I am so grateful that you were the one to relay the words and emotions .Thank you so very very mich for being you.Xx
S from Uk on 26/09/2017

Beautiful Soul

Demi, has the most beautiful soul. Her reading are amazing like speaking to an old friend..Demi gives you the confidence when you feel you are lost. I will let you know when he makes xx
J from Australia on 24/09/2017


Awesome reading, straight to the point & on point. Knew loads that only I know. Her ability is fabulous Thank you.
Chloe from United Kingdom on 23/09/2017

Very good, understanding & real. Demi has the answers if you ask the questions. Her psychic link is so real and strong. Im a return caller and I won't go to anyone else although she is hard to get hold off, too popular lol xx
Sam from Oz on 20/09/2017


Hi Demi, Its really hard to get through to you but just letting you know that, he did get in contact with me. I started to think impossible of him to make contact but he did :) Thank you for a beautiful reading
Rita from sydney Australia on 17/09/2017

Super reader, I'm a return client & Demi never disappoints. She is so accurate every time. Thank you Dems xxxx
Phyllis from England on 16/09/2017


Just had a reading and it was very easy for this lady to connect with me. She gave details only I knew and used her gifts to assist my dilema. Thank you and I will call again. Sorry money ran out.
Shayna from Notts on 13/09/2017


This is fifth time I've spoken to this lady and her readings have been on point. She doesn't waiver or try to keep you on the phone. Like most of the others. She's fast and straight to the point. Demi I thank you from my heart. You've been a god send for me and everything has came true.
Jack from Australia on 09/09/2017


Had a reading with Demi. Delighted to say everything happened as predicted. Time scale given 2-3 months , happened in 2 weeks. Her insight is phenomenal. Thank you so much x
Yvonne from Scotland on 07/09/2017

100% outstanding

Hi demi (mum) i have been trying sooooo hard to get through to you but never can. This is si unfair. I DESPERATELY NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOU. I'm at a point it just brings me to complete tears. PLEASE my desperate olea. Your so awesome at what you do. Absolutely brilliant and a very beautiful soul. Xx hope you see this and rhis gets printed on your page this time as i have left numerous positive reviews at not one has been put on your page. How disappointing. All my love always beautiful angel xxx
grace from Australia on 06/09/2017

Wow what a phenomenal reader. I asked Demi at one point if she was in the room with me, she described emotions, situations and details so accurately I was mesmerised. As well as being very funny and having a good laugh I also had one of the best readings I've ever had. Thank you for special friend you're a star I will speak soon xx
James from Edinburgh, Scotland on 02/09/2017

Fabulous reader with brilliant insight. One of my favourite readers on this site. Demi really gives you 100% and is a pleasant and cheerful reader. Her predictions have always come true... thank you....
Alvin from uk on 01/09/2017

Seems very good

Seems extremely good - let's see if predictions happen
Alex from Melbourne on 01/09/2017


Had a reading with Demi this evening she is amazing the connection was so strong!!!! She told me exactly what she said she would the truth with nothing else!!! Absolutely amazing can not wait for her predictions and il definitely speak to her again when I can. I 100% believe in her and totally reccomend. Thank you Demi perfect info even with the little extra info on certain behaviour haha xx
Hayley from North west on 30/08/2017

What a woman very sincere direct caring and empathetic. Demi has a lot of gifts that she brings into her readings. She delivers every time and is completely true in every area. Thank you for your directness you're always right.
Gazalia from Birmingham on 27/08/2017

This lady is fabulous & her insight is so real. Her psychic link is awesome and she can pick up on you without asking questions. Only issue is you can never get through as she is always busy.
Elle from Usa on 14/08/2017

Fantastic and exact

wow this lady is the genuine deal. Tells you as it is and her predictions towards me all came true. I do speak to Demi regular and she has never let me down yet although she is hard to get a hold off. Definitely the best on here. thanks doll
Phil from usa on 11/08/2017


Definitely the best psychic I've spoken to in a long time. I'll be back but you're very hard to get through too. Thanks
Sandeep from Birmingham uk on 09/08/2017

Lovely lady

Demi and I have spoken a few tines now and it is always a pleasure she picks up on situations and people around you very quickly. Highly recommend Demi she is amazing and a lovely lady as well.
D from Sydney on 08/08/2017


Hey Demi I'm sitting by the phone waiting everyday for you to come on like a puppy waiting for a bone. Lol. Look forward to speaking with you all the time. I get so much insight into my life that I feel like we are watching a sope opera. It's like I can't wait for the next episode. I thank the universe for them bringing you to me. The support you give me is QUALITY and other readers are 2nd to you! You're an earth angel and we can all do with Demi love and support and solid psychic insight. Thank you for being there for me and sending us healing behind the scenes. Can't wait till you log on soon. Xx Jess
Jessica from Australia on 03/08/2017

Recommend Her

This lady is by far the best psychic I have ever come upon and I have spoken to a lot over the years. She does not need any direction and knows what other people’s situations are without even telling her. Demy is a true Psychic and a tarot card reader, who can communicate with the passed but only if you ask. I recommend Demy very highly because she is the only reader that hits the nail on the head every time. Thank you so much Demy. You have really helped to change my life. I cannot thank you enough. Take care Demy. I will speak to you soon
Colin from England on 31/07/2017


I have spoken to Demi a few times and she is so caring and her insight is spooky. She told me about my family problems, money issues and what was infront of me. Everything she told me happened. Iam so greatful to you Demi thank you xx
Mary from Australia on 31/07/2017

Demi is the best

Demi is a fantastic psychic and tarot reader. She gets straight to the point and does not waffle like alot of them on here. She has a beautiful heart. She will be direct and accurate with you. If you want the truth then this lady is the person to speak to. thank you xx
Cara from Scotland on 27/07/2017

Demi is my Angel on earth. Without her I'd be lost

Demi is like a saint. She reads for me with in seconds and answers all my questions and the blows all my troubles away with her lovely special gifts. I always feel relieved when I connect with her and she never makes me feel like I ask too many questions on how the status quo is going. I enjoy our chats and I love how she does not use cards. She talks to me like she's reading my book. And she is so spot on it gives me so much reassurance and peace of mind. God bless Demi! Love her!!
Jessica from Australia on 23/07/2017

Great Help

Demi is so caring and understanding. She tells it to you straight but in a caring, sensitive manner. Her insight has helped me through a lot of dilemas and she said I would come out the other side happy. By god she is right. Demi is a true reader and as she comes from a gypsy upbringing she has a wonderful knowledge of how to overcome any issue. Definitely one of the best readers on here. Once you have been to Demi you won't want anyone else to read for you. Definitely psychic link.
Gretchen from UK on 22/07/2017


Spoke with Demi a few times and she's always been correct Definitely recommend her. If you want the truth then speak to Demi Thanks kid.... speak soon.
Johnny from Scotland on 18/07/2017


Thanks so much Demi for your listening ear. Just told me like it is. Will be definitely calling back. X
Jade from Yorkshire on 16/07/2017


Demi connected with me instantly and she was spot on with everything she told me. she even told me things only i would ever know, i would definitely recommend Demi to anyone shes that good!!
Danielle from London on 14/07/2017

Superb Reader

Demi you have saved my life in so many different ways. You have told me so much information tha has come true over the months. The healings and jiggery pokey as your nan calls it, spells to you and me you have done have cleared away all my negative feelings. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart Fatima xx
Fatima Maria from America on 13/07/2017


Thank you Demi. I had a reading a few weeks ago form you and everything you said has come true. Down to the last detail. Been trying to get back onto you but not winning. However I will keep trying. Love & kisses xx
Alice from uk on 04/07/2017


Fabulous reader and so accurate. Doesn't waste time, straight down to business. Direct and no flaffing around. Has a very clear and direct insight and tells you how it is. She Makes sure you understand everything she says. thanks so much Demi
M from Australia on 01/07/2017


Wow, I read all the fab reviews and had to have a reading with this lady. She is hard to get a hold of but definitely worth it. So clear and precise. Thank you
Sam from WALES on 24/06/2017

Genuine and sincere

I only came across Demi fairly recently and have found her to be a warm and genuine person who cares about the people she reads for. She is honest and direct with a talent for predictions that certainly have unfolded for me so far. A fantastic reader. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.
LA from UK on 22/06/2017


Definitely has a true gift and uses it to her advantage. This lady is truly gifted. Thank you and god bless
George from USA on 21/06/2017


I've spoken to Demi previouslyabd on quite a few occasions and her predictions came true. Hence I called her again and again for more insight. She is superb and truthful as usual Demi tells you how it is good or bad. Just wish it wasn't as hard to get a hold of her !! We need more of Demi on here.
Lynda from Uk on 17/06/2017

Excellent Reader

Demelza is superb,funny, direct & thorough. She is so true and her visions are very clear. I was told to try & get a reading from her but it's been difficult to reach her but I managed and am so pleased I did. She was so good and thorough. Her insight was so surreal & factual. Thank you so much. I'll be back soon for more. Recommend this lady so much.
Pat from Australia on 03/06/2017

Definite and On Point

I read about Demi and was told she was good but oh my god she is fantastic. Her sightings and visions are so real and I understood what she was seeing. Definitely the best on her. I wil be back and definitely recommend Demi........
Rach from Australia on 31/05/2017


This woman is fabulous. No help needed as she got straight into the reading and told me clear facts. She also knew stuff no one else knew wcept me. Definitely a true psychic with a well rounded talent. Thanks Dems as I call you.
Patrise from UK on 27/05/2017

Wow that was amazing. Demi is super. She is very direct, straight to the point but has a lovely manner about her. Minutes ran out. Catch you later love
Jed from Bonny Scotland on 27/05/2017

Thanks for our chat this morning, I feel more at ease now. You have a wonderful gift and easy manner x
Jacqui from Scotland on 25/05/2017

By far my favourite reader

I speak to Demi on a weekly basis, I can't speak highly enough about her. She is honest, direct, caring with an amazing gift. Basically everything you want in a reader. If you want to be told the truth then Demi is who you should speak to! Xx
Jacqueline from ... on 24/05/2017

Demi thank you so much. You're an angel. You're very direct & accurate. I've had loads of readings off other psychics but you're definitely the best. Thank you so so much for guiding me & keeping me grounded and in tune. Xx
Grace from Oz on 23/05/2017

thankyou blessings
aVRIL from SCOTLAND on 16/05/2017

I've tried for ages to get Demi & managed eventually. She doesn't beat around the bush and is straight to the point. Demi has a wonderful way of talking to you and delivering her insight. She understood my needs and what told me hings no one else would know except me and my ex partner. Thank you so much and I look forward to connecting with you again soon.
Shariz from uk on 16/05/2017


I was sceptic until I spoke to Demi. I had a wonderful reading and can say wow. Definitely recommend Demi. Her insight is a true gift & she opened my eyes. Until the next time Demi Thanks
Marie from Donegal on 03/05/2017

Just had a reading with Demi,she connected with my grandmother and my sisters spirit. Demi knew there names which was so unreal. She told me things about when we were young. It was so nice. Thank you sweetheart.
Janna from Uk on 29/04/2017

Reading 2 nd march update

One of Demi s predictions was communication around Easter , he had messages on Thursday before good Friday I answered Easter Sunday ! Wud love another readin with Demi but she seems impossible to catch ! Hopefully I will n very soon
Carol from Notts on 28/04/2017


WOW she was amazing. I had a reading a few weeks ago and her predictions have come true. So I got another one earlier and can't wait until they come true. Thanks Demi.....
Danni from USA on 22/04/2017


Very good, knowledgeable and nice. Straight to the point. Never wasted my minutes. I Got a tarot & psychic link and Demi was spot on. She got everything right Thank you. Xx
Jim from Scotland on 15/04/2017

Demi is so precise & doesn't waffle. Definitely ask for a psychic link as her insight is fab. Thanks Demi will call you soon xx
Emma from Australia on 10/04/2017

Thank you Demi for another clear & accurate reading. I came back as everything you said happened. Thank you so much
Jackie from Oz on 24/03/2017

Had a reading with Demi & she was so thorough. She knew stuff only I know. Straight to the point. We got cut off as money ran out.
Jo from Scotland on 15/03/2017

Reading 2 nd March

You said be no contact on 3 rd even thou others had said wud cos was my bday , u were rite ! I'll update wen ur other predictions come in , don't know why u have a negative feedback wen I had such good reading laugh n connection just wish cud of talked for lot longer X will def be ringin u again see wots wot thank u xx
Carol from Nottingham on 04/03/2017

2nd March

Thank u , as a great first readin n it won't be my last ! Felt she connects instantly , told me virtually the same as other readers before ! Think we put the world to rites as well ! Many giggles lovely lady it was pleasure talkin even thou wasn't first choice n I'm glad I got put throu to her . Talk soon
Carol from Nottingham on 02/03/2017


Brilliant reading. Straight to the point and precise. Don't know why Demi has a negative feedback as she is amazing. Her intuition is spot on. Recommend her definitely xx
Mary from Uk on 02/03/2017

Brilliant reading, she knew loads and didn't need to be told anything. We got cut off but I'll be back once I'm paid. Thanks Demi
Morgan from USA on 01/03/2017


I had a reading with Demi a little while ago and she told me that the gentleman in question would contact me again and the reason for his contact would be to return something that he gave me. Strange because this man hasn't given me anything!! She also said that this would be the only and final contact and he would go his own way...... Well the man has contacted and certainly not to collect the 'item' that he never even gave me lol, he doesn't want us to be apart and wants us to move forward together. She couldn't have got this reading more wrong!! There are some really good readers on here but in my opinion I feel this lady isn't on the same level as them at all. Sorry.
from England on 25/02/2017

Thank you

Thank you Demi, your gifts answered my questions without waffling about things irrelevant. Definitely recommend Demi
Tulla from Uk on 22/02/2017

Wonderful lady

Demi is straight to the point & only asked questions to confirm what she can see. She doesn't give you false hope & won't lie to you. You get a true reading. She told me exactly what she saw and man was she right. I will speak soon. Thank you for your insight.
Samantha from Oz on 21/02/2017

Superb reading

Demi is a superb reader, warm and friendly like talking to a good friend. She picked up on the situation easily and didn't tell me any nonsense. I'm so sorry the call ended without me having the chance to say goodbye or thanks. I feel thoroughly uplifted by your reading and will take heed of your advice. Many thanks I'm sure we will speak again xxx
Jacqueline from on 20/02/2017

I read the reviews on a lot of the readers here and decided to try Demi. I wasn't disappointed. She is a very sincere, gifted lady. She described our circles as circles of life and used her gifts to explain why I'm having a very bad time. She asked relevant questions without assuming and didn't waste time getting into my circle. We ran out of minutes but I will definitely be back. Thank you.
Julienne from Canada on 11/02/2017

Thank you Demi

Thank you Demi for a wonderful reading. You got straight to the point. No waffling and allowed me to use my minutes wisely without talking about things not relevant. You are a wonderful reader and I will speak to you soon. God bless xx
Jo from Oz on 11/02/2017

Demi is fantastic. Gave me a lot of insight into my situation & helped me in my choices. She linked with me straight away and knew things only I knew. So glad I got her.
Liz from Newcastle on 10/02/2017

Demi was superb, so quick and lots of helpful information. Really happy I spoke with Demi!
Jacki from Aust on 10/02/2017

Great help

Thank you so very much. Great connection, clear and sensible guidance. Honesty and no waffle. So appreciate your manner of reading. Thank you for the whole truth as it is!
Lynda from Oz on 08/02/2017

Clear reading

Demi we got cut off as my minutes were up but thank you so much fora precise & clear reading. You have helped me loads.
Nama from Bristol on 08/02/2017

Thank you

I've just had my reading with you. We got cut off but you were amazing, accurate, understanding and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you. Thank you. Carrie xxx
Carrie from Bedford on 04/02/2017

Lovely reading

I read Demi's reviews and decided to call her. She tuned into me straight away and told me things before I even said why I'd called. She gave me a very precise reading and answered all my questions. Demi used her skills and she has helped me. Definitely worth a call. You'll not be disappointed.
Angela from U.k on 01/02/2017

Thank you sooo much

Demi was superb at my reading. She never asked questions but went straight in with what she saw. She definitely reassured me of what was in front of me. No idea why some one would leave a bad review as she is amazing. Just look at all the lovely feedback.
Sharon from U.K. on 31/01/2017

Thank you for a brilliant reading

I decided to call and got put through to Demi after a bad e-mail experience with a life coach who took my money and repeated what i already new and gave me a very shallow reply. LUCKILY..Demi was there to help me and went into a very very good indepth reading without asking and looked into our circles she was brilliant i should of come here first. Thank you Demi for reassuring me what i already new in my heart before the life coach.
M xx from Essex on 30/01/2017


Amazing reading with Demi, gave me so much insight and clarity on my situation and gave me hope that it will all work out in my favour. Thank you so much
Claire from Scotland on 29/01/2017

Not Happy with reading

Lovely voice but first I was asked questions without going into the situation by herself, she then asked my star sign and his and read out of a manuscript if we are a match or not, then concluded based on what star signs say, which I was not impressed with. The reading would have been better if she used her gift not make presumed idea's.
ck from uk on 28/01/2017


Demi gave me a look at my future through her eyes & what was in my circle. She explained everything to me in a way I understood it. She is very compassionate & sincere. She certainly knew some things in my life that no one knows except me. She will be my regular reader from now on. Thank you.
Anar from United States on 26/01/2017


Such an amazing reading with Demi! So much detailed information given. Will be my Preferred reader in the future. Xxx
Michelle from on 25/01/2017

Very Good

Thank you Demi for your reading. The information you gave me was so accurate. I can't beleive how much you knew. Speak soon.
Claire from Belfast on 22/01/2017

Exact & True

Thank you Demi, your information and guidance has helped me. You certainly do have a gift for putting things into perspective. Iunderstand what the universe has in store for more and I embrace it. Speak soon gifted one.
Douglas from Cardiff on 18/01/2017


I was told that Demi was good with her insight so I had a reading through tarot and psychic. Demi told me things no one knew except me. She saw me living next door to my wife!! Her abilities to see the future scared me but I can say this lady is gifted. Thank you Demi. God bless you. Thank you.
Kim from Australia on 15/01/2017


Demi has a gift and used it to find me answers. I' was a bit sceptical but she has changed my mind. She even told me I was pregnant and stayed on the line while I tested and wow she was correct. I definitely recommend her and will be calling soon for more insight
Holly from Australia on 13/01/2017


I spoke with Demi and can say she was correct on what she said. I didn't give a lot away however she knew and asked me. She is a truly gifted in tarot & psychic reading. I had both. Than you Demi I will speak to you soon
Jessie from London on 13/01/2017
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